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It's been a couple of months since ASUS unveiled the Fonepad Note -- its first standalone handset in a long time -- at Computex 2013. Since then the phone's undergone a bit of an overhaul, and at IFA 2013 we tracked down a slightly upgraded Fonepad Note -- or Fonepad Note 6, as it's now called -- running a faster 2GHz Atom processor and updated software with a little more ASUS customization.

Like the better-known Samsung Galaxy Note, ASUS' Fonepad Note 6 has built-in stylus functionality, and when the stylus is in use a slide-across tab allows you to easily annotate any app or web page. Overall, the device is reasonably snappy, though we did notice a few instances of lag when scrolling through widgets in the app drawer. At the same time, we're a little disappointed to see a plasticky chassis being used that reminds us of older Samsung devices, rather than the premium materials used in ASUS products like the Padfone Infinity.

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ASUS Fonepad Note 6 hands-on


Nice to see other manufactures bringing the stylus to their devices. But really, who puts out a phone in 2013 without a camera flash? And expects it to sell?

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Even the Demo Proves that this device is Sub PAR. Look at the lag? Dual Core. The galaxy Note is Quad Core. This doesn't look like the correct answer.

The Galaxy S4 is quad-core and it lags.
The Galaxy Nexus and Moto X are both dual-core and don't lag.

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It matters! Your argument doesn't show a flaw in his logic it points out how crappy Android handles multiple cores more than anything.

All moto did is optimize the software this can be done on any phone. I'm hoping a smart dev figures it out and applies it to other phones

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I blame the touchwiz launcher for most of the lag. I put Nova Launcher on a while ago and haven't experienced lag since. Samsung is just a long ways off from solid UI. Thankfully, this is android and no one has to live with that crap.

I'd be interested to see how this end sup stacking up against the Note series from Samsung, especially the software side of things. I care less about the hardware feel(I'll end up putting a case on it anyway) and more about how the note taking part measures up.

Looking forward to more competition to the Note series and to see what comes when it's finally released.

I can get past the build quality issues, plastic, glossy, cheap feel, etc.... What I can't ignore is the performance from the video it was clear the device lagged.

If it lags with no real load imagine how it will lag once it is put to use.

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Yuck! - This "category filler" is basically a useless DUD. I expected SO MUCH MORE FROM YOU ASUS!
Somebody please . . . . . create really effective pen based Apps running on a big phone or a tablet By IFA 2014.
Samsung's pen based interface is improving slowly; but it could go about 10 times further! It really needs to.

Do you consider your trip to IFA 2013 worth the pain Alex?

Everyone bashing on this - we don't know the price point yet! If this launches at $300 or $400 unlocked (no contract) then it could be a very interesting device. They clearly have cut some corners to keep cost down and I think this could be a real contender in the unlocked market.

Remember the 7" tablet phone thing from ASUS from a few months ago that everyone was laughing about being crazy to hold up to your head for a phone call? It was selling from like $200 I think. Let's hope this is the evolution on that - a bit more reasonable to call a phone, a bit more reasonable to hold to your head, obviously in a mid-range performance class, but hopefully a steal at un-subsidized prices.

all very well, but one massive problem is that they are not giving any indication of a uk release date or a price, without these are we just supposed to wait?
come on a month estimate and a figure to the closest hundred isn't asking much is it?

I may be wrong, but then the Asus announces Fonepad FHD 6 in June, and not even know when it is available in the market! Other trademarks are circumventing the market with new equipment, some being superior but also much more expensive. When available. able to sell the units who had thought? An opinion coming from Portugal.

its time for me to change my Phone and i am very interested with this Phone. it rivals to g note "2" and i expect itto be cheap and it has a active stylus so its perfect for my needs. and asus does not tell when will they sell t for how much and where. its been freakin 4th month since its event. i will still wait for a while tho i believe it will be better than note 2 and cheaper than note 3 or eeven cheaper than note 2.