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YouTube may well be one of the best business decisions Google has ever made. The video sharing site actually was created by a trio of PayPal workers in 2005. In late 2006, Google picked it up for a mere $1.65 billion. That's maybe not quite as much money by today's standards, but at the time it was a huge deal. But it paid off.

Consider: According to Google, more than 1 billion unique visitors use YouTube every month. Some 100 hours of video are uploaded to Youtube every minute of the day. It pumps out hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for its partners. And YouTube means anyone can become a publisher. Anyone can share their world in video, almost instantaneously. You can upload directly from a phone, if you'd like. And with the advent of Google+ and Google Hangouts, you can now use the power of YouTube to communicate your message live, in real-time. It's a free, portable broadcasting studio. It's used by dignitaries. Mothers. Fathers. Families. Students. And more than 6 billion hours of video are watched on YouTube each month.

Not bad for a decade's worth of work, eh?

And, yes. YouTube is home to many a cat video. Because what's the Internet without cats?

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Youtube Remote

Youtube Remote bug fix update brings the app to v3.1.0

To go along with the Google Maps, Listen and Goggles get updates -- Youtube Remote was also updated, though nothing really big was implemented into the app. As noted in the change log it just adds shuffle queue and addresses some previous bugs. What bugs? We don't know, but it's now sitting at v3....
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Xperia Active gets drowned, stabbed, bludgeoned and run over by a Jeep

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Disney, Pixar, and DreamWorks

YouTube adds Disney, Pixar, and DreamWorks rentals

Google has been working hard to gather more media content these days and now, coming shortly after their Google Music announcement comes the news they've fleshed out a deal with Disney, Pixar and DreamWorks Studios to bring much of their content to YouTube. Fans of animated movies? We’ve got the...
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Galaxy Nexus features explored in new instructional videos

If you're one of the few lucky people who managed to bag a Galaxy Nexus at Phones4U in London today, then Google has some brand new instructional videos to help you get to grips with your shiny new plaything. The videos cover everything from first-time startup to the new NFC-enabled Android Beam...
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YouTube for Android reaches v2.3.4 - Adds + 1 button, Annotations and Watch Later queue

The latest YouTube for Android is now rolling out to folks. This version, v2.3.4 now adds a +1 button to the mix and you can now add annotations as well. For videos you're not wanting to watch right away but rather when you get home on say your computer or Google TV -- there is now a watch later...
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Droid Bionic shows off its bionic eye in this boot-up video

Youtube link for mobile viewing Well, we knew it was coming eventually. User hksscom on YouTube has posted a video of the Motorola Droid Bionic's bootup sequence. The video shows off the iconic Droid eye winking and moving. After the sequence, the video shows off some new Blur design and runs the...
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Youtube app updated to fix the last update

The last Youtube update seem to bork things up a little bit? No worries. A new update has been pushed to update the old update. So as long as you've updated your update with this latest update, you should be good. Follow?Here's the official changelog: "Bug fixes for some devices."Everybody better...
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YouTube app updated, now allows more control over your uploaded videos

 The official YouTube app has been updated to v. 2.2.14, which brings a host of improvements. Prior to this update, users were limited with what they could do with their uploaded videos. Now, they are able to customize them much more, such as editing the title and tweaking privacy settings. Also...
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Concert footage from LG's 'Bring Your World Alive' event in Hell's Kitchen now on Youtube

LG's mighty proud of the Thrill 4G, and we can't say we blame them -- check out the hands-on and see why.  To celebrate the launch, they threw a big bash on July 25 in New York with musical guest Jane's Addiction, and the concert footage from the party is now on line for every one to have a look at...

Xoom tested on horseback, airplane wings and everything in between

Those barmy chaps at the Carphone Warehouse have taken their battle-testing of the Motorola Xoom to the extreme, starting off using Google Maps on the back of a motorcycle and culminating with some light 3G browsing on the wings of an airplane. In the video, which we've embedded above, they also...

HTC shows off Sensation in new promo videos

  In case you hadn't noticed, HTC unveiled a new phone today. The HTC Sensation will launch this summer in Europe, Asia and the U.S., with some impressive specs alongside a completely revamped version of HTC Sense. Following today's Sensation launch event in London, HTC has released two new...

HTC gives its Flyer tablet an official 6-minute video

The HTC Flyer (see our hands-on at Mobile World Congress and with the Wifi-only version coming to Best Buy) is one of the most anticipated Android tablets, with its aluminum unibody design or the Scribe system that lets you write on just about anything. So whether you are a HTC fan, someone...

Watch Sprint announce the EVO 3D and EVO View 4G at CTIA

Phil and Dieter got to sit about 10 feet away from Sprint CEO Dan Hesse and others as they made the announcements surrounding the Sprint HTC EVO 3D and EVO View 4G, but the rest of us at home had to tune in via the live blog. Now that CTIA 2011 is said and done, Sprint has uploaded the video from...

Another visual pondering of the future of Android device activations

Youtube link for mobile viewingIf you liked that previous visual look at how Android activations -- at more than 300,000 a day now -- you're going to love this one. Greek blogger Stefanos Kofopoulos worked up this stunning video that ponders future growth of Android, and compares Android use to...

Android activations visualized from October '08 to January '11

A new video on the official Android Developers' YouTube channel offers a fascinating look at the rise of Android since the release of the first handsets running the OS. The data spans the entire globe and shows spikes coinciding with the launch of popular phones like the Motorola Droid in the U.S...

Motorola's Atrix 4G help videos make learning your new phone a breeze

Motorola really went overboard with this one. Moto has posted thirty videos online that outline all the features of the highly anticipated, Motorola Atrix 4G. The videos cover everything from entertainment, importing contacts, using webtop to print, setting up corporate email, etc.If you've been...

LG and YouTube team up to bring a full 3D experience to mobile devices

While we're still a little on the fence about all this 3D on mobile devices business that hasn't stopped LG or YouTube from working out some arrangements to bring us the best 3D can offer. The latest press release from LG and YouTube outlines what they have been working on for the LG Optimus 3D:...

LG G-Slate spotted on YouTube, Google branding visible [video]

The LG G-Slate was announced at CES 2011, but since then, LG and T-Mobile have been super tight-lipped about the tablet. One would think LG would want to start showing the device off, especially with all these Motorola Xoom rumors floating around. But instead, YouTube user MysteryGuitarM has...

Motorola employee confirms locked bootloaders -- and bad attitude

It's the question many of us are asking -- will Motorola's upcoming phones have locked bootloaders?  Based on Motorola's previous stance on the issue we all expected the answer to be yes, but there's no harm in asking again, right?  New hardware (the Droid Bionic and Atrix 4G use a different CPU,...

Droid X is up to some monkey business in this Robitussin commercial [video]

Our primate brothers and sisters aren't so different from us after all. Like us, they even use Android phones. I'm serious! In this Robitussion commercial, we see our hairy friend pull out a Motorola Droid X to find what type of Robitussion to take for his cold. And just like him, you too can use...



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