It was just yesterday that Rovio announced their new version of Angry Birds would be coming to the Android Market. Well, we didn't have to wait very long as Angry Birds Rio is now available for free (ad-supported, actually). 

If you're been craving Angry Birds Rio but were unable to claim it from Amazon's Appstore, follow the app links after the break. 


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Angry Birds Rio now available for free from the Android Market


You need to have Amazon App Store installed AND logged in order to play Angry Birds Rio which is fcking annoying.
So fck Amazon App Store. I’m sticking with the Market

umm why wouldn't it always be logged in like any other amazon app? Unless you keep logging yourself out.

So you rather have ADs taking up screen space?

I got it for free. On day 1. AD free! from Amazon. Thanks.

You do not need to be logged in to the Amazon App Store to play Rio - only to download it. I deregistered my phone from the App Store after downloading Rio just to confirm and was able to use all of the apps that I had downloaded from Amazon.

Its pretty hard to pass up the free app a day that Amazon does and its great that you can give/recieve a gift card to buy apps.

With all the things you can get on Amazon, I think an Amazon gift card is almost as good as cash now.

I am with *androidtoy*. I have several issues with Amazon App Store.
First, the Angry Birds Rio was free at the launch day, but it required a payment method like a credit card to process the payment of $0.00.
Second, the App Store app is running in the background, draining my battery (not much, but still unnecessary).
Third, the App Store needs to be logged in to Amazon. What if my phone is lost or stolen? Someone can buy stuff off Amazon using the saved credit card? OK, *jk* says I can log off and deregister my phone. I guess I can scratch #3 off my list.

@DrDriff You probably got the Free version instead of the Paid version that was only free for the day. The Paid version does not have ads, whether you got it for free or not.

Yesterday I got Seasons for free from the AAS - it's really a much better experience and if this wasn't available I'd be happy to pay a couple bucks to nix the ads (except for the RIO add they keep showing in Seasons on every restart)

When you look for the Amazon one, which is still free, look for the one that has the $0.99 with it slashed and says FREE next to it, that one comes ad free. if you DL the one that is just $0.00 it is ad supported. I think Amazon is going to keep it free until they reach that agreement with AT&T. Also Amazon appstore is offering 1 paid app FREE per day.

The add free version from Amazon is so silky smooth without the adds. The seasons version with adds for st patrick's day was so jerky on my Evo that I deleted it in anger.

How do you get one paid app for free each day?? I just clicked on a $20 Brian Tracy app(Just to see what it was) and it automatically charged me! I did not download it and I hope they credit me back (and I hope they see that I did not download it). I don't see any kind of trial period. I am going to play Rio for a few more days and delete the appstore, I don't need anythine else running in the background eating my battery. Particually when it is so easy to accidently buy something!

You just scared me right there. I remember in the looooong hoop-jumping process of setting up the Amazon Market you had to enable one-click purchase. Can you turn that off and at least get a confirmation pop-up before a purchase goes through?

You can login to and go to the Android app section. You can then get to your 1 click settings and turn it off for your phone / tab. > Appstore for Android > Apps > Your Apps and Devices. Look to the right for Shortcuts on this page. In the box there is 1-click settings.

Sorry, I should've been a little more clear, Amazon offers one paid app for FREE everyday, to see which one ~ the only way I was able to see it was to actually go to and on the left bar you will see AppStore for Android. (the free app is not what it says on this button, you will see the paid app of the day for free after hovering over this and clicking apps). Today's Free app is SoundHound Infinity. The AppStore doesn't always run, or need to be running to use their apps like others stated.

There is a lot of misguided hate towards Amazon. If you lose your phone, people could purchase apps with your Market saved information. If you lose your credit card, people can also use that. Being that these things are true, the paranoia about Amazon making it more possible for people to steal from you is ridiculous.
Everyone wants everything to be free and ad-free, so along comes Amazon and does that, and there's still outcries. People expect free things and then complain about what they get.
I love Android, and I'm a fan of Amazon. The list of free apps of the day thus far is impressive:
1. Two adfree verions of Angry Birds
2. SwiftKey
3. SoundHound
Where else can you get paid apps for free, a ten cent paperback, and a ten dollar copy of a DS game all in one visit?
Stop hating on companies that make money. This is all sounding like a bunch of pointless bitching.

AND if you already have an Amazon account, you can use your existing log on information for their AppStore. And if you do open an Amazon AppStore account, I believe you would use that log in information as well for their regular online store. Opens up a new world for people, don't be afraid to leave the sidewalk.

---- maybe we need to have an Amazon AppStore Forum??

Dont forget Shazam's upgraded app and doodle jump were also offered for free.

Ive got to say Im pretty impressed with Amazon's willingness not only to offer a free app each day, but a quality one at that.

Also, somebody above commented about difficulty finding the free app of the day - when I open the amazon app store on my phone, the free app of the day is listed right at the top - its the first thing you see.

Many already mentioned the problems with AAS, e.g. credit card info, so DLed elsewhere already as an apk. kthxbai.
Tho, Android market ftw.

there is so much negative about the amazon app store in the angry birds rio on google market. i feel like these guys are typical derp fanboys, being a fanboy is fine (for android of course :)) just don't be retarded. amazon is what google market should of been, you get to try before you buy. that is x1000000000 better than 15 minutes and a free app a day? you have to be a fool to not love that