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ASUS has teased the long-awaited Padfone (not the first time it's done so), as well as the high-resolution TF701 Transformer Prime, in its first two pre-MWC promo videos. The first, entitled "divided we stand, together we rock," clearly hints at the Padfone's "phone within a tablet" functionality, allowing users to plug the smartphone into the tablet dock for a larger-screen experience.

The second tells us that with "twice the detail" comes "twice the fun", and shows a box being filled with lots of small rubber balls which, like smaller pixels, make for a sharper image. The TF701 is expected to build on the original Transformer Prime's specs with a higher resolution 1920x1200 display.

We've got both videos after the break, and we'll be covering ASUS's presser live next Monday from Barcelona.

YouTube link for mobile viewing

YouTube link for mobile viewing
There are 9 comments

Can't wait for the padfone!

scaots says:

Hopefully the padfone is also high res

kdrod95 says:

Cant wait for the TF701. Hopefully it doesn't have the wifi problems the 201 has.

rocket321 says:

In the first video they say 1+1+1=Endless Possibilities.
1 (phone) + 1 (tablet) + 1 (?? Lapdock?) How sweet would that be.

That's the Prime with cellular capabilities, so that would be awesome! Maybe it means Phone + SIM Card + tablet?

usmc176 says:

I would much rather havr ASUS fix the reboot problem with the Prime before they do anything else!

Luger718 says:

1280x800x2 = can only dream

DawgFan79 says:

This is the first I've heard of the Prime HD...what a slap in the face to early adopters.

15israellai says:

ASUS is always innovating! (no pun intended)