AT&T Galaxy S III

If you're an AT&T Galaxy S III user, today it's your turn to get a minor OTA that in addition to bringing a new radio (UCLG1), removes local (on-device) search options. We saw it on the Sprint version a few days back, disguised as a Google "security update".  We appreciate the new modem, anything to make the phone work better as a phone is welcome. We also know why Samsung is removing the search options, but part of us wishes they would wait until they had to do it instead of playing the game we all hate with Apple and their lawyers.

In either case, if you take the OTA chances are an older version of the searchbar app will get universal search back for you. Keep an eye on the guys and gals in the AT&T Galaxy S III forums and see what they can figure out.

Source: AT&T Galaxy S III forums. Thanks, CarlGalgano!


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AT&T Galaxy S III getting a minor OTA that removes universal search


Palm/HP didn't have this patented for their universal search first? thought they were the first with this function

I have a dream...they are removing universal search and will soon update the SIII's to Jelly Bean! Wouldn't that be nice?

i think it concerns android in general. if not then they are doing so to be on the safe side of this whole "trauma"

European Patent laws are a lot different than the ones in the US. Most of the European judges chuckle and say how stupid Apple is while striking down there lawsuits. Here in the US it's a totaly different story. The US patent system is busted and needs to change. But most likely never will.

Is the clock and weather widget (in the picture) part of the Samsung OS or is that something I could download and does anyone know what it is called? Thank you for the help!!

I have the SGS II and I have Accuweather. How do I get it to look like it does in the picture? When I add the widget to a screen, it doesn't look anything like that.

Courts and companies should just ignore Apple. You can't patent concepts. Not to mention Palm had this feature long before Apple used it, and PCs long before that with Windows. Samsung should just release a current version with universal search to be installed by the user when they use their devices bypassing the absurdity of this. Because it is nothing more than Apple can't beat them with a superior product so they use these BS lawsuit tactics to beat down their competition financially. Hoping that will destroy them out their product so people have no choice but to buy Apple. On that more isn't there some anti competition law in play here kind of like how ATT couldn't buy T-Mobile because it would stifle competition. That's all these lawsuits are intended to do so why doesn't the law stand up for what's right here and there out these cases or better yet patents that shouldn't be patents.