The ASUS Transformer Prime is getting another OTA this evening, and reports say that the GPS is working much better.  If you recall, there has been issues surrounding the aluminum casing and GPS signal with the Prime, and ASUS was said to be investigating.  We've confirmed that there's a new build version number (IML74K.US_epad- as well as an update to the GPS software bringing it to version 6.9.13, but there's no official changelog just yet.  If you're rocking a Prime and haven't rooted it, now would be a good time to check for an update from the About Tablet screen.

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ASUS Transformer Prime OTA rolling out, brings new GPS software version


Can someone help me out here?

I have a stock Prime and I have NOT installed the ICS upgrade. My concern is the ICS upgrade screwing up my Prime. That's the reason I have yet to go through with the (previous) update.

What I am assuming is, in order to get this update, the previous OS upgrade will first be applied. Is this right?

Not true. I have my tfp running ics and i haven't had any issues. Just the GPS for the obvious. But yea imo update today, ics rocks.

Note: even if you have root, you should go for this update. Just download VooDoo RootKeeper from the Market first, back up your root with it, and then update to the latest firmware. Then after the the Prime restarts, open RootKeeper and restore the root you backed up before applying the update. You'll be good to go.

Based on preliminary tests, GPS seems to work as well as before the update, only thing I notice is that the Linux kernel has been patched since it's instead of 2.6.39.

Will need more testing on my part to see if there's really any improvements between this GPS version and the pre-OTA version.

Was hoping that somehow this update would fix the random rebooting too, but I guess not lol...Prime rebooted twice right after update. Haven't noticed GPS change yet, but I don't use it much anyways. Can't wait for the next update to fix the rebooting!

It seems to have fixed the horizontal banding issues in some ATPs with ICS. I didn't have the rebooting issue, but my horizontal bands are now gone (hopefully for good).

This is an example of one of the things i will never understand

How does a product go through the entire process from design to being in the hands of the consumer, and a HUGE issue like the GPS not working "slip" through the cracks?

This is really not acceptable with any product

I think the major problem with the issues that creep into numerous android devices is a release cycle for new devices, which is accelerated due to OEM's constantly wanting to one up each other, resulting in these OEM's cutting short their testing cycles.

Some manufacturing issues are to be expected, every device when sent to mass production ships a few defective units, but the serious issues that effect every unit like fault gps, and poor wifi range are a result of insufficient testing of the unit, they obviously don't spend enough time testing these units in real world cases.

This is why after numerous disappointments I am trying very hard to not buy devices on launch day and wait at least a month after they come out to find out the issues first, luckily i was able to return my prime and avoid a restocking fee, but that may not always be the case and this tech is too expensive to risk these major types of defects.

And in the long run these manufacturers in their race to the top are only hurting themselves and android as a whole, when people get these defective buggy devices they get turned off to Android. I hope the OEM's will one day learn.

can understand your concerns. would be great if everything worked as soon as it was released but sadly, not always pos and certainly not in the techie world.
Am guessing that you can test and test, but until it goes mass with a multitude of people playing with the kit then some bugs can appear.
but at least with ASUS they have been addressing the issues and sorting out solutions!

The bigger reason this update is significant is because it fixes the weird banding/lines that show up on a bunch of these. The GPS's never going to be good. Get over it. I think these tech sites are steering clear of the problems the prime has because not one of the reviews found any significant problems.

Well duh it was gonna take customer complaints to find the issue. What review gets a new tablet to review and looks to see for issues with the GPS right of the bat? If it's a wi-fi only model they look for any wi-fi signal issues and if it's a 3G model, they look for 3G and wi-fi issues.

For me the GPS is now working perfectly, it almost instantly gets a lock where before it wouldn't show a location at all unless it was getting it from wifi. I've never had the random rebooting issue that others seem to be complaining about so I can't speak to that. So far outside of the (now seemingly fixed) gps issue my prime has been performing flawlessly.

I didn't test out the GPS before updating mine to ICS but I believe it was before. The reason behind the whole issue is the back that they used to make the Prime

I got my Transformer Prime at Best Buy about a week ago, the only one that they had left. Since I've got it I've seen the Ice Cream Sandwich update and the GPS update last night. I love the ICS update, it makes everything just flow a lot better then on Honeycomb but then that could just be the quad-core processor. In regards to the GPS update though, my GPS is still refusing to work. For a about 20 minutes facebook was trying to pinpoint my location with no luck. I need another update Asus

I seriously don't understand what all the fuss is about. The Prime is clearly the best android tab out there. Who even cares about GPS? It's working fine on my Prime and guess what, I hardly even use it.

ASUS have done well to quickly to fix other issues (WiFi is now solved in the UK, but again, I never had a problem). They're also offering a refund for anyone who isn't happy.... so tbh I think this is a mountain out of a molehill situation. Compare dodgy GPS to the huge screen lag and oil slick issues we had on the Galaxy tab 10.1 and I think it put things into perspective!

am moving from unsolved issue of an Oil slick land Galaxy tab to transformer prime. Not worried about GPS - I will at least be able to see the screen!

I have been doing quite a lot of reading on the Prime and I think I will order it, does anyone have any extra info/advice before I do?

i got mine recently and it has been excellent. The Wifi has worked splendidly and the software has been quick and reliable.. i would highly recommend it. b