Just yesterday we saw some new images of the Motorola RAZR HD appear online, and today another couple of pictures have come out. Showing off the entire back, as well as the about screen showing the device running Android 4.0.4, these new images bring hope to this being a final design style. Unlike yesterdays pictures, this one is showing Verizon's iconic 4G LTE branding on it, meaning this could be the unit we will see on Verizon, and hopefully sooner than later. This is still an engineering unit, as you can clearly see on the left hand side, so here's to hoping that this thing is flying right through the approval process, and will be making its way into consumer hands shortly.

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Another round of Motorola RAZR HD images surface


Not a fan of Motorola phones but I sure wish my GS3 was built like that. That is an awesome looking back...though it's more of a guy looking phone. Hopefully they can shrink the bezel because it is HUGE on the Razr

Yeah, I it is time for these phones to start naming them without all that crap. Make it the new Droid Razor (HD, maybe) Just make them all Maxx, who wants the smaller battery anyway. The new Samsung Galaxy S, the new HTC ONE X. More more LTE, 1, 2, 3. Then can just be differentiated with 1st gen, 2nd gen, 3rd gen....that kind of stuff. Would make it easier.

How is it that 2 ports becomes one-million-and-one to you? Even for an exaggeration that's ridiculous. And if Droid Razr HD is a mouthful to you, you've got some problems, like having trouble wiping yourself type problems...

If this phone come to verizon, i will get it, but i would like to see a 2nd Generation of Motorola Droid Pro.
but well this Moto Droid Rarz HD looks great let's see when will come out to buy it on first day.

They made it LOOK like carbon fiber.

Seems unlikely it actually is carbon fiber, because it would raise the price quite a bit compared to injection molded plastic with paint.

I wonder if Motorola will offer a developers version like Sammy did for the SG3, with an unlockable boot loader. Doubt it....

I definitely like the look of this phone, probably more so than the GS3. If Motorola took a stab at the Nexus program and made it close to looking like this...then well, I'd get a Motorola! That or if they released a developer edition like Samsung is planning to do...oh the possibilities!