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Over the weekend we gave you the chance to win one of two HTC Sensation XL handsets by proving your superior Android knowledge in the addictive HyperQuiz game. Today we're back with the full list of winners. Join us after the break to find out who managed to walk away with a shiny new handset...

The first and second place winners were jhole (27,234 points) and EJPISME (25054 points). Both winners will receive a shiny new HTC Sensation XL smartphone, courtesy of HTC. Congratulations! The top fifty runners up, which we've listed below alongside their scores, will also receive in-game "creds" currency. Thanks to everyone who took part!

  1 jhole 27234 26 leniador 2618
  2 EJPISME 25054 27 LV23 2456
  3 jacques 21448 28 millycakesgt 2294
  4 Brandon15 16530 29 squally 2255
  5 mixmastrz 14893 30 Snowdog1967 2218
  6 Ruodofor 11486 31 EmmiB 2217
  7 rysiekzklanu 7665 32 Rusthughin 2209
  8 ZumsiBeckal 7506 33 laxen 2165
  9 Brezos 7106 34 Guillin 2163
  10 f3rancis 6971 35 androidguru 2123
  11 1CrazyDude 5679 36 fatpomp 2113
  12 MarsDTA 5334 37 erikiksaz 2101
  13 moej 5256 38 Ghapsckey 2034
  14 shmundada 5220 39 mamuka 1972
  15 Leventc 4884 40 SebbyZMLatt 1871
  16 BigDinCA 4836 41 Sneezle 1801
  17 MrZackarius 4045 42 mark26 1796
  18 pgm131 3927 43 dtanderson 1783
  19 rhine 3569 44 brunoerre 1763
  20 MikeyUK 3205 45 arifanwar 1739
  21 esteba90 3174 46 skyebo 1726
  22 Stays High 2977 47 Shadow14 1623
  23 5stryng 2827 48 Pavlou 1615
  24 bender2941 2710 49 chan_x 1593
  25 linarticulate 2708 50 whosthe1 1589

Reader comments

Announcing the Android Super Challenge on HyperQuiz winners!


Great fun, but unless you spent the ENTIRE weekend playing, it was never a contest you could win. But the app was good for the most part, and the questions were good as well. Congrats to everyone who played, except the people who beat me and the ones who answered the questions faster than me, even though I know I was faster and the stupid game was wrong. WRONG, I TELL YOU!

Yeah, I believe you beat me to the buzzer often... even though you didn't (I am an extremely sore loser)! LOL! It was actually a lot of fun, especially seeing the same people over and over and knowing that everyone was getting better and faster. I beat jhole at least 20 times in individual games, but there was no way I could have caught him. Although my wife was impressed that I was top 5 on Friday night and still #8 when I got up Saturday morning. I had a blast playing. I hope they do it again soon.

I got 12 place! The highest i got was 6. played a few times with jhole and Ejpisme so congrats to them. Ejpisme is actually from my home town of Bakersfield so and extra congrats to him/her

How cool, I got 30th. There were times where I could have sworn I was faster than the buzz of someone else hitting the answer. Overall, it was very entertaining and Thanks guys for sponsoring it!
I did learn a few things from it.

damn you jhole. Game was fun but it seemed no matter how high your percentage was it didnt bring you up high in the ranks. It seemed the more games you played whether you were good or you sucked you would still rank up. Do another contest!

I hope the phone is worth not having a life nor sleep for over 2 days. Sorry to everyone who was trying to catch me, but I decided Friday morning that I wasn't going to lose. Needed to replace my Motorola Flipout (which is a swivel form phone, made by a US company, that Google is interested in buying.)

Happy playing with you all! Until the next contest!


Thanks to AndroidCentral, the people at HyperBees and HTC for the new phone. Great website I happen to visit everyday. A great new game to play during my downtime. And a great slick new phone.

Cheers to all the other people on the list, was fun playing with you guys. jhole, you were a beast.

It's one time in my life being a chronic insomniac worked out for me.

Good playing with you...I played from noon until 4am the first night until I finally passed you.

Congrats to you both. I hope you both enjoy the phones and they arrive with cracked screens and no batteries. I also hope you are both on Sprint and can't actually use the phones at all. I'm kidding, of course. There was a period of about 11 minutes there that I thought I would have a shot. That was about thirty minutes into the competition. You two were insane. You both played a great game and deserved to win. Although I was hoping the rest of us would get a free Lloyd t-shirt....... By the way, how often did everyone hit the wrong answer for DLNA or get the Nexus phones mixed up on accident? For me, about 100 times.