This week's expansion brings the total number of LTE markets to 365.

AT&T keeps barreling through its nationwide LTE expansion, and this week it is lighting up six new markets and expanding in a dozen more. If you have an LTE handset (most do nowadays) and the proper provisioning on your acount, you should see new or improved service in the following areas.

New markets


  • Saginaw-Bay City, MI expansion (Bay City area)
  • Akron, OH expansion (Portage County)
  • Buffalo, NY expansion (Niagara Falls)
  • Rochester, NY expansion (Monroe County)
  • Richmond, VA expansion (Farmville)
  • Nashville, TN expansions (Rutherford County, Wilson County, Williamson County, Cheatham County)
  • Tri-Cities, TN expansions (Carter County, Hawkins County, Washington County)

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AT&T LTE launches in 6 new locations, expands in 12 more


I am all for all phone companies doing everything they can to enhance their service. The more advanced they become, the more competition they provide to each other, the better for all. (Sometimes price is an issue, but another debate for another topic -- and it will come up again, I'm sure.)

But I'm having a hard time trying to decide if through these regular press releases that AT&T is simply doing routine PR work, or if it is trying to thump its own chest to try and show its LTE network is no longer inferior to its bigger rival, Verizon. I want to believe the former, but deep down, I suspect the latter.

There is a perception that Verizon is better when it comes to coverage, so AT&T needs to combat that perception. Now, to be fair, AT&T HSPA+(pseudo 4G) is MUCH MUCH MUCH faster than Verizon 3G, and AT&T LTE is notably faster than Verizon LTE. So, when AT&T offers LTE where you are, AT&T becomes the best choice. AT&T offers HSPA+ pretty much across its entire network with very few 2G/3G only towers at this point as well.

So, you have to look at where you are and figure out if AT&T will do the job for you. If AT&T does not have holes where you live and work, then AT&T will generally be a better choice than Verizon. AT&T also only announces LTE after a period of several months of live testing(service is up but not "officially" available yet). So, when you see AT&T announce an LTE expansion or new location, it's in there and properly tested.

That is interesting because it makes it sound like they just launched the network either that day or a couple of days before the announcement. I never knew there was a long "beta test" (for lack of better description) before it was formally announced.

We've AT&T LTE for over a year. They're just expanding. The city and the west side have been covered pretty well. Surprisingly, the east side doesn't have much LTE coverage

edit: never mind, I see they have Rochester, MN. I just noticed my city of Rochester, NY below

I'm so happy I switched from Sprint to AT&T. Great coverage everywhere it seems. Even with my HSPA+ Nexus 4, the speeds are still worlds above Sprint.

I agree, AT&T is far superior to Sprint. I just switched and got the optimus g pro, best phone and network I've ever had.

I was at West Sonora peak in Tuolumne County and LTE was being installed on their tower according to the tower crew. Pretty good for the middle of nowhere.

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AT&T has a number of towers going live on the east end of Long Island, NY as well. Not officially, but I've picked up some LTE in parts of Water Mill, NY, northern Bridgehampton, NY, and Wainscott, NY...20Mbps down, sometimes faster while I was testing it.