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You've got until January 31 to take advantage of this latest deal

AT&T is offering a great deal right now on a pair of fine Android smartphones. Right now, and until January 31, both the LG G2 and the Moto X can be had for no-money down on a new, two-year contract. And that's about all there is to it. You'll be saving $100 up front on either phone, and honestly you can't go far wrong with both. If you need a little help, check out our full reviews of each, and be sure to check out the AT&T coverage maps if you're thinking of switching. Otherwise, hit the source links below and grab 'em while they're hot! 

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AT&T drops the LG G2 and Moto X to free on contract


I'm sticking with my Sprint GSIII for a couple of reasons.
1. Unlimited data
2. No real need to upgrade. (My GSIII still pretty much handles everything I throw at it.)

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Hisense Sero 7 Pro

No money down wonder where that came from cough cough cough.

They better go get that Lg G2 and leave that crappy Motorola X Optical illusion device alone.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

Motorola X and crappy should never go in the same sentence. But if you want to use Samsung and crappy...

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But I wouldn't be. Aside from their flagships, the rest of their mobiles and tablets are crap. The Galaxy Tab 3 lite? The various other Galaxy phones that are not the S4 or Note? Exactly.

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You know something Richard, this is at least three or four times in a row that you've posted and haven't added the word "period" at the end and frankly I'm getting a little tired if it


Posted from my newly Kit Katted Droid Ultra

Optical illusion? What in the world are you blabbering about? You need to clear that cough.....and your BS.

"Motorola X Optical illusion device" You keep using [those words], I do not think it means what you think it means.
Also, what are you gonna do if they don't "go get that LG G2"? Piss on them? Call them "useless"? What a joke.

'Optical illusion device'? Sorry your joke responses need to be a little more clever, that is very clunky and nonsensical.

I have the lg g2 and note 3.. The g2 is awesome and way underrated

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But this, then buy out contract. Boom! $325 Moto X, and you are available for another upgrade.

pointless!!! iphone cost $200 and even if you sell it for $600(best case scenario) you are making only $400 which you use to buy moto X..
so no point

They're just following other carriers. Sprint has been offering the G2 free on contract for a while now.

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I think everyone is following T-Mobile actually. They often have sales where a lot of phones are $0 down.

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But with T-MO no matter if $0 down or $599 upfront you're still paying full retail regardless. With AT&T this is basically going for $350. Why are people so blinded by this $0 down T-MO bullshit? It's not a sale at all. Full retail in installments is still full retail.

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When I tried to upgrade on Sprint on January 1st they wanted $199. I went to Best Buy and got them to prove match Amazon's prove of $0.01.

So, no Superior hasn't been free for a while. They were free over black Friday weekend though.

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That's too bad. 16GB on the Moto (and any phone) is useless. I didn't even store much on it and ran out of room in a little over a month. The pic and video resolutions, plus cache for everything in the cloud, the space goes quickly.

I don't understand why the G2 isn't much more popular than what it is. The only reason I put off getting one for so long and the only reason I was kinda considering getting the S4 was because there's no Micro SD on the G2 but I convinced myself it has enough internal space for a phone and I can transfer pictures and videos to my tablet's SD card if I don't want to store them online. I was also considering the nexus 5 so I wouldn't have to extend my contract but I'm very happy with my free G2 (still not so sure about my choice to extend my contract though)

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I'm planning on upgrading to the G2 myself in the near future. I was even considering the same phones and everything I read about the G2, says it's better than the S4. Better camera, better battery life, better internals. It just lacks an sd card slot and the UI isn't polished as Touchwiz.

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I bought a G2,could only tolerate that garbage software for couple of days. Hardware is awesome but that LG skin is ugly as hell. Also it won't get android updates, released on old version of android.
Moto X, Nexus or any of the Google play edition is better buy than buying a phone with that ugly software.

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The good thing about the G2 is, you can change everything about it. Throw Nova on there and be done. The phone chews through everything you ask it to do. Also it has a excellent camera and battery.

I was thinking of putting Cyangenmod on my G2 when I get it. My only concern is that it might affect the camera.

I know with my current phone (HTC EVO LTE), the camera improvements are done through the Sense UI and you actually loss that if you install cyanogenmod on it. I'm not sure of the G2 camera would suffer too.

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If you are so sensitive to an 'ugly skin', then by all means get a Moto X. I upgraded to the G2 about 6 weeks ago and didn't mind the software on the device, mainly because it was so customizable.

If you are in the position to judge 'garbage software' and not mention Touchwiz (garbage because it is laggy in so many places on quad core devices) then I don't really know what to tell you besides do what I did. Root it. Install a custom recovery. Install the Xposed framework and a couple modules to further customize the G2 to your liking. I've not even wanted to flash an AOSP ROM with the newest LG stock based ROM I've been using. The ROM chef inverted the UI and the primary colors are black and dark blue. Viola.

I'm also thrilled with the excellent camera hardware and ridiculous battery life. I regularly get around 30 hours a charge - and that's with usually 5 hours of screen time (real screen time - like 60-70% brightness) and wireless, GPS, Google Now all going. I have installed xdabbeb's modded LG camera .apk for better camera performance, but that's about it. I love the phone - and I'm a picky ass about phones.

With the great return policies of At&t, there is no reason to try any phone out that you are going to have on contract for a couple years on a contract. This thing runs circles around my wife's S4 with a vastly superior camera, much better battery life, and a total lack of the lagginess that touchwiz brings to the gallery app, pulldown shade, and other areas of that phone.

It is a great phone.

Because it's too big, the buttons are screwy, and when customers come in asking about it the store employees will probably tell the customer that the software sucks and th ey should just get something from Samsung instead.

Every review pans the software so it's not like they're making things up.

The buttons probably put off a lot of people though and really limits people to cases that they apparently need to have.

Good luck on the useless 2 year contract. Buy the moto x unlocked from Motorola using 0% financing and sign up with T-Mobile. You get contract free, bloat free, no ugly carrier logo phone.

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So tempted to go for the Moto X..... Motorola and Google working together is a good thing.

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I'd like a G2, but not going to ATT to get it. Plus, the OS updates with it scare me. I think I'm going to switch to Tmo and get the Nexus 5 instead.

The OS updates are the one thing I'm concerned about with the G2. I just with the specs and performance of the Nexus 5 or Moto X made them easier decision.

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Sad. G2 One of the best phones out there and not so popular. Was at times free w vzw too. I wonder what went wrong. Size, design? Average consumer doesn't care for UI that much. Idk.
At least it's not the "soect war" or availability as in Moto X case.

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Probably the button layout and the fact it's not a Samsung. People are going to question how much LG will actually support the phone with updates.

TBH it kind reminds me a bit of the EVO LTE. Top of the line phone for its time, but just no intrest in it.

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I know people hate LGs ui but it supports themes so on my G2 i have the stock android app drawer icon hone browser and clock looks amazing and i love the notification shade color scheme samsungs green shit makes me puke

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