Android 4.2 for TF700

TF700 to join its little brother on the latest version of Android

The ASUS Transformer Pad 300 was the first non-Nexus device to get Android 4.2 just a month ago, and now its larger cousin the Transformer Pad Infinity (TF700) is set to join on the latest version of Jelly Bean. An image posted to the official ASUS Facebook page reveals that the update should be landing today -- though there's no mention of which territories will be included in this initial roll-out.

If the Infinity's 4.2 update is anything like that of the TF300, owners can expect updates for ASUS's App Locker, Virtual Keyboard, Lock Screen and Setup Wizard applications alongside the new OS.

Transformer Pad Infinity owners, hit the comments and let us know if you're seeing the update on your device yet.

Source: ASUS on Facebook


Reader comments

ASUS teases Transformer Pad Infinity Android 4.2 update today


I will update when CleanROM Inheritance is ready and there is a solution to bring the classic tablet UI back. I am not going to switch over to the phablet UI that 4.2.x introduced since I prefer the classic version.

Perhaps I could change my mind in the future, though.:)

Then you might as well just update because Asus modded it to have the honeycomb-esque controls. I was actually looking forward to controls that disappeared completely (instead of just fading to little dots on a black bar) when watching video.

I just ordered this tablet today off eBay for a good deal. I was hesitant as all I could find was ICS for it. It will be replacing my reliable but aging Motorola Xoom Wifi (JB 4.1.2). Glad I took the plunge now.

Just updated in UK, seems okay. Might need to do a cold reboot or a full factory reset to get it running quickly. One thing I'm annoyed the infinity is missing is the ability to use stock android launcher. There is no option in the settings unless it's hidden in another section. At the moment not really over the moon but that might change if I see a needed increase in performance because I have always suffered lag and crashes.

Are you serious. Ok why no stock launcher option like the tf300 got and Damn that multitasking is ugly. Damn the messed up a good thing. I am so disappointed. I was so excited at work when I read about the update today then I come and update and boom. They punch me in the stomach. Damn asus why?!

You can have it, it just takes a little Android-Fu. See my bottom-most comment (the big one) for instructions. No root required.

No update yet here in Iowa! Grrrrr! The digital computer was invented in Iowa...we should be getting all these things first!

I was excited about this update for two reasons: controls that minimize instead of just fading when watching video (true full screen viewing) and the ability to expand rich notifications with one finger instead of two.

Neither of these things came with this update. Asus, thanks for nothing.

FOR THOSE WHO ARE MAD ASUS DIDN'T INCLUDE THE STOCK 4.2 CONTROLS/STATUS BAR: I found it! They hid the setting but any third-party home screen that lets you add activities as shortcuts will enable it. I used ADW but pick your poison.

1. From the home screen (ADW for me) long-press the screen. Then go Add>Custom Shortcut>Choose Activity>Activities
2. Scroll down the list to Settings and tap to expand. Then scroll down to an activity (within the settings activities) that says "Switch Launcher" and select it.
3. Once it's added to your home screen, tap it and it will bring you to a hidden menu. There's one option to the tune of: Use stock 4.2 Launcher instead? Tap it. You'll get a pop-up telling you the tablet has to reboot to apply changes. Click OK and enjoy stock controls.

Standard disclaimer: I'm not responsible for anything you do, ever. If you've got some screwy app set up that messes with this and you end up with a borked tablet, it's on you. I'm just sharing my discovery.