Angry Birds Space

Everyone's favorite bird-flinging, pig-smashing casual game Angry Birds just keeps getting more content. It seems at this point like Rovio is committed to pushing out new Angry Birds levels for the rest of time, but we're okay with that. It just means we'll never be bored while standing in line at the movie theater (or anywhere else, for that matter) ever again. This latest update to Angry Birds Space is adding 10 new levels to the Red Planet world, and offering a new unlockable set of 5 levels if you successfully get 100% on the "space eagle destruction meter".

You can grab the free version of Angry Birds Space at the Play Store link above. There's also an ad-free version for $0.99.


Reader comments

Angry Birds Space updated with 10 new Red Planet levels


So I am wondering how many others are experiencing the same thing I am. I have this app on my SD card in my SGH-T989. I cannot update it unless I move the app to the phone's internal memory. The same thing happened last week with the AB Seasons update. Having to keep both large games on the phone's internal mem is less than optimal. Anyone else experiencing this?