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Yet another Galaxy S3 gets the bump to the latest Jelly Bean

Not to be left out in the cold for too long, AT&T has started pushing out the Android 4.3 update for its own Galaxy S3. Falling in line behind the international version, U.S. Cellular version and T-Mobile version, AT&T's update brings a whole host of new goodies, not the least of which is support for Samsung's latest accessory the Galaxy Gear.

There's already a good bit of discussion on the good and bad of the update in the forums, so if you've already pulled down the update hop in with the other members and get the discussion going.

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AT&T Galaxy S3 receiving its Android 4.3 update, too


I have an At&t S3 and a wifi 2013 Nexus 7. My complaint is really not waiting for 4.4 on the Nexus. Its that they announced it and then I still have to wait when it "rolls out".
per the S3 update....I just got into work, saw this post, checked for the update and wow its there.
I'm not going to pretend I understand the whole process...but in pure numbers I imagine there are as many or more At&t S3s than 2013 wifi Nexus how are At&t / Samsung servers better to move this along than Google's?

You think you're confused?
How about Nexus 4 owners watching Moto X device's get 4.4 before them..
Non of which concerns me, I'm still waiting for Samsung to fix the screen rotation and default keyboard issues on my Note.

I'm surprised AT&T released the update as fast this time. It is always good to get a new interface and features on your device wait . I'll take a few glitches over a longer wait for the updates as the get worked out. My download took about 5 hours over very fast WiFi. The issues I have are fast battery drain (not sure why since others are reporting better battery life), camera light flashes for no reason (happen in FB, Internet, & viewing photos), my Favorite Contacts App states 'no contact info this contact' when I selected one. I deleted the contact from te app and re-added them and it works now.

I'm also having the issue with the flash going off all the times you mentioned above but also when I get emails and when my alarms go off. Anyone figure out how to stop it?

I also had an issue with all my ringtones changing, even the ones that were not the default ringtones - they still aren't the default but not what they where either.

Did the American carriers just release an update the same time as the international market? Is this real life??

In all seriousness though, I hope the Canadian carriers follow suit. Any moment now Rogers!!

I think the carriers have some incentive as they can't sell galaxy gear's to people not on 4.3. I don't want a gear but hope that samsung keeps releasing hardware like this that requires updated software.

Should Samsung not be sorting out the mess with the s3 update in the UK!!! There is no point carrying an s3 for the folk that have one following the update.

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Yes, that one team of developers that they have need to focus.

I am pretty sure they more than one team

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I thought Samsung stopped the roll out, how come the carriers are getting the update and not the international versions, I have the international one and in Kenya, when is the update coming???

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Just updated today and everything is running great on my s3.It's alot snappier and quicker and there are a few changes here and there nothing too crazy. But the phone definitely feels smoother overall

My T-Mobile S3 updated to 4.3 earlier this week :-)

I think it's slightly faster feeling now...lockscreen definitely looks nicer.

They pooched the international not the US. Different processors if I remember right

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I have the galaxy s3 from AT&T. Last night i was downloading my update... Then when the phone restart to complete the update.. It was uploading 4% and then it says. Update fail. And my phone restart normally. Now im trying to download again via software option in the settings and it say. Check in 13 or 14 hrs.

My device did the upgrade Wednesday. It took about an hour over public wifi, about the same amount of time as the iPhone 7.0.0-2-3-4 initial upgrades. No issues so far. Noticed the battery was not on the verge of dying this morning for a change. Just a casual observation and possibly only positive imagination.

Just updated this morning, one bug i'm getting is that the last 4 downloaded files keep appearing in my notification bar even after clearing the bar each time. Finally went to the Downloads section and cleared that entire list.

I had the same problem, thanks for the tip! I just cleared the downloads that kept showing up. Other than that, the process went smoothly. The phone seems a little faster, going to look into what else is new.

still getting the last 15 downloads coming up in notification window every 30 mins or so. Been like this for lst few days. Have to clear them 3 times before they dissapear (for next 30 mins)
Tried going to download apps but no prompt to clear. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp

Open your downloads from the app menu then clear internet downloads/other downloads. Not using the "clear" option thats on the drop down bar, hope this helps ;)

You know, I did that too, and it didn't help. The Notifications still come back. :/ And they're not even recent...they were probably done months ago and they're not even on my device anymore. Ugh.

I installed the update on Monday and my downloads still appear on my notifications bar, did yours get worked out?

I installed the upgrade. The one problem I have is that I cannot change the ringtone. When I go to change it the file manager app opens up instead of the list of ringtones. I am stuck with the Jungle drums ringtone. I hope they put out a fix for this soon so that I can change my ringtone.

This update actually seems worthwhile because of TRIM support. However, I'm currently running 4.0.4. I never updated beyond the second OTA when I got the phone last July. Will I still get the 4.3 OTA running 4.0.4? I have tried searching for this answer, but can't seem to find a definite answer.

@Andrew Martonik

Thanks for the post.

Yeah it's good work from AT&T. hope they will start updating the the OS of Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket, Samsung Galaxy SII and Samsung Galaxy Note too soon.

Thanks in Advance

I'm using an unlocked AT&T S3 on Simple Mobile. Currently running 4.1.2. Will I automatically get the upgrade to 4.3 or do I have to get it manually? If manually, how?

Has anybody noticed any significant/non-resolvable bugs yet? Mine is downloading right now. Also, has anybody found out if this removes root?

received the download and the improvements are definitely great! battery life does not drain like it did before,apps launch quicker, there are also changes to the clock,calculator,etc. overall a great update

How long did the download take? I've been downloading for 30 minutes and I'm only at 7%. I'm downloading it at work and we have high speed (30Mbps) internet.

yea it took a while for me but it was around 30 however my girlfriend started the update before me and her phone wasnt finished until 20 minutes after mine. so i guess it varies because we were on the same wifi network

Here's how to turn it on
Settings>my device tab> lock screen>screen security>swipe> swipe options>check multiple widget

Turn screen off and then you can add widgets, took me awhile to figure it out, I hate that there's no security pin/pattern so anyone can access your phone, I still prefer widget locker.

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Just by chance I checked the update availability, and to my surprise the 4.3 update for ATT Samsung S3 was available tonight. But guess what, even over Verizon's WiFi, it took some 4 hours to download ... OMG! So be prepared to wait, and wait ... does appear to be sweet though!

Mine has downloaded the whole package and then failed installing at 25% 3 TIMES. I contacted AT&T and they said there is a known issue causing it to fail installing at 25% and they're working on it as quickly as possible. Of course this would happen to me.

I keep seeing on other articles that 4.3 supposedly brings an improvement for the camera. I just updated last night, and I don't see any significant change. Most of the UI of TouchWiz is definitely different, but I'm not so sure about improvements on a whole lot. I think that my phone runs a bit slower now, to be honest. The stock internet browser force closes suddenly at some points where it wouldn't have before. The pattern lock for the lock screen is small and there is no longer the ability to swipe before seeing the pattern tiles, and you only really get lockscreen widgets when you have lockscreen security off. That's just a real bummer. Plus, you can't "hide" apps anymore in the app drawer. Some random thing that was downloaded months ago keeps popping up in the notification bar, even though I've cleared my download history (and the files it keeps notifying me about aren't even on my device, and I've also downloaded stuff since I downloaded them).... So many little things, was it really worth it for Samsung to promise us the "wonderful support of our crappy smart watch and maybe OpenGL 3.0 and Bluetooth LE"? They need to get on it and fix their stuff or I'm not buying another phone from them.

Yes! I'm not the only one having the same problem but to get rid of the download notification, go to setting, application manager then scroll right until you find download manager. After finding that, press clear data and cache. It worked for me and I believe it will work for you. I'm also trying to find hide apps button. There is only turn off option for bloatware only.

In case others are having a problem finding this, once I got to application manager, I had to swipe left, from downloaded, to sd card, to running, and then to "All" before I found the download manager.

I'm on a Samsung Galaxy S3 on AT&T

You are a LIFE SAVER! I have been trying to figure out how to do that for a few days!!! You seriously made my day :) keep on keepin on

Oh, and I went on a bit of a tangent, but what is better about the camera? I expected it to be great like the S4's. :/
And why do we still not get the feature that the Note 2 has where you can change the color style of the screen? I know I've seen it on an unofficial S3 ROM before. :/
Nothing makes any sense with Samsung. (except maybe htc, hehehe /shot)

Thank me later..this is the list:

Android 4.3 OS upgrade:
Galaxy Gear compatibility
“Samsung Hub” Preload
“Samsung Apps” preloaded
Samsung Group Play 2.5
Support of the following:
“Share Video”
“Sound & Shot” in Camera
“Group Messaging”
Connection with “gamepad” accessory
Replace “Allshare Play” with “Samsung Link”
Easy Mode 2.0

There are lots of tiny little things that I like about this update, but I have more gripes about it than things I like.

Pro: I DO very much like being able to change the text size with the volume key.

Con: Why change the colors on the messaging? Yes, I saw the bubble type options, but I'd rather have it back to the bubble type colors it used before, than the options we have now. I also don't need it to show my picture and my girlfriend's picture beside each message. I already know who the messages are to and shows the contact info at the top of the screen. Besides that, the picture takes up about 10% of the bubble width on both the incoming and outgoing messages. Get rid of the picture, and stretch the bubble over.

Display/Notification panel
Pro: It's very cool to be able to put your "top 10" 5 quick setting buttons in the main panel, which you can scroll, just like before, however, I find that the "more" button (top right corner, looks like four window panes with two arrows in the bottom right pane) brings up all the buttons, instead of having to drag them across like before. Bravo. I'm lazy.

Driving mode
Con: Is now "Hands-free mode". The old driving mode would simply speak the caller's name, and/or read their text messages aloud. This new version acts weird. Activating hands-free mode turns GPS on, if it was off, and sets the ringer to Sound, if it was on mute or vibrate. Turning hands-free mode back off sets the GPS and ringer back to their previous settings. All I want it to do is read the caller name, and/or the text message to me. Why waste battery power on GPS when you don't want it? I know how to get to San Antonio and back. Sure, I can turn on hands-free mode and then turn GPS off, but I shouldn't have to do this manually.

Also, why can't it speak that info into my bluetooth headset? I had to download an app for that, and it now bombs off repeatedly on this new V4.3 OS.

Lock Screen
Con: I have mine set on Swipe. I used to be able from anywhere on the screen. Now I'm limited to only the bottom third of the screen. Swiping from the top gives you an edit button, where you can change the clock settings. To get back to unlock mode, you have to tap the lock, and then swipe. Oh boy, what fun.

New York update. Today Verizon pushed 4.3 at me but when I went to get it, the notification disappeared. Don't know what happened.

Seems OK until I have watched it for a while. Battery life now SUCKS even more than before. For some reason my wifi AND 4G LTE signal is not as strong or being received as strongly as before???? Normal signal before update was all 4 bars around home, now its 2. Also my flash is going off anytime i get a call. I checked and the option is turned off in settings so i have no idea why it happening. Not sure what the bloatware that it loaded is for. Im still looking that up info. I hope there is a fix coming soon

For those with the "random" camera flash issue go into Settings>My Device>Accessibility> scroll to bottom and check Flash Notification then uncheck it.

Now if someone can come up with a fix for this horrendous battery drain issue....

My Flash notification IS unchecked, but my camera flash is still going off whenever I recieve a notification or phone call (what a waste of battery life!)

can anyone...ANYONE tell me how to do a complete..yessss a complete removal of the update I want all of the features like ther lock screen ticker bac" I want my "1w"weather info back on thr lock screen. I want ther volume to be back up higher thsn it was...please someone help me remove this update. I have an at&t unlocked phone w/straight talk and it is now a stranger to me... all motion controls are gone too... I can be reached at

Hello, I am very upset with the changes on my phone since the latest upgrade. I use to be able to hide my applications this is no longer an option.

I also had lock screen options and now I do not.. I had the ticker now I do not please someone help me. my lock screen is smnall also I also have lost the secondary lock screen I added whereas one of the screens had the ripple effect z9 not an option to choose from anymore) and the other lock screen had the pattern. now I have one or the other depending on how long it takes me to get back into my phone

I am considering going back to my Iphone. Since the update I can no longer hide applications on my phone. Any suggestions. I have the Samsung S3

Why hasn't any one said anything to me about this fucked up update...So fucking pissed right now! Trying to hold it back but come Monday Samsung and AT&T who claims it is not their fault even though they send the update to my phone...been hounding me to update last couple days...heard update was pulled and then I guess now they brought it back or something...even my triple touch wallpaper don't work...heads will roll like jellybeans when I'm done. Massive credit or maybe a massively expensive new phone to make it right. So pissed!