BBM for Android

Just a quick heads up that BlackBerry has let us know that the waiting list for BBM has been dropped, and anyone who wants from this point out should be able to start using the service as soon as they install the app.

And speaking of which, BBM — which hit the 1 million to 5 million downloads category in its first day on Google Play and more than 10 million on Android and iOS in that same span — is now showing more than 10 million downloads on Google Play since launching on Monday.


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BBM passes 10 million downloads on Android, waiting list is no more


BBM = You have to know that person's pin.
Hangouts = You just have to have them in your contacts.

BBM = You get delivery reports.
Hangouts = Delivery reports are coming with SMS integration.

BBM = You have to find someone willing to use it.
Hangouts = Everyone already has it.

Posted from my Beta Tester AC app!

The interesting reason why they're both great is that you effectively get confirmation of a message having been read - not standard with messaging apps.

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Oh yeah, I remember back in my Blackberry days, I receive a BBM message, I read it and don't respond because I was working, 20 minutes later I get another message "WHY DIDN'T YOU RESPOND??? I KNOW YOU SAW MY MESSAGE! I'M BREAKING UP WITH YOU!!"


Yes it's BlackBerry's fault she broke up with you. You had nothing to do with it. If it wasn't for BlackBerry you 2 would currently be living in the suburbs with a white picket fence & 2.5 kids

BBM - if you have them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or their phone # you can send them an invite pretty easy, or you can just do it the old fashion way and actually go out and meet people! And scan their bar code with your camera. Then if you end not liking them you can just delete them without giving up your phone # or email which can both be spammed. Just saying.

How come everyone thinks Hangouts doesn't have delivery reports? It has had them since it launched and replaced Google Talk. To tell if your friend read something, his or her picture will move below the last thing he or she read that you typed. Google made a huge deal out of this when it launched hangouts. Does nobody rocking Android phones use hangouts? Hangouts is absolutely amazing. The read receipts were just done in a different way... Instead of an "R" for read, it moves the person's gmail picture below the last thing read and it happens in real time. I use this everyday.

Perhaps since it's not intuitive people don't understand.

I've used Hangouts since it replaced my Talk app, but I didn't realize this was considered read confirmation, but rather a glitch in the app when the picture shows in spots and not in others. There's nothing I've seen that shows this is meant to indicate which messages have been received / viewed.

I actually really liked BBM on my old BB, and have been looking for something to replace it on Android since I moved to Android with my Galaxy Nexus. Unfortunately Hangouts simply doesn't work nearly as well. I usually end up sending messages two or three times with Hangouts, because they fail to send. It's slow (several minutes after the message is sent before it shows up on the other end), and overall the UI is a bit clunky IMO.

I want to like Hangouts... but it still doesn't pull everything together. I downloaded BBM, entered my old PIN and found that NONE of my BBM contacts are there anymore. Not sure if that means they all left BB, or what.. but I didn't see the need to keep it installed.

Are you saying you don't agree that's what the watermarks are for? Or that you haven't seen documentation?
Because it definitely is what the watermarks are for. I also haven't seen any Google documentation on what they were for, it just made sense when I used the app. Google sometimes gives its users more credit than it should and should have documented the tool.. but really, it's not hard to figure out.

Clearly you have not used Google Hangouts or you are in an area with little-to-no Internet connection. I have never had a message fail to send. Being that the messages are saved just like your Gmail's where you can go and look at conversations that you have had going for months, I find it very hard to believe you have experienced a failed message. That is like saying your Gmail account fails to send emails most of the time...

You sound more like a person who is trolling with no personal knowledge of the app.

Also, if you think the watermark pictures are unintentional "glitches," you need to go watch the public unveiling of Hangouts at the May 15, 2013 Google I/0 keynote. Google clearly explained this is how "read" receipts are done in the Hangouts app.

Please use and understand the basics of what you are complaining about before you go and fire off a comment with no foundation.

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Did you you even read his post? The guy didn't sound like a troll at all. He sounded like a person who experienced genuine problems with BOTH apps.

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Hangouts has Read reports, but not Delivery reports. You see the icon move to the latest message that the person has read, but there isn't anything to indicate when the message has successfully reached their phone (like BBM's "D").

I've found this to be an issue when attempting to contact people who are on my contact list, but don't normally use Hangouts/Gmail chat. It also appears that in that case, Google's systems don't have any way of notifying them that they have a Hangouts message, or notifying me that the message didn't go through. As a result, I still have to use SMS to contact a lot of people.

"BBM = You get delivery reports.
Hangouts = Delivery reports are coming with SMS integration."

Hangouts has had Delivered and Read since the Hangouts rebranding. They also work in Group chats.

Seriously. How can Android users not know this? Hangouts, in my personal opinion, does "read" receipts better than BBM merely because the graphical transition of having the picture move around in realtime looks cooler. The picture also indicates by not being faded, that someone is actively reading something in the hangout. The picture puts "..." after it if someone is actively typing in the hangout. This is old news.

I have no idea why so many people think BBM is bringing something new to the table with its archaic form of "read" receipts. I can understand the kerfluffle about using pins and added security, but if someone just wants BBM for the "read" receipts, he or she has not been using hangouts or is not observant in the slightest.


The first time I saw the read receipts going in a group chat I was confused, but after a second it clicks and it just makes so much more sense than any other approach I've see. And as you said, it looks really freakin cool.

For me SMS and Skype are well established with most of my contacts, my former BBM contacts are no more and it's a hassle to get some new contacts for BBM, why bother when I already talk to them via Skype or SMS.

a few reasons.

1- you can regulate who you wish to talk to and not everyone in your phonebook getting added to the list by default. That goes against the principles of attention hos

2- it is encrypted and secure. hard for government or hackers to read your messages. something the social media stalkers would hate.

3- no need to share your number, this is especially useful for professionals, which is something difficult for those whose parents pay their phone bills.

4- another choice. you are still on android central, so learn to embrace more choices.

If you want some random stranger on the internet to tell you why something is good for you, then pay attention. Otherwise, try it out yourself and make up your own minds.

Can't speak for Hangouts because i have never used it but in comparison to the rest, i will give you a few reasons why it's better (for me) than the rest.
-It's fast
-The delivered and read notifications with the ability to discretely read messages without letting the receipient know.
-It is secure
-It is visually appealing
-Ability to create groups; share files, calendar entries etc with group
-Voice and video calling
-Screen sharing
-Ability to send broadcast messages (very handy tool if you are a promoter)
-Share and send location

I will continue to use Hangouts for one main reason; I don't have to install anything on my PC to chat from there. I use Hangouts to message my wife from my work computer where I'm not allowed to install software. Even if they make a PC BBM client, if it isn't web based its a fail for me.

Agreed they need to make it somehow to have your account on different devices and a Web based PC client would be great, but not at a lose of security and privacy.

PS. Heard something about BBM money

Have you seen Desktop BBM demonstrated in BB Jam Asia recently? You can use your BBM direclty from PC, soon.

Nope, but do you have to install something on the computer too use it? Which I don't see as much of a problem, but some people might.

BBM Money has been around for a couple years.

I can't see that ever going cross platform though as it needs a lot of security in order to be able to safely transfer money between accounts & make payments ect.

Desperate times call for Desperate measures!!.. Dear BlackBerry you should let Andy save you and your sinking ship from destruction,embrace the power of Android and together fight the oppression of the iEmpire, remember the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

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Andy cannot save it

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

*raises hand* Nice first try at an Android app (I've seen way way worse) but that's about it. No one I know uses BBM and trying to get them to switch seems pointless since BBM has nothing over Whatsapp.

Also the persistent icon is annoying. I know why they have to use it, but that's a big no-no for me.

Here's my question (of the day): Say BBM adds the ability to work on more than one device — a complaint many of us have had. (OK, one of many complaints.) That'd pretty much just make it another messaging service, right?

Whatsapp is in on 100-500 million android devices yet it doesn't have tablet support. Atleast not for my nexus 7

An app doesn't have to be perfect to be popular. BBM is in the running for best app in messaging. There should be no claiming of the throne at this point though. Lots of room for improvement.

At best.

You still wouldn't have tablets, or the ability to use multiple accounts on one device, or contacts integration (which is a bigger deal than multiple devices I would say), or a desktop client, or the ability to do anything like the Hangouts On Air...

I get the appeal of nostalgia. But BBM is missing basic IM functionalities and lacks anything to set it apart from the rest of the pack beyond the aforementioned nostalgia.

A) Phil, It was my understanding that BBM CAN be loaded on to more than one device, its just that you would be logged out of the devices you were not using, is that correct?
If yes, skip to "D"

B) If so, can you please tell me a time you'd be holding more than one phone at a time while simultaneously messaging from them, what about 3 phones with BBM, could you please give me a detailed example of how you would BBM from all 3 at the exact same time?

C) Do you generally have hangouts open on more than 1 device at a time while using it on all of the devices simultaneously?

D)Have a wonderful day.

Very impressive. Sad to see people knocking it on here. It's just another option as far as messengers go that people can use. I personally like giving out a pin instead of phone # or email address. Video calling would be a nice addition though.

Fair point, but you can also control who can message you through hangouts. It's a little clunky, but it works just fine. Not in my circles? You can't message me. And I've had no problem with it.

Just like g+ is going to displace Facebook?

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

I'm not talking about Google having your email, I mean everyone else, all your contacts. Say I became one of your contacts, would I have your email address? Then you could de-friend me, I would be mad and I could spam the crap out of your email if I wanted. Or is it set up like Facebook. I'm sure it's not a big deal because you can just use a separate email that you never plan on using.

I believe BB is the only tech company that do not work with/for NSA. All others including Apple, MSFT, Google, Yahoo give info anytime. And I have never received any advertisement from them till now (use BB for at least 2 years). But I receive ads from Apple at least once a week (although I opted out of newsletters from fcking Apple).

No need to talk about Google, they use and sell our data already.

Google does not sell your data, Facebook sells data. Google keeps all your data in-house for their own advertising.

Re: the NSA, if you're in the US and you get a federal subpoena, you have to deal with it.

As for BlackBerry:
"After nearly being banned in India in 2010, BlackBerry has finally reached an agreement with the Indian government regarding surveillance in the name of security. According to a leaked document from the country's Department of Telecommunications that was obtained by The Times of India, it'll soon be possible for the government to see who you're emailing, who you're BBMing, the read-states of your BBM messages and even which websites you're visiting."

BB caved to India, do you really think they wouldn't (or haven't) bow down to the NSA when they come knocking? But you go right on thinking that BlackBerry is somehow 'secure' from the likes of the NSA.

This. And I'm almost positive, the next poster that replies to your comment, is going to provide a link to some obscure website "proving" that Google does "indeed" sell our data.

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BY the wya, with India getting this access, what do you want to bet the NSA worked out an information sharing partnership with India? Both the US and India have security concerns related to Islamic militants in Pakistan. Heck, if the NSA is half as smart as anyone gives them credit for, they'd have sid "Hey India, we have info you want, how about you get on BlackBerry's case about this information for us, then share the acces with us when you get it and we'll share the info we have with you."
That was the NSA's hands stay just a little bit cleaner while still getting exactly what they want.


In general I find that Google does a horrible job indicating what options are available. In reading this BBM article, I've learned more about Hangouts than I have in using it since it replaced Talk. I think that's a main downfall for Google... they have features built in, but seemingly nowhere to understand how to use them, or what they do.

Faded pictures, location of picture in Hangout provides some sort of indication... didn't know this until this comment thread. Why do I have to learn about that here, months after using the app?

Google does a horrible job at marketing, and indicating features they have, and seemingly love to launch a product at 80%, improve it, but never effectively communicate that 20% gain so the masses never know it's reached 100%.

What's intuitive for one person isn't intuitive for another. Google does forget this sometimes. That said, there were a lot of articles out about Hangouts when it debuted, the feature got a pretty solid amount of coverage.

His post starts with "What's intuitive for one users isn't for another..."

yet all his posts talk about how much crap BBM is, how unintuitive it is, and how hangouts does everything better.

Yet both are subjective and personal opinions.


It's clarified, lol. Hey, you're only going to make yourself go crazy, worrying about another's opinion. BBM will work for those that need/want it to do so. If it works for you, great!

If I ever get a group of people that want to use it, I'm in. But, I really need BlackBerry to work on it, so that it's not a battery hog. My Nexus 4 doesn't have the greatest battery life, lol.

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Agreed, just another app that delivers messages same as all the other rivals. BBM is great for business people on the go, meet someone, scan to add contacts, talk later, bye. This beats adding the contact thru' the address book & typo error with the phone number, calling cards may be misplaced too. That may be the reason why it's popular coz minimal typing required. The others are good since the contact exist in the address book.

People use Hangouts? I've been trying to find someone that does since I switched to android, so I could try it out. Half of my friends said it was lame and refused, the other half didn't even know what it was. They've all downloaded and are using BBM now, though.

After a month of trying with Hangouts I have zero contacts still, and zero willing to try it, but over 40 contacts in BBM after just a couple days.

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Just start messenging your friends with it. It's pre installed on their Android phones. They are automatically signed in. It will notify their phone. They WILL respond to you. Then they'll be using it.

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I tried that too. None of them received anything. Just acted clueless and asked why I would even use it.

It seems to have all my phone contacts listed in the slide out area, for some reason. But, it doesn't show if any of them use hangouts or are available. Some have phone #s, some have emails, some both. Not sure why it's showing me 300+ people that don't use it.

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The answer, I think, is because sometimes you're on your tablet, and sometimes your computer. And I love having video chat integration. But I agree, in a World of unlimited text messages there aren't a lot of compelling reasons for a lot of people to switch.

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This can't be in reply to my message, I've never used hangouts on a tablet, or computer. I can't find anyone that actually uses it or Google+. First I even heard of hangouts was when I switched to this phone a month ago, and saw the app icon.

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This is one of the reasons I don't like Hangouts at all...
Also, almost all of my contacts appears as "Online" even when they're not.

Phil said that if someone is NOT in your circles, they can't message. Then why I see people that I DO NOT HAVE in my circles in the Hangouts contact list? WTF?
I hate that it is so integrated with Google Plus.

I don't use it. I disabled the auto-update option for it because I preferred Google Talk. However, it got deleted when I update my Nexus 4 to Android 4.3.
So, now, I just signed out...

So, they have to be on Google+ for hangouts to work? That explains why they don't get messages I sent, no one uses that. I'll never be able to convince anyone to try hangouts if they have to use Google+ for it, too. Oh well. They all seem to really be enjoying BBM.

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I use custom rom, and I don't use hangouts. Till now I used whatsapp, and now using BBM as well on GS1+.

So annoying to have preinstalled samsung and google apps.

I have to agree with mrtouchedme. My fellow technology friends use gmail and therefore I use hangouts to talk when they're on their gmail chat. However, I have zero contacts who use Hangouts.

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BBM for iOS and Android will support Video chat eventually.

I too like giving out a PIN instead of a phone number or even an email address. I treat my contact avenues as a level of trust and desire to communicate with someone. If I don't really want to talk to you, you ONLY get my email (and a specific email address out of the 6 or so I have); if I want to talk to you regarding business only, you get my business number; if it's more than business and/or becoming a lasting friendship, you get my personal number; if I really, really want to keep in communication with you, you get my BBM. It should also be noted that I have a "personal" BBM, and another "business" BBM for those I do business with but communication is also key.

And most of all, I love the Delivery and Read receipts. My favorite feature of BBM, especially when I found out that "R" on WhatsApp means the message has been received, not actually read.

Yeah, I can't stand the standard sms app on Samsung devices. Can't even send a proper video/picture file.

Posted via Samsung Gs3 Wishing it Was a N5

I agree, SMS on this Samsung phone is terrible, MMS is even worse. Slideshows, so lame.

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Until they make it work with multiple devices, it is pretty much useless to me. I have 2 handsets (work and personal) and 2 tablets. I also use Chrome on my work laptop and home PC. I need seamless messaging to all of these devices at any given time. That's why Hangouts is the best messaging app for me. Plus it's native to Android handsets so just about everyone I know uses it.

Tried BBM for a few days. Hated the interface. The fact that I only had 3 BBM contacts (and only those cause I went out looking for people to test the app with) it was a fairly easy decision to uninstall the app. All my chatting is SMS, hangouts or whatsapp. Once Hangouts is integrated with SMS, it'll be down to Hangouts and whatsapp.

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I have the note 3 and it's a battery killer. BBM destroys battery life. My battery dropped almost 25% when on stand by over night when uninstalled it only drops 6% that's nuts. Sorry uninstall.

Posted via My Galaxy Note 3

I just want them to make a REAL Android version of it. Not just a port from BB 10.
They're different and unique operating systems. It's stupid to force iOS and Android to a BB 10 Design and style.

The Android version should follow the Android Design guidelines. If they do, they'll get 5-star rating from me. Otherwise, 1-star because Design is very important for me.

Don't you have too pay for whatsapp after a year? If so, kiss my azz!!!!!

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I've had a google+ account since its release and hangouts for at least 2 years but never once received a message or used it. It sucks not cos it's bad.. it's actually good but people hardly use and most can't be bothered. End of. Had only two wechat contacts and 36 whatsapp contacts.. both apps deleted yesterday. I have Skype but that is used so sparingly so I hardly ever log on. Also, most only use it on their pc but 99% of the time they're not on their pc. It also drsins my battery on the z10. Bottom line is everyone I had on whatsapp or wechat had to exist in my contacts already so what's the point??? Plus only 36 of my contacts (80 in all that I have they're numbers and they have mine) actually used whatsapp and 2 used wechat. BBM on the otherhand does not have to have my number and I've got 104 active contacts. In my opinion, Facebook messenger and bbm are gonna be the defacto messaging apps for me. Also, judging from the download count and comments on here. The people have spoken and the verdict us they prefer bbm. It's good to see a win for BlackBerry after tons of unfair bashing (despite them deserving some of it I must admit.. they suck at strategy and management. I'm no fanboy. If BlackBerry killed bb10 I'll get a Moto X.) . I'm happy for BlackBerry, bbm and the platform for this little win.

g+ account for 2 years and never gotten a message...u just automatically want messages? gotta work for it a little

If I have to work for it then no thanks. I don't have to work for people to send me a text, email, fb message or bbm. They use it bcos they prefer to and want to, not cos I asked them to. I did receive a few Gtalk messages tho but they're so few and far between I've now uninstalled the native Gtalk app for BlackBerry.

I have BBM. Nobody messages me. Wouldn't you say I have to work at getting contacts? Don't I have to ask people for pins (since the app can't find them through emails or phone numbers)? Wouldn't you say I should convince folks I know to switch to BBM instead? Because that's what I hear from BBM fanbois.

You just want to troll Hangouts, admit it.

Because I'm not a BlackBerry fanboy? You've got some serious work to do, on that flawed logic you got there.

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You guys have been circle jerking, on every single BBM for Android article, ever since it was first announced.

I could have sworn, I heard the clanging of black pots and kettles, when you replied.

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Lol. I had to laugh also when I sent bbm pin requests thru Whatsapp. Something seems wrong about that.

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Am I the only one here who just texts using SMS? Every plan in the U.S. comes with unlimited texting and everyone uses it. Maybe 1% of the time I'll do a facebook message when it's to someone I don't talk to often or want to do a group message

For most people, SMS doesn't have desktop or tablet integration (as a Google Voice user, I do), and not everyone has unlimited texting (most do, but a few people I know don't). International texting is also a problem (I have a friend in Antarctica, no texting down there). When you want integration across multiple devices, you simply cannot beat Hangouts.
On the other hand, most of my family members I only text with because they don't have smartphones. So while SMS is highly ubiquitous, it does still have some limitations.

Nah I'm in the same boat. SMS is ridiculously easy and ubiquitous. Despite its limitations just about everyone uses it. For the exceptions there's Facebook, and sometimes I'll message the same people on both.

I would never ask someone to download something to their phone, likely having to walk them through it, just so they can contact me...when we're already in contact.

SMS isn't perfect but it's not limited to subsets of users. I know it's right for me because even my $10 flip phone with only a 1X antenna can do it. If I can, so can everyone else with a phone.

People who don't want to/can't text are always welcome to call.

Make sure you add ya boi to your BBM list of contacts homie! Holla back.

I'm in Charlotte, so if u are near, that's kool! Feels good to be back on BBM. People just have a love-hate relationship with BB. If you've never owned a BB you can never understand.


Had a BB. Had a PIN. Still don't understand. People don't like complicated things. Compared to texting, all messengers are complicated - unnecessarily so. This applies to all third party messengers...Hangouts too.

Just text or call or hit me up on Facebook. There's no need for 100 different messengers.

The app that can talk to any messenger on any device whether it has a PIN, username, phone number, email, or whatever is the one that will win in the end.

Apps that need to be installed by both communicating parties will always be limited to people who want to bother with the effort since EVERY phone on the planet has an SMS app and is ready to use from the moment the phone is activated on the carrier.

And yes, I'm deliberately ignoring people who hack their device or install messengers to use their phones inactive and on WiFi exclusively. They are not "normal" users.

For a messaging app to be useful to me it has to be the only one I need. SMS is currently that app. It's especially useful because I can still use it when my data drops out. Let's face it...voice coverage is more expansive than data coverage.

Yes and it's still what almost everyone uses. Even if they prefer a messenger they still have the ability to text.

Do I love it? Nah. It has its own problems. But NOTHING is as cross-platform, cross-OS, cross-form factor as SMS.

Whatever comes after SMS is what I'll use but so far SMS has no successor.

"Whatever comes after SMS is what I'll use but so far SMS has no successor."

Yep, and SMS works without a data connection. There were quite a few times, when I was in an area with shoddy coverage, and SMS was my best (and sometimes, only) bet, to communicate with people. It will be awhile, before SMS has a successor, if ever.

As someone who is not a "normal" user as you referred to, Google Voice makes it pretty easy for even those use cases to stick with SMS.
That said, when I'm at my desk at work, i don't want to pick up my phone for messaging, I want to have a desktop interface. SMS also doesn't (in non-Voice uses) sync to tablets. If I'm doing something on one device, I don't want to have to switch to another to message someone.

I agree, the app that best integrates SMS etc all into one place will probably be the winner. I look forward to Hangouts getting that functionality.

I'd have to counter that while there are places where you can get voice but not data, I've had more than a few instances where the inverse was true. For instance, while in an office building or retail center where maybe you can't get signal, but they have wifi. I've come across similar situations up in the mountains. No cellular signal, but hey, there's a Starbucks or some other coffee shop.

Agreed. Those scenarios do exist. That's why I wish/hope whatever comes after SMS works over any network it has available to it.

In the meantime though, you still need the same messenger client on both ends and SMS is the only one everyone has unless they opt in to block the service from their carrier.

It's basically a case of me only wanting one dedicated messenger app on my phone. I choose to make it SMS since a) it's already there and b) virtually everyone already has it, knows they have it, and knows how to use it.

When I need to contact a client or friend or family member, we can say "just text me" instead of "Do you have kik? How about BBM? What about Hangouts? Skype then? Hm Whatsapp? Yahoo? AIM? Tango? Oovoo?" etc etc etc.

I don't mind if I have to pick up my phone or tablet to text people. I'd call them if my carpal tunnel was setting in; I already have their number.

For those who added BBM please take some time to really know the app. For those that are in sales of any type this is an extra added bonus especially if you are an account executive.

For those who choose to call it shit or say things like 'its not better than whatsapp' or 'hangouts can do ______' I say to you to continue to bring the hate. You have a job to do and you do it well.

Oh here's a thought: the time it takes to give someone your pin is the same time it takes for you to add someone to hangouts from your contact list...


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ME - "Greetings Mr Salesman. I like your product, how can I get in touch with you?"
YOU - "Well my phone number is ### and my email is ### and my BBM is ###."


ME - "Greetings Mr Salesman. I like your product, how can I get in touch with you?"
YOU - "Well my phone number is ### and my email is ###."

Why should I mess with a third piece of contact information to track and enter? What is this added bonus of which you speak?

Is it hating to ask what BBM does that other apps don't?
Is it hating to point out basic features that BBM lacks?
Is it hating to correct uninformed posts made by BBM fans about other platforms?
Is it hating to tell you to shut the hell up you whiny Crackbaby until BBM catches up to the basic freaking features available on other apps?

That last one was hating, the others were not. I figured you needed a point of reference.

It's good to see that despite all bashing from the haters.. um sorry.. sceptics., BBM hit number one on Google Play and they just can't stomach it. Keep bitching while the rest of the world moves on. Hangouts might even be better but ya'll just don't understand that majority of people prefer bbm. Accept defeat already. You lost. Smfh..

Defeat? Don't you guys think, you're taking this just a little too personal? No one hates the fact that it's a popular app. And to say the majority prefer BBM is still a bit of a stretch. But, I will say, more apps on the Play Store is a win for Google, Android, and consumers that prefer Android. And BBM for Android is a win for BBM users.

Doesn't look or sound like a loss, for anyone, to me.

Number one according to whom? Last I looked, Whatsapp still is in the 100-500 million install range just on Android. So is Hangouts.

"Smfh"? Way to stay classy... and show you're not a fanboi. You don't actually care about tech, or features, you just want to root for a 'winning team', even if it does less than every other. How sad must the rest of your life be... you have my pity.

From the guy that constantly repeats "How many will uninstall BBM after downloading it", remember, your words. I thought the number of downloads was irrelevant?

6 million activations in 4 days vs 10 million downloads in 4 days...yup BBM wins.

Also since you're going to argue, "yeah well, how many uninstalled it, or aren't using it after they installed it", activations is a very loose term. I bet more than half are replacements or upgrades.

But, it's not really fair to compare Android activations to BBM downloads, now is it?

Let's compare Android activations to BB10 activations. That seems more fair, don't you think?

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Sure, if we wanted to include ALL BlackBerry (BBOS & BB10) activations. That would seem a little more technical. Sure Android will still win, but the field will be a little more level.

Or are we speaking specifically to 4.3? (The only one released in BB10's life)
Or are we speaking specifically of the vapourware that is Keylime/KitKat?(Should, could, may, might be released this year?)

If we did any comparison, it would only be fair to compare the Android versions that are/were current, when BB10 was released. So, 4.1(4.2?) and up would make for good and fair numbers. But, good luck finding them. So far, I could only ever find percentages, but no solid numbers.

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Defeat? Hmm.... someone's turned this into a contest. Have you ever been to the playstore to read its reviews? Blackberry most def paid people or used a comment/rating software cos most of the reviews are the same plus crackberry fanwhores trolled it.

Go home you're drunk!

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The amount of users who don't realize Hangouts has both delivery and read reports is staggering.

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Has anyone looked at their reviews? Quite alot have the exact same paragraph... Seems suspicious.

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What's even more suspicious is the ones that showed up after AC posted about it which are tied to G+ accounts which have active users on AC.

Not sure what is worse, a 5 star review from someone who may or may not have downloaded the app, and used a canned review..

...or someone who definitely DIDN'T download the app and gave a 1 star review while using the same canned review.

I'm by no means claiming to know all the facts from every app in this spectrum, but here's my take:

Yes, Hangouts has delivery/read reports but as one poster mentioned, it's not intuitive. Maybe after prolonged use some may catch on, but some don't catch why or that the picture is even moving down as it does. The check mark and double checkmark that WhatsApp has and the D and R that BBM uses, is much more obvious and clear.

Video chat in Hangouts is definitely awesome and has its uses, and it is indeed nice how it seemingly lets you switch between devices; however BBM and WhatsApp's voice note feature, in my experience, come in handy far more often. At work or around people sending a quick voice note seems normal. But randomly walking around having a full blown video chat on Hangouts to talk to someone about something just seems silly. Personally I feel if Hangouts also offered voice notes or BBM/WhatsApp offered video chat as well - whichever app offered both, would be the winner to me.

For privacy, BBM wins this easily. If someone has you on WhatsApp, they have your phone number and as a result can spam text you or harass you forcing you to change your number most likely. For Hangouts they have access to your whole personal life from your Google+ Profile, which includes your email, although I do believe you can hide your email - I can't remember seeing if I could do that or not. Either way, you're opening yourself up to people potentially a lot more than you'd like. With BBM you have a pin or barcode and can block people as you need to and they don't ever have to know who you are if you don't use your full name.

As for interface, each app has their pros and cons, again, just my personal opinion. Hangouts is pretty smooth and fluid, but some of the way it works isn't as intuitive to some as it is to others.

WhatsApp is a bit ugly, I don't like the default wallpaper on it's main screen although you can change the chat window wallpaper, making it a bit inconsistent. The buttons and UI are simple and well placed, especially the well placed and accessible voice note button right next to the text box, making voice notes super easy.

BBM has a nice UI as far as looks, but it's not that fluid and it's sort of clunky and crammed. Specifically, on the chat window, there's an unnecessarily big gap between the buttons below the text box and the keyboard, additionally those buttons are too big - really completely unnecessary to be honest. Those options should be moved to the standard Android 3 dot menu and the 3 dot menu should be moved so you can see more of the messages between you and the other person. As a small personal preference, I like the ability to set a status on WhatsApp and BBM; however BBM does this best in my opinion as they put your status under your name in the chats, vice, in WhatsApp you have to use the 3 dot menu and select View Contact to see their status.

Again it's a personal experience but most of the people I know just SMS or use Facebook Messenger (bleh) so getting them to use any of the 3 apps mentioned is an effort in itself, because many of them are too ignorant or naive to see that any one of the 3 apps provide more than SMS and are marginally better than Facebook Messenger and refuse to make a change.

In conclusion they all have good and bad things about them, and it's all personal preference mostly. As it stands, I'm using WhatsApp, but I'm not happy about it. I feel BBM has a lot of room to improve and likely will. I would prefer to use BBM, but the current interface bugs me too much and in my experience it's apparent their servers are struggling to support the demand of all the new users as I've had several situations now where multiple messages take up to an hour to show as delivered (D) or they just don't go through at all. I have yet to have this issue with WhatsApp or Hangouts.

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Sorry mate, stopped reading after the first paragraph.

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BBM is still on the millions of old Blackberries.
The new texting apps are not really available for them.
With the BBM on the Droid and iPhone it is finally all linked.

The real question is, how many are dumping their BlackBerrys since BBM is available on Android an IOS? I can't wait to see their numbers.

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