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Clad in blacks and grays, the Nexus 7 itself may be an unassuming beast, but it seems manufacturer ASUS is looking to spice things up a bit with its range of covers. The Nexus 7 maker teased a first look at its official accessories for the soon-to-be-released tablet on Twitter, showing some more colorful versions of the grey case that's listed -- though not yet available -- on Google Play. There's no info on pricing or availability just yet, but we're sure Nexus 7 early adopters will be looking to protect their investment with something like this following the tablet's release.

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Source: @ASUS

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Ziptied says:

How hard would it have been to make these offered with pre order. I'd much rather have black than the stupid grey.

Germian says:

What is wrong with companies not offering a proper RED? It's either pink or nothing -.-

mud314 says:

Agreed. It wold be nice they had one for Project Red. I like that Red.

eahinrichsen says:

Also, I'd like to see some darker colors, like a cardinal red or forest green. I get that they want to have the cases attract attention to the device, but bright colors like that are annoying and distracting.

E_man says:

Yes! I had the same thought when I saw these.

latila155 says:


aimetti says:

better watch out , apple may sue them for using the same colors

-_- Jokes are dead man.

Saneless says:

Who said it's a joke?

-_- get a life

Said the guy who keeps responding.

DLD511 says:

HA!!!! BOSS!!!

xstex_ says:

Man, can't you android fanboys comment without bringing up Apple.

sensory says:

Yellow/orange please and thank you!

dhuff says:

Yep - orange for me. Want to make it easily visible in my bag (and so I don't leave it lying around ;)

I'd like it better if it had a standing feature

Hand_O_Death says:

Good point, I am sure someone will come out with a landscape flip cover soon enough, might as well wait.

Edit: So far the best I found is this. It pictures a Galaxy Tab, so I do not know if they have one specific for the N7 yet, but seems like a functional case.

bdizzel1982 says:

The Nexus 7 is rumored to ship by the end of next week so if they don't release these soon I'm just gonna order the one on the Play Store, that being said I think it's said they didn't have these ready for purchase the day of I/O

patchs says:

I hope there's a case that has a built-in stand. Haven't seen any accessories, hopefully soon after the release.
Also hope Zagg can do an Invisible Shield ASAP.

garfnodie says:

I like the concept of Zagg's Invisible Shields, but have not been impressed with them. I've tried them on three different phones, screen only and full body, and they've always been a pain to put on, and the rainbow and orange peel effects never go away, even after being on for a couple months.

Hand_O_Death says:

I would actually want a deeper Blue, although convincing my wife that SHE would want this, would request the Pink if I let her know about this. #IfYeaRight

DLD511 says:

It her Nexus7. But technically it's your Nexus7 huh??? =p

Hand_O_Death says:

Your not married are you?

garfnodie says:

A stand/cover would be nice. I would also like to see an auto sleep function when cover is closed like the ipad has, but apple probably has that patented.

bdizzel1982 says:

Must not be because MS has a smart cover just like Apple's only with a built in keyboard for there MS Surface so it's possible but I haven't heard anything from Google suggesting they built this type of feature in.

Hand_O_Death says:

Well RIM has been doing magnetic sensors to turn devices into sleep mode for a long time. I would like to say that it means that Apple can not patent it, but we all know, just because you did it first, does not mean that Apple still can not sue for it.

I love the magnetic sensors of my old BB and hope they become a main stream feature.

Salt72 says:

Pastel colors just don't do it for me...from that photo, only the gray or black would be worthy.

Saneless says:

Even the gray is kinda weak. That pretty much leaves black.

robotaholic says:

Nokia is going to sue lol

tcapote says:

Android green please!

blankit says:

well i see apple suing them for using similar covers

IanWaring says:

No-one at Asus nor their UK distributors can give us price or availability for these covers. Do they exist anywhere?