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AT&T will now let you order items online and pick them up at a local AT&T Store on the same day. So if you're out of town and forgot a phone charger, or your tablet broke, or you've decided to buy a new device, you can purchase it at home without the need to wait for shipping.

When shopping online with AT&T, choose Store Pickup when checking out. You'll be given a list of nearby AT&T locations to select from. Within an hour, you'll receive a text message alert that your item is ready for pickup. AT&T says that you should be in and out of the store in no time.

AT&T isn't the first to offer in-store pickup for online orders. Electronics retailer Best Buy has been doing this for some time. Rival carriers Verizon and Sprint have similar programs.

Are you glad that AT&T now has in-store pickup for online orders? Sound off below in the comments.

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AT&T will now let you order online and pick up in-store


Guess they must just be making it official. I did this week's ago with a case that was on clearance online but full price in store. Worked out nicely.

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It was launched in 8 test markets at first, now its moving nationwide. Great to hear it worked out well for ya dude!

Awesome new perk by AT&T. I picked up my brand new S5 within 30 mins of online purchase

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Does this save very much time over just going to the store and paying for it there rather than paying online ahead of time?

Oh, heck yes! Unless you get a person who has been working at the store for a very long time, it can be excruciatingly long to make a simple purchase, not to mention the "Do you want to buy insurance? You really should buy insurance. Blah, blah, blah,..."

Not to mention, there is often a discrepancy in the "online price" and the "store price"; this eliminates that confusion.

Works for me! Especially since they often have free online activations.

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You can schedule an appointment for visiting the store. When I bought my HTC ONE, I made an appointment at the local AT&T store. When I got there at the appointed time, a rep was standing at the door waiting to greet me. The store was very crowded, but I got all the personal help I needed setting up my new phone. They do all the set-up work, not behind a counter, but standing right beside you at a table. They use iPads as a retail POS device, and to set up up.

I hope this goes easier than my recent experience at my local AT&T store. Needed just a replacement SIM for my Wife's HTC One X as she was getting Sim errors. Three employees on duty, one who put my name on their waiting list. Explained I just needed a new SIM (a 5 minute job at best), was told there were 3 others ahead of me. My wait time was at least 20 minutes. This is totally unacceptable for a simple SIM replacement let alone buying a new phone or a new customer. My wait would easily have been way longer but two people walked out as they were tired of waiting. The store also had absolutely NO devices of any type on display anywhere in the store. This is a corporate store not an independent location. I've been an AT&T customer for years and have 5 lines with them and have never seen this type of CS in store. It was the weirdest thing. No way I'd choose in-store unless they have a dedicated area for pickup, which I didn't see at that store.

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I agree about not skipping ahead of other and waited my turn (even though I consider the wait lengthy for a simple issue). That said, they should have some process in place to ascertain customer needs and prioritize so customers who just want to buy an accessory or in my case a simple SIM replacement don't have to wait long periods. A "roving" employee to handle simple stuff while other workers handle customers with longer issues. Many businesses have that.

My background is over 30 years in retail sales and IMO that store is lacking in management skills. When you have customers walking out due to long waits, something isn't right. Maybe the DeathStar is doing things differently now. I've lived near the store for 12 years, been in there many times and have never seen it like this. No devices of any type on display, long waits, customers walking out, not a model for success.

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I'm glad I don't have to deal with the store employees cause they are basically useless and just want to up sell you everything along with the kitchen sink. I hate purchasing in-store. This eliminates the middle person. THANK YOU AT&T!

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Glad you mentioned the upsell part. When I was in there for the SIM replacement the lady looked up my account and said "wow, you have unlimited data on your phone! I can save you money with our new Mobile Share Plan". I politely said no thank you. LOL

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