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OK. We're about to have another conversation about talking to strangers. See, the fact is you're actually pretty unlikely to get a real answer out of an official Twitter or Facebook account if you ask about an unannounced device. And even if you do get an answer, you need to think about it a tad. So when Scott Duffy asked the AT&T Share page (that's an official AT&T outlet) about the rumored Motorola Olympus, he got the following reply:

"The Motorola Olympus should be available in December or January. Check back here for device launches ..."

Really, folks, don't read too much into that. Translated, it means this:

"November is almost over. So we're going to name a couple of months that aren't November."

Actually, AT&T's response has since been pulled. Does that lend credence to the initial response? More likely, someone realized commenting at all on an unannounced device wasn't a very good idea. It's very possible that the Moto Olympus -- or whatever it ends up being called -- could be released sometime in the next 60 days. We do have a pretty big event (that'd be CES ) coming up. But it's also just as likely to not be out by then. We'll just have to see. [Facebook via BGR]


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AT&T says Motorola Olympus won't be available in November, then pulls post


i had no idea they were expecting it in november?
the guys at android and me said this post means probably not til january or later.

i think later but am hoping for january.

I just learned about the Olympus Mons on Mars in my Astronomy class earlier this semester. :-o
I wonder if I should continue waiting for HTC's new high-end android device for AT&T, or jump on this Motorola one.

Don't encourage AT&T (or any carrier's) bad behavior. If they don't get the phone you want, find one you do like, and if feasible, switch carriers.

Except for unusual circumstances, in populated areas, most carriers have comparable service. But phone experiences vary widely. So pick your phone, and make sure the carrier and plan work for you. You're stuck with the phone for 2 years, so pick a good one.

Android Central.. Start paying attention to details.. please..

The chaps name is "Scott Duffy".. You blurred out his last name in the photo and then you go and mention "Scott [fucking] Duffy" right there in your article... oops...