ASUS has let slip a teaser video for the next Transformer tablet. And in a word: Sexy. Obviously thinner and sleeker than the original Transformer -- which we were very much smitten with -- the sequel also looks to have a detachable keyboard dock, also redesigned.

Our big question at this point, though: Honeycomb? Or Ice Cream Sandwich? Check it out after the break.

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ASUS unleashes Transformer 2 video


Looks good from the little shown there.

I would really like an option to mate it to the old keyboard dock though.

Also, the sphere at the beginning of the video had honeycomb-like hexagons on it... ...possibly an indicator.


If the Honeycomb pattern on the globe at the beginning of the video is any indication I'd say no ICS (at least not on release day)

From the corner shot when it disconnects from the keyboard it looks like a galaxy 10.1. That would be sweet if it was that thin but with port functionality and maybe quad core?!?!

Outstanding, in less than 12 hours I have seen my next phone, next OS and now next tablet. November is going to be an expensive but fun month.

I was just thinking same thing.. looks like my girlfriend's gonna be going broke this christmas! :)

Hoping for two things. Kal El and using my existing dock. If Asus forces the purchase of another dock that would be pretty lame.

If they are making the tablet thinner it makes absolute sense that they will have to make a new dock since it would be too loose in the current one.

I am stilling holding on to the Blackberry Playbook due to multitasking and gestures. Hopefully ICS will bring real multitasking to Android tablets.

they have multitasking already. The navigation keys at the bottom of the screen has an app switcher button that lets you switch between running apps.

I need to get working on my pitch to my wife, as to WHY we need to have 2 ASUS Transformers.

On one hand, she has pretty much taken possession of #1, so it seems reasonable that I should get the next one.

If you've let her take over that one, you'll probably let her take over the newer one, and you'll get stuck with the left over... If you get the Transformer 2, anyway.