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AT&T and Motorola have an update cooking for the Moto X

We've been tipped that the AT&T version of the Moto X has some new software ready for testing, and the usual method — a SOAK test — is about to begin. Members of the Motorola Feedback Network who have registered their Moto X devices are receiving invites to participate in "an early preview of a new software release."

We've seen SOAK tests from Motorola in the past for small, incremental updates as well as full-blown version updates. We've also seen T-Mobile (and possibly Sprint) versions of the X get an update that fixes the camera (among other things), and there's been a leak of Android 4.3 firmware for the phones floating around. We have no idea which of these it could be, or if there may be something new in the works.

We'll know more once the test software itself starts to arrive. See the full [redacted] text of the message Motorola is sending, after the break.

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Thanks for joining the Motorola Feedback Network. We are inviting owners of the Moto X on AT&T to participate in an early preview of a new software release, and provide feedback.  If you are not currently using an AT&T Moto X, please excuse and ignore this email.

Click this link -- [redacted] -- to take the enrollment survey if you wish to take part. Note that you must be a member in good standing of the Motorola Owners' Forums to be included. The registration window could close without notice so please respond as quickly as possible.

This is a confidential test under the terms of the Motorola Feedback Network. Do not post any details or information about this on any public sites.

Thanks -- please understand that start times are always fluid. We ask for your patience if you register but don't hear from us right away.

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AT&T Moto X SOAK test invitations going out


Sprint is the fastest with updates in the US. It isn't that big of a surprise.

Posted from my HTC One via Android Central App

You're kidding, right? I've been a Sprint customer since the original "PCS" days, and their updates to the GS2 were always last among all the carriers.

A little off topic but I just got the Moto X in Canada from Rogers and on the back it says "Designed by Motorola Assembled in China". I thought every Moto X was supposed to be Assembled in the USA?

I like u Moto. But I still don't hear that u sold 9 millions in 3 days. Why? Pls fix Ur price Moto, I'm awaiting.:-$