Motorola Atrix 2

Looks like Motorola's next-gen Atrix currently has an update rolling out to it. Folks in the Android Central forums happened to notice the software update notification and sure enough - v55.13.25 is now available for download. Motorola's got these official changes for the Atrix 2:

  • Camera - Enhancements to deliver better overall picture taking experience so you never miss a moment
  • Google Music  -Addition of Google Music application so you have greater access to the world of music. Shop millions of songs and hundreds of free tracks. Store your purchases on Google Music for free, and listen instantly on your mobile device.
  • My Gallery, My Music, My Files - Re-naming of Motorola Gallery, Music, and Files applications for easy access in the Applications Tray
  • Device Security - Enhancements to deliver greater device security, including addition of Android security patches from Google and Cisco Any Connect VPN enablers.
  • Emergency Alerts - Enhancement to allow you to receive emergency alerts from authorities such as Hurricane warning notifications.
  • Amazon Kindle - Enhancement to include link to app for quick and easy method to access your library of Amazon digital books as well as access to the entire Amazon library.
  • AT&T Messages - Enhancement to include link to app for quick and easy method to give you access to all of your texts, calls and messages which have been stored in the cloud.
  • Keyboard - Improvements to keyboard functionality for better email experience
  • Mobile Hotspot - Improved stability for better overall performance
  • Webtop - Enhancements to improve stability and better overall performance

That's a whole lot of improvements to be pushing in one update. If you've not recieved the notification, go ahead and check for system updates, you should find it waiting. Once you're done, drop by the Android Central forums and let us know how things are working out.

Source: Motorola; Via Android Central Forums


Reader comments

AT&T Motorola ATRIX 2 update v55.13.25 now available


You know... I've never been a big fan of Motorola's designs when it comes to smart phones, but I gotta say: That is one sexy phone.

Update went smoothly, but no visible differences tat I can see. Seems mostly cosmetic changes (name changes for the same old apps). It will be interesting to see if the camera app is improved.

I'm on EDGE at the moment on California Zephyr #5 so not updating quite yet. Really I dot care at all since its still Gingerbread. Motorola hasn't confirmed whether or not this more than capable device will even get ICS so it may have no future in my life. Could very week be headed to a Craigslist near you.

This is a moderate update in my opinion. It did add one nice music player but that is it. The Haptic feedback has been reduced to a nice level. The camera does respond and take pictures quicker.

Sadly the one update I need was not included: end call button that works. I am on my third atrix2 and still cannot get the end call button to function properly; have to tap it about 4 or 5 times. Irritating. Maybe I'll trade for another AT&T device.

Battery life seems to be the same.

Piney, didn't we go through this MONTHS ago??? :) I can't believe your bad luck. I have kept my eye on it ever since then and haven't had a single one.

After I installed the update...I got a message saying that it failed. But I checked the version and it was up2date. Unusual...