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If you liked that previous visual look at how Android activations -- at more than 300,000 a day now -- you're going to love this one. Greek blogger Stefanos Kofopoulos worked up this stunning video that ponders future growth of Android, and compares Android use to global population. It's a cool little "what if" moment. Check it out. [] Thanks, Stefanos!


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zap-uh says:

No love for Central America in that final globe display.

wes008 says:

This would be true, but I have a feeling Android sales are going to slow down at the end of this year. Plus the idea of everyone having an Android device is scary :S

cpk86 says:

Scary cool you mean??

purpleplatty says:

Cool video, but wrong maths (at about 0:20)! It should be
(baby)x30 = (Lloyd)

AsianBob says:

No, he has it right. For every child born, 30 Android devices are activated. So 1 baby = 30 x Lloyd.

What you have down says for every 30 babies born, one Lloyd is activated.

Adjei says:

Look at all these lemmings!

SharonW says:

That was delightful! Really nicely done. Parts of it would make a great TV ad. Google ought to think about it.

pug_ster says:

Device Activations is not equal to device owned. Gees, they have no idea how many times I have to wipe my phone so I can flash and 'reactivate' the phone again.

only 1% running the latest and greatest (gingerbread) how about pushing that ish out to the rest of us already!

Rich Coralli says:

Boring hypothetical crap ....... boring hypothetical music... When is the thunderbolt being released...