ASUS has let slip a teaser video for the next Transformer tablet. And in a word: Sexy. Obviously thinner and sleeker than the original Transformer -- which we were very much smitten with -- the sequel also looks to have a detachable keyboard dock, also redesigned.

Our big question at this point, though: Honeycomb? Or Ice Cream Sandwich? Check it out after the break.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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Suntan says:

Looks good from the little shown there.

I would really like an option to mate it to the old keyboard dock though.

Also, the sphere at the beginning of the video had honeycomb-like hexagons on it... ...possibly an indicator.


MarkSeven says:

Can't see YouTube vids at work. Are there any pics?

treylaramore says:

If the Honeycomb pattern on the globe at the beginning of the video is any indication I'd say no ICS (at least not on release day)

surferpr says:

Is it me or does the dude at the end sound like he is saying "Jesus"?

mikejordantx says:

I noticed in the video that a Flash has been added next to the rear facing camera.

briankurtz79 says:

From the corner shot when it disconnects from the keyboard it looks like a galaxy 10.1. That would be sweet if it was that thin but with port functionality and maybe quad core?!?!

MarkSeven says:

I read that it would be quad core... but maybe it was a rumor... I donno.

nvelez says:

Outstanding, in less than 12 hours I have seen my next phone, next OS and now next tablet. November is going to be an expensive but fun month.

mnymrk says:

I was just thinking same thing.. looks like my girlfriend's gonna be going broke this christmas! :)

r-nice says:


Darkseider says:

Hoping for two things. Kal El and using my existing dock. If Asus forces the purchase of another dock that would be pretty lame.

ilaifire says:

If they are making the tablet thinner it makes absolute sense that they will have to make a new dock since it would be too loose in the current one.

MOTH477 says:

I am stilling holding on to the Blackberry Playbook due to multitasking and gestures. Hopefully ICS will bring real multitasking to Android tablets.

Nirvana328 says:

they have multitasking already. The navigation keys at the bottom of the screen has an app switcher button that lets you switch between running apps.

That is one sexy machine I knew ASUS would get it right on the second generation on the transformer or what I call it the ASUS Eee Pad

vicw926a4 says:

I need to get working on my pitch to my wife, as to WHY we need to have 2 ASUS Transformers.

On one hand, she has pretty much taken possession of #1, so it seems reasonable that I should get the next one.

Robbzilla says:

If you've let her take over that one, you'll probably let her take over the newer one, and you'll get stuck with the left over... If you get the Transformer 2, anyway.