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Downloads only available over Wifi, expire 7 days after watching

The latest version of BBC's iPlayer app for Android has finally caught up to its iOS counterpart, and now offers content downloads for offline viewing. Building on its expanded device support in the last update, the iPlayer app will now let you download complete shows in either standard or high-definition, provided you're on a device with Ice Cream Sandwich or above.

Once downloaded, shows will be stored on your device for 30 days, but will expire just 7 days after the first time they are played. The download feature is only available while connected to Wifi and the changelog indicates that it will only initially be supported on certain devices, but that the list will be expanding quickly. Grab a download of the BBC iPlayer app from the Play Store link above.

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BBC iPlayer now lets you download shows for offline viewing


Been wanting this for like a year now, couldn't find a way to change my Play Market region to download this. The only way to get from what I read would be to either change your region or through rooting your device somehow, which I haven't learned to do.

It's not stateside because of advertising on the app is specific for Brits only is the reason why though

Completely wrong. There is zero advertising on BBC TV and Radio and its apps. It is not allowed to have adverts because it is not a commercial company and is publicly funded by a UK TV licence fee.

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Not Available in My Country. Hmmm. Now where did I put those Stinger missiles?

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"Not available in your country...." So you could install it in Seattle?

Splattered for your amusement... via the AC App

Works on my GS2, but not on my TF300T. The BBC do this a lot. A useful App that wont work on a tablet - arguably the best place for it.

Posted via Android Central App in the UK.

I live in the UK, I have the app, a Galaxy Note 2 and a total inability to download programnes from the BBC. Come on Auntie Beeb don't have me writing to Points of View now.

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So they even block some phones, it works on my GS2.
The iPad and iPhone have had download for months. BBC swine.

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They aren't blocking anything, they are starting with a few Android phones and are working their way through the gazillion other Android phones. Be patient.

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For readers outside the UK Points Of View is a short programme on BBC1 on a Sunday where people moan about how s*** last weeks programnmes were.

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I have it installed on my Nexus 4 but the programmes I've downloaded seem to stutter intermittently and then skip forward a second or two. Other than that all good.

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They're blocking program downloads on Galaxy Nexus (on 4.3) phones and Asus Transformer TF700's (on 4.2.2) :(

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Hopefully this won't take too long to appear in the Amazon Appstore for my Kindle Fire HD. That said the beeb still haven't updated the BBC sport app for the 8.9 version so I've had to side load the one for the KFHD 7 inch. Heigh ho..

It would be marvellous if I could let some of the non UK people here, that seem so keen to watch BBC content pay my BBC tax and transfer all my access to them. I'd rather be £150 richer than watch any of the durge the BBC output

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At least have the app in the Google Play Store with a price tag that's proprtional on what UK residents pay towards their TV License. That way everyone gets the content and the BBC gets payed.