Weekly Photo Contest: Street Scenes

Everyone hit the streets for this week's photo contest entry

We're always blown away by the number of quality photo submissions we receive for each weekly photo contest, and this week was no exception. Everyone took to the streets to take a picture that exemplified the prompt of "street scenes," and we weren't disappointed by the results. Over 100 entries across five pages in the forums, and we've come down to a single winner.

Read on and see the winning image this week, and congratualte the photographer responsible.

Winner of an AC box of swag, gonpo77!

Weekly Photo Contest: Street Scenes

All too often we see photos simply taken from the point-of-view of lifting your phone up to your face, so we always like to see something a little different. The interesting perspective of getting down on the pavement is extremely interesting, and the quality of the photo is great as well. Awesome shot.

Keep an eye on your doorstep and mailbox for a package, the box of AC swag is on its way!

Thanks again to everyone else who entered, and keep your eyes peeled for the next photo contest. We want the chance to give away more great prizes to everyone, so keep taking pictures and entering them!


Reader comments

Announcing the 'Weekly Photo Contest: Street Scenes' winner!


at least put up the photos of some runner ups... people took time and effort to get these pictures in, at least give them some props...smh

When there's one winner, every other person in the thread who entered is a "runner up." Anyone is free to go check out all of the entries in the forum thread.

Perhaps the picture was not taken from the usual "lifting the phone to your face" perspective, or perhaps the picture was indeed taken from the usual perspective, and the winner is actually only six inches tall. You can't rule anything out.

That is a great picture! Definitely like the perspective. (Especially if it's from a garden gnome)

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