Eee Pad Slider

ASUS has announced on Twitter that the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Eee Pad Slider (SL101) is rolling out today for users here in the states. It's going to bump your tablet up to version, have all the delicious improvements you expect from Ice Cream Sandwich, and turn your slider into 10.1-inches of awesome. 

To see if you have an update waiting, just look in the device settings where you can manually check. And once you get it, you'll want to jump into the forums and share your likes and dislikes -- as well as any issues that sometimes come with a big OTA from one version to another. Enjoy that ICS -- now go install Chrome beta!

Source: @ASUS; via Android Central forums. Thanks, piizzadude


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ASUS Eee Pad Slider SL101 getting its Ice Cream Sandwich update today


I like this tablet, I'm glad ASUS updated it. I hope they make a new one the with Tegra 3, that would be very nice.

I hope they did a better job with this ICS update than they did with the Transformer TF101! I'm still having reboot issues with mine and they've updated it twice. It's been near useless for 2 months now. I'd probably wait a week to see if anyone's having issues before attempt an upgrade.

Even with the issues that the Transformer has since the ics update, I absolutely LOVE my transformer (i do wish they'd fix the issues tho). Anyway, a couple of weeks back my charger overheated & stopped working. (i tried all the forum tricks; none worked) So while I was waiting for my replacement cord, my mother-in-law let me borrow the almighty iPad. It really was nice, but I gotta tell ya, I couldn't wait to come back home to my transformer (issues and all)

Echoing what others have said....Watch out folks...MANY of us have had nearly useless TF101s since the update, and the next update, and the next update. Agreed---hold on until some folks test it first.

Yes, we have been struggling with the ICS problems on the TF101 for three months. I recommend waiting at least 7 days to see if reports of instability show up in the forums, before making the leap.

I got the upgrade yesterday and all is well so far. The things I really wanted to stay functional, Citrix Receiver, SSLVPN, and the ability to connect to my phone with bluetooth and get on the internet are still working. The keyboard actually seems more responsive as I type this. I have connected to wifi at home, at a restaurant and at work with no problems. I have noticed a connect issue at home after being away but if I turn it off and reconnect it is fine. Not sure if the update has anything to do with this, my signal has always been weak. I like the new features but haven't had time to check all the apps I have loaded over the months I've had this.