The ASUS thing

Update: Detta123 has pointed out in the comments that this is likely just an optical drive. Hopes dashed.

And we have no idea what it might be. Could it be the ASUS Qube?  Or a high-end Chromebook? Or something less exciting for Google fans, like a router?

ASUS is giving no hints. We'll know tomorrow, but fill the comments with your best guesses.

Source: +ASUS

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still1 says:

chromebox lol

Darth Spock says:

It's a Guinea Pig!

detta123 says:

It isn't a Chromebook. Its the Varidrive.

Jet300 says:

Killjoy .. You stole Jerry's thunder.. LOL

detta123 says:

I wish it was a Chromebook. lol

Alex Magik says:

you won i think... it's exactly the same size and layout.

detta123 says:

Yup. You guys; don't thank me. You can thank Google Image Search! :) Just uploaded the image and added ASUS. It found the image quickly. lol

nube_android says:

So awesome!

Shadnic says:

And... we have a winner!

garfnodie says:

You sure? The feet on the device above doesn't match the image on the ASUS site you linked.

garfnodie says:

Plus, I don't think ASUS would be teasing the device in this manor for something that is already listed on their site.

detta123 says:

You do have a point. Just the first thing that popped into my mind. Varidrive. lol

sjael says:

The thing pictured above looks to have feet though, which the Varidrive doesn't have. Another inconsistency with the two objects: This thing appears to be standing straight upright, which the Varidrive does not do (it leans back when in the upward position.)

Finsol says:

This is obviously a cube for google tv or even a gaming console like the ouya?

If you look closely there are little rubber feet on the bottom of it so it doesn't slide off whatever surface so it's got to be a cube facing it from the front.

EDIT:Or it can be what the guy above be said right before he ninja posted me lol.

detta123 says:

Mwhahahaha :)

zorak950 says:

Laserdisc player. :P

It is, without a doubt, the continuum transfunctioner.

Eso Rimmer says:

Gramophone with touchscreen :D

TheDu9du says:

Hopefully is a console running jelly bean which could still beat Ouya to the punch. But, do we even know if it has android?

Bruh-Man says:

Aaaaannnnddd.... we've officially started moving backwards. A portable DVD drive hrmph!

Its a $700 hot plate?

Jowlah says:

Maybe it's one of them new fangled record players I've been hearing so much about. I hear this one plays in 78 rpms! Yes siree, that's technology!

plunder says:

Love it. First smile of the day. Its 2.08 here.

plunder says:

ASUS have produced some nice kit in the past two years. So I'm listening.

dcon87 says:

Introducing the new ASUS Transformer Microwave!

Gator352 says:

It's a brushed aluminum mouse pad.

callook66 says:

World's slimmest DVD Writer. Crap, i thought it was going to be something cool.

n0obpr0 says:

ASUS officially said it on its Google+ account it is just a drive

wagonis says:

Hm...I wonder if I can hook this thing up to my Nexus 7? :-)

Peter Chen says:

It's the all-spark cube