ASUS Transformer Prime

You can't buy it just yet, but ASUS has gone ahead and released the user manual, kernel source, drivers and other software related to its upcoming Transformer Prime Android tablet. You're not going to find much you haven't already read in our Transformer Prime preview -- you're looking at a 10.1-inch tablet running the new quad-core Tegra 3 system on-a-chip. The Transformer Prime is still set to launch sometime in early December, with an upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich to follow soon after.

Source: ASUS; thanks, @tomtsp, for the tip!

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Reader comments

ASUS Transformer Prime user manual, kernel, drivers now available


is that the stock ICS clock/Calender/email widget? Looks pretty slick. Couldn't find anything similar in the market though.

If you're referring to the one in the photo above, it's Asus' widget -- already exists on the current Trans.

Dangit. I must have tipped too late :( I was hoping to finally have something I tipped show up on AC :(

I'm about ready to scrap this transformer prime and buy an epad. No user manual. hOW DO i KNOW HOW TO DO THINGS OTHER THAN ADD APPS whichmay or may not connect to my computer? How do I delete apps from the tabliet?