If you've not been put off by the price of the Motorola Atrix 4G and are still looking to get your hands on one (and its many accessories) then we have some great news for you all. As we were previously advised, pre-ordering  for the Motorola Atrix 4G has now begun. You can hit up the AT&T website for the full details and to place your order. If you're still on the fence about it, check out our hands-on before you decide. [AT&T] Thanks, James!


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AT&T pre-ordering for the Motorola Atrix 4G now available



Changing the data overage from $10 for extra GB to WTF !@#! $15 for extra 200mb.

I am so changing carriers once I move to an area with tmobile coverage

What's wrong with the price. That's what almost every smart phone launches at. There is the inspire, but it is inferior hardware wise, and priced accordingly.

Nothing wrong with the price of the phone. It's just that most of the hype around this phone has to do with its use with the laptop dock--a $500 combo + the mandatory charge for tethering that's not actually being used by the dock.

I was actually thinking about changing carriers for this phone, but the pricing announcement instantly killed my interest. On the other hand, if you're already on AT&T and just want the phone itself, it's a good value.

Tethering I can understand, why it bothers people for the cost but $500 dollars for the phone and laptop dock isn't bad considering other phones like the Nexus one was $499 or more off contract..

I can't get to the off-contract pre-order screen. Can anyone help with a link??

Also: Is anyone else buying through Premier? I've seen people online pre-ordering it for around $270 and I have Premier.

Premier sucks. You have to call them (966) 499-8008. I've been talking to them for nearly an hour. First they told me I'd have to give up my data unlimited plan for the "4G w/tethering" and I told them heck no!! So I explained that AT&T has said that it isn't required for the phone only, just phone with laptop dock. She finally relented and told me she'd do it and keep my data unlimited...but now she can't figure out the codes to use to actually pre-order it. I hate being their "Premier" customer.

i only paid $99 for my pre-order

2-Year Term Renewal Price $299.99
Online Discount - $400.00
AT&T Upgrade Advantage Discount - $100.00
Total Due at Time of Shipping $99.99

bubbatad - Care to share how you managed to get this for only $99?? I'm sure the community would appreciate :-).

$99 for pre-order
$99 due at time of shipping
$199 total hope i helped to clarify. I believe that's how it works but for the time being i was only charged $106.49. i will keep you posted if anything changes.

I have a premier account and the Atrix showed up as $299.99 with a $100.00 online discount = $199.99
Also said the following when I put it into the cart:

*Pre-orders for the MOTOROLA ATRIX™ 4G are expected to be delivered on or before March 6, 2011. The actual shipment date and receipt of your order is not guaranteed and may be subject to delays.

Interesting, but no suggestion of WHEN this may drop. We get to preorder with no idea of when we can expect this device...or did I miss a date on the site?

Oops, blamsuperjoe has a possible date.

Release is scheduled for March 6th, but maybe "before" according to AT&T execs. March 6th is a guarantee though.

the order conformation says "In Progress" sorry there is no definitive date. Interesting though my e-mail conformation also says "You should receive your item(s) within three to five business days". can only hope!

BUYER BEWARE! AT&T greed is striking again. On the ATRIX pre-order page, you'll notice that the $25/2GB plan will charge you $15 for each 200MB you go over your 2GB allotment. This plan on any other phone charges you only $10 per 1GB of overage past your 2GB allotment. This is RIDICULOUS! They are so guilty of "bait and switch" on this it's not even funny. Way to take advantage of consumers who are trying to quickly reserve this hyped up device. This is being done only on the individual plan (which makes no sense). If you sign up for a family plan on your ATRIX, the old 3G handset 2GB plan with 1Gb of overage is still offered. This guy points it out best, although his opinion seems to be that this is an honest mistake, which I highly doubt based on AT&T's track record:

UNBELIEVABLE!!! I really wanted this phone - even after the ridiculous accessory pricing - now I'm reconsidering my 9 year loyalty to this company.