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The BBC has updated its official iPlayer app for Android with support for the latest version of the OS, 4.1 Jelly Bean. The new version comes weeks after the Beeb launched its self-branded BBC Media Player app, eliminating the requirement to use Adobe Flash Player to view BBC video content. Besides the addition of Jelly Bean support, the core of the app is largely unchanged.

The new iPlayer version, is available as a free download for Google Play users in the UK, and supports Android versions 2.2 and above. The BBC says the move to its own media player app also allows for improved video quality compared to older Flash-based content.

Brits can grab the BBC iPlayer app for Android from the Google Play link above.


Reader comments

BBC iPlayer app updated with Jelly Bean support


As I understand, the new player is just using Adobe AIR - so it's just wrapped up Flash behind the scenes. It's also bundled with the AIR player, so you don't need that either.

I'm not sure that the streams will necessarily be better quality, except that they can ensure that everyone is using the same version of Flash and so perhaps newer codecs can be supported that people with older versions of Flash Player did not support.

Flash is not dead, it's just hiding. Adobe are still pushing it as a good solution for games in apps (using AIR), just not in mobile web browsers (using the Flash plugin).

i was just reading how to sideload it for the Galaxy Nexus in the states. I think its rubbish this is only for uk only. I'd gladly pay a one time fee of $5-10 for this player to see me some bbc goodness. And now I'm going to try and see if I can side load it since it is JB capable.

feel bad for the non-UK peeps. BBC does make some amazing tv, especialy documentaries.
the problem is that they arent ad' supported so everyone in the UK who owns a tv are required BY LAW to pay a tv license fee (i dont, shh) and that pays for the BBC as well as selling their content to other countries. its an outdated stupid UK thing but thats how it works :(
an APK wont work outside the uk same as the website doesnt (unless you can use some kind of UK proxy?)