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Asus Australia have taken to their Facebook page to hint at an eta for the forthcoming Transformer Pad TF700 tablet, and the tablet-phone-laptop combined Padfone. Following the launch at MWC in Barcelona, there are eager customers waiting around the world to get their hands on these devices. There isn't much to go on, but according to Asus both devices can be expected in July. 

There is also no indication on a potential price point for either device, but you would expect it to be towards the more 'premium' end of the price scale. The Padfone in particular is an interesting concept, but one which could be massively let down if the price is too high when all the accessories are taken into account. 

The TF700 is no slouch either, packing a full HD Super IPS+ display at a 1920x1200 resolution over either a Tegra 3, or a Snapdragon S4 processor. Oh, and there's Asus' signature keyboard dock as well. Price will again play a part in the success of the TF700 -- and not just in Australia -- but on specs alone, it's a winner. 

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Reader comments

Asus Padfone and TF700 set for Australian launch in July


I'm so happy that we don't have to wait forever like the US, even if we do pay a premium. I've never seen this phone - looks intriguing. A little too much like an iphone but something out of the ordinary feature wise is much needed.

I think this phone (and all of its accessory items) will be a hit if the price point is right, however, I think I'll wait for the second iteration of this device. While I still love my OG transformer, the prime had many improvements!

As much as I love my Prime and Asus computers, where is Apple when Asus poses this Apple Iphone copy?? Do they just go for the big boys like Samsung and HTC or are they coming for Asus next? I can just see it now....Judge holds her thumb over Asus insignia and Home button on Iphone and asks Asus' lawyers to tell her which is which. I love my Prime...I really really do...and I want to see the 700 and TouchPad come to the US (especially with the over 100+ hours of use with dock and keyboard dock) but c' of the reasons I buy Android is because it's NOT Apple and doesn't look like a toy. As if they didn't get a hint and embarassed when Apple Mossburger held the Zenbook up at All things D in Asia and said "some people say this is your iteration of the Macbook Air"....C'mon Asus I hope you change it before release because I know you can do better.

At $900 in Australia the TF700 is too expensive. They need to sell it without the keyboard and cheaper than the equivalent IPAD3. It can't beat the IPAD3 on resolution or apps. It needs to compete on price. I want a HiRes Android tablet but at this price I will look elsewhere.