MyTouch 3G on Top Chef

Android devices have been grabbing the spotlight lately, popping up in TV shows of all genres. Entourage has given Johnny Drama and Ari Gold a Nexus One to use as they conquer Hollywood, while the HTC Evo has been capturing surgical procedures on "The Closer."

Now, the myTouch 3G has popped up in the Bravo show "Top Chef." As Android's popularity increases, we're likely to see many more devices hit Hollywood, so let us know if you see one! (Thanks, David!)


Reader comments

Another Android spotted on TV, this time on Top Chef


you know the g1 was in the movie dinner with the schmucks? i can't get any clips cuz its still in theaters but it had a pretty big part for a phone

Androids are everywhere!!! I saw a g1 in a commercial about lowes, my mom saw a g1 in hot in Cleveland, i also saw a g1 in some spy movie.

I think I saw a samsung captivate in this past tuesdays episode of "covert affairs" no way of checking unless someone can find a clip or the show and watch it.