myTouch 3G Slide

For those of you chomping at the bit to get your hands on the T-Mobile myTouch Slide (aka the Espresso), here's something to at least whet your appetite. While the picture you see is pretty obvious prototype/dev phone, it should give you a decent idea as to what's coming down the pike.

The horizontal-slider keyboard is a bit reminiscent of the HTC Touch Pro 2 set in italics. We're willing to bet the buttons -- on the keyboard as well as the front of the device -- are tweaked a little bit in the end product. And you'll notice that's an optical trackpad instead of

As for specs, they're rumored to be a 320x480 touchscreen, 1300mAh battery, MicroSD card, camera with flash (size wasn't noted) and an ARM11 processor. One more pic after the break. [DroidDeveloper via TMoNews]

myTouch 3G Slide


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Apparent myTouch Slide protoype leaks


I can see it replacing the "Sidekick" line. It's good for the youth,all they need it some app's or motto blur or something like it and it's good to go. best of both worlds

while the specs are nothing to write home about, it looks like a very USABLE device, like the G1 is.