We've hit that point on the calendar again which marks the beginning of Daylight Saving Time. The point in which we "spring forward" and set our clocks ahead 60 minutes in the wee hours of Sunday morning.

So what will you have to do with your phone? The answer probably is this: Nothing. Nothing at all.

So long as you don't have an iPhone, which is notorious for issues with Daylight Saving Time, your phone should automatically adjust, assuming your using network-provided time. That's where your phone periodically checks in with whatever operator you're using to see what time it is. (It's also how your phone knows when you've changed time zones while traveling.)

Wake up Sunday morning, and you should see a little message about how it's adjusted for Daylight Saving Time. The bad news is you probably just lost an hour of sleep.


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Ask AC: Do I need to do anything about Daylight Saving Time?


All time related settings on Android are fantastic. Personally the Clock/Calendar/Alarm functions of my phone are of utmost importance and one of the biggest reasons I choose Android over iPhone. I had an iPod Touch for a period before it crapped out (after less than a year) and that thing was terrible in regards of time.

It's nice not to have to worry about things like Day Light Savings and Time Zone changes when on Android.

Yeah because Jelly Bean didn't have a bug last year where the month of December completely vanished from the calendar. Oh and for alarm clock functionality baked into the OS you must be in the less than 10% of Android users with 4.2.

Sorry I just find it really hard to believe that out of all the strengths Android holds over iOS you chose the alarm clock. *Eye roll*

Someones a little uptight haha.

All of the things you listed never affected me.

I said quote:
"Personally the Clock/Calendar/Alarm functions of my phone are of utmost importance"
Using the words "Personally" and "my phone"
Meaning for ME that those functions are extremely important for my lifestyle. And I have tried both Apple and Android products for those functions and PERSONALLY I have had the best luck with Android.

Use what works for you.

*Eye roll*

No one is uptight I just call out BS when I see it. And the BS in your post was that Android calendar/alarm/clock functions flawlessly which isn't the case as cited by the FACTS I listed above. Don't try to refute facts with personal preference. (Unless of course you don't NEED the month of December in your calendar for your personal life).

I use Android devices as well.

If you want to call my personal preference BS, then whatever. You are the one arguing about an Alarm clock.

My whole original post was about personal preference.

Like a stated before the "lack of December issue", didn't even affect me, I didn't try to input anything into December until they had already fixed it (extremely quickly I might add)
Like I said before the Android calendar/alarm/clock functions worked flawlessly FOR ME.

I never stated anything I said as FACT. For me my personal preference is all that matters.

I use Mac devices as well.

You seem to be starting a fire for the sake of starting a fire..... about an Alarm clock of all things.

December did not vanished from the calendar, it did not affect the Calendar. The bug was in the People App; you couldn't add a birthday or an anniversary in December from within the People App only. So, December was never erased from existance in the Calendar. Maybe you should double-check your facts.

That December bug only affected people mainly on Nexus devices (nexus 4, galaxy nexus, nexus 7)and only affected them for a very small amount of time. It was fixed rather quickly.

I have had 3 android based phones and interacted with 6 other various models from friends and family and all of them had alarm clock functionality. Doesn't matter if it was baked into the OS or not all the manufactures made sure it was there to be used with the device.

No clue why you are calling BS on someone's personal experience when your facts a presented in such a slanted way.

WTF does the month of December have to do with an alarm clock? BTW I never had that calendar issue on my gnex and I was on 4.2.X from day 1. Also, you "facts" are entirely wrong regarding the issue in the first place...


Maybe it wasn't "baked into the OS", but every Android phone my family has had, including all the pre JB ones, included an alarm clock.

"Oh and for alarm clock functionality baked into the OS you must be in the less than 10% of Android users with 4.2."

What the hell are you talking about? I've been using my phone as an alarm clock for ages and it didn't stop when I started using Android with 2.0 on the DROID. Every Android phone I've owned (DROID, DROID 2, DInc, Galaxy Nexus) has had an alarm clock. The interface changed a bit in 4.0 and then moreso in 4.2, but it's been pretty much the same in all of my Android phones.

Lol, must be running low on material. Heck even back in the old days when iPhone wasn't even invented yet clocks on cell phones that I've had automatically adjust for daylight savings time.

If you plan to wake up any time from 2am to 2:59, your alarm won't go off because those times won't exist on the day of the switchover. The second after 01:59:59 will be 03:00:00

My Android phone consistently is screwed up by Daylight Saving Time in Arizona, since the state does not observe DST. This would be all well and good, if Verizon actually had their AZ towers broadcast AZ time, but no, they say they are in MST during this time of year. So everything in my calendar is off after the the switch and will not correct itself until a few hours after the DST change actually occurs. Granted, this problem has nothing to do with Android, it is all Verizon, but it's still incredibly annoying.

I had the same exact problem with my Moto X on Verizon in Arizona. I didn't realize it was off until my phone showed 10:30 and my friend's showed 9:30. I reset my phone and it automatically changed. Although all of my calendar events are off an hour still.

If you're an Exchange Active Sync user, it's probably worth double-checking your calendar entries. I seem to recall some of mine getting screwed up during previous changes between DST and ST, or vice-versa.

4.2 is the first version of Android post-Gingerbread that seems to work properly in the realms of Exchange, appointments vs. meetings, and Daylight Savings Time.

There's a crazy state up North, I think Indiana, that the DST compliance is by county or city. So when you look at their DST map, it's polkadotted with some areas on DST and some not.

Those people must be late everywhere. Lol.

Yes, thats Indiana. Even the people that live there have no idea what time it is. Wikipedia has a nice article on how screwed up their time has been over the last century.