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Beejive IM is finally out of beta, and is now available on the Android Market.  Beejive is a very popular, cross platform multiple service IM client that's safe (128-bit encryption on all over-the-air data), easy to use, and uses Google's new push services (see our Chrome to Phone demo about them) to stay easy on the battery.  It also integrates seamlessly with all of the popular chat clients, with group chat support for AIM, Yahoo, MSN, Gtalk, and Jabber.  Possibly the best feature -- file transfers between users is supported, something many of us have been waiting for.

It's good that Beejive is so feature rich, because it's going to cost you $10.  That's not really surprising, as Beejive is an expensive app on other platforms as well.  What I found most dissapointing, is that while Beejive offers license transfer between BlackBerry devices, I see no method to transfer my license from BlackBerry to my Android device, nor any method to transfer license between Android phones.  And it appears that each installation is tied to the device it was purchased from, using a unique device identifier, so Beejive will have to facilitate the transfer.  Hopefully all this is an oversight or in the works -- I've reached out to Beejive for some more clarification.

But if you've been longing for Beejive, or just need a good (and it's very good, I've been participating in the beta as well) cross platform, multi-client chat application go for it -- you won't be disappointed in anything other than the price and/or licensing scheme.  Download link and some more screen shots are after the break.

buddy list chat window

Account setup application security

settings1 settings 2

settings 3



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Beejive for Android now available


Considering I paid $29.95 for a BlackBerry "User License" in 2007, the new price is respectable. However, I hope BeeJive allows folks with User Licenses to migrate from BB to Android much like we can from BB to BB. "Free" (to the extent that I don't have to pay again) would make this ideal.

I have a $25.00 BlackBerry license as well. That's exactly what I've asked them about, their license policy between platform, and between Android devices themselves.

I imagine they were pretty busy today :)

Earlier I received word from Beejive that the licenses are not transferable. Accordingly, if you own a BlackBerry "User License", you are SOL if you have moved to an Android device.

Looks like Trillian gained another new user.

Bump that! eBuddy is FREE, has a nice functional interface and works with all major IM networks (AIM, Yahoo, Gtalk, MSN, Facebook, and more...) and it even includes battery saving features. Did I mention eBuddy is free.

It's also unable to support anything more than the absolute basics of those networks, and routes all traffic through ebuddy's terrible servers.

This is totally free too, find the apk around the place! Sticking it to the man LOL! Lower the price and then i'll buy :-P

That's a pretty crappy POV. If it's too much, don't buy it. Don't pirate it though. Android already has a reputation as a pirate's paradise. Let's not add to it.

You're not sticking it to the man

There is no "Man" here. Just straight up developers.

If you don't want to pay for an app, don't use it. If you think it's good enough to use, pay for it. Anything else is unacceptable.

Relax, dont jump on the flame bandwagon because its "cool". Half of my current flamers and future flamers wont even buy this app when I just did and waiting for a refund

No bandwagon. Just pointing out that this app isn't easy to steal. I'm certainly not responsible for anything you do, so I'm not going to lecture you about intellectual property theft.

Totally understandable! To really try to make it for though (and hope they fixed some bugs that would make it perfect) I PAID for the app. Used it for little while, noticing it was DRAINING my battery life. If they fix it, i'll repurchase! If least I got to talk THEE Jerry Hildenbrand :-P

OK I uninstalled :-( battery life was CRAP with it anyway, that push services stuff for improved battery life is nothing but HYPE

Nimbuzz is free and offers a lot from video calling to video chat to sending pictures music and video over messenger. The total package. And yes free. It's more functional then meedo ebuddy and everything else.

Hold on there...

Nimbuzz does not do video calling. You can record a video and send it just like any other file.

But you might want to think twice about this because it parks that file on nimbuzz servers, and sends the other party a link. Who knows how secure that server is.

Beejive doesn't do video either, but it does have a true file transfer that (as far as I can tell) does not take up residence along the way.

This would all go away if Google would just upgrade Gtalk. Jabber is fully capable of handling this stuff. The desktop Gtalk does it, so the only reason the Android version doesn't has to be Carrier pressure.

Nimbuzz doesnt do video calling (atleast for me), skype doesn't work on it therefore you can't do video calling.

There is not that much advantage to this Cloud to Device stuff.

There is only so many ways you can preserve a connection to the net, and they all boil down to maintaining an open tcp socket, putting the radio in deep sleep, and waiting for the socket to time out or become readable. Every ~18 minutes you have to refresh your socket (it times out). Any time you move from wifi to 3g, you have to reestablish your socket.

C2DM works exactly the same.
Exchange works exactly the same.
Imap IdleD works exactly the same.

C2DM buys you nothing until ALL of your connections go thru it. And even then, your device is going to be waking up just as often as separate sockets.

Don't forget Fring.

It has Voice calling (wifi or 3g) Will do video on some platforms, as well as messages on all the usual networks.

File transfer only works on SOME platforms (Not Android as far as I can tell).
Quirky interface. But it lets you call Europe for free.

Ouch 10 bucks also why is it that no good IM app has file transfer and I don't mean that crappy that forces you to click on a link just to see the picture etc.

Because there's no standards for it. It's basically reverse engineering and trial & error. It's hard enough for them to get it working right on the PC (unless you use each individual service's own application, like AIM and WLM). AIM and WLM don't really want you to use anything except their own applications so they can give you tons of ads.

Not even going to bother with it. I loved Beejive on my BlackBerry, but I'll stick with Trillian on my Android.

I asked them back in January if they were going to come to the Android platform. Their response was that Android was a losing OS, a fad, and just would never have the market share for them to even entertain developing for.

Due to their arrogance and stick up their arse, I hope this version fails.

If u really like to test it before testing, type beejive in market and theres a second app. Download it, theres a beta link inside (which is actually the version you can buy in the store). If u like it, pay for it :-)

I won't use any im client that forces me to deal with that annoying left to right bubble layout. If they add an option to display in a list view ill reconsider.

Absolutely uninteresting - utterly overpriced and not so feature rich at all.
The free (yes FREE as in FREE) app IMO.IM does not only all of Beejive`s protocols it additionally has Facebook, MySpace and Skype including video chat/telephone, file transfer etc.

IMO.IM = Google Talk, AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, Skype, Facebook, MySpace including file transfer, video chat and chat history. (I don't see how Beejive can compete in any way - you get more for free then for the 10$ Beejive. I am surprised that Android Central publishes this bullshit add for an overpriced application.)

When I had my BlackBerry awhile back, I bought Beejive, and was very pleased with it's overall look & performance as an all-in-one messenger, even with it's hefty price tag. It was so worth the price....THEN! Now that I have moved on from a BB, and now have an Android device, I was missing my Beejive, and anxiously awaited for it's release....UNTIL I realized I would have to pay for the app all over again, despite the read option to cross over the registration key, which at present time gives no option to do so within the Android Market. So, I have moved on to an all-in-one messenger app - TRILLIAN, that for some reason isn't available in the market (yet). It performs the same as Beejive, with optimum results, visually stunning interface (no bubbles here), and there's even a version for your desktop for both PC & Mac users. Best part....wait for it...WAIT FOR's FREE! Here's the link to their website for your free download. Suck it Beejive!

Was not impressed. Errors when I try to move contacts to different groups. I also don't like that the icon stays on the status bar when you're not in the app. Also if you don't see the new message when it first appears on the toolbar you won't know you have a message because the icon doesn't change when you got a new message.

I contacted Beejive, who said they were "unable" to transfer Blackberry licenses to Android. I'll pass. I'm not paying again for it!

$10 is way too much... I might've paid $10 for a great IM app a couple of years ago (when I was IM'ing much more between friends and online MMORPG buddies, rather than just using SMS); but the only way I'd pay that much for such an app right now is if it enabled Skype video calls, as someone above suggested.

For the occasional IM use I'll just find something else, to be honest I haven't even bothered to do so since I got my EVO in June (1st smartphone). If I need to send a file I just e-mail it or I use Dropbox, IM file transfer protocols have always been a mess anyway.

I'm disappointed. I had paid for, what I thought was, a user license, and not a device license. Kind of the same thing with docs to go. I did overpay for the app, after realizing it was only $14. I might buy it, unless I find a free pdf reading app when my Droid comes in this week. I do also like the idea of creating my own docs from scratch.