Android in the Kitchen

Forget the phones. One of our first stops at CES this week is going to have to be with Touch Revolution, whose NIM1000 drop-in module is bringing Android to microwave ovens, washer/dryers/refridgerators ... OK, "bringing" may be a bit much at this point. But being able to stream Pandora while grabbing a cold one, heating up a burrito and cleaning the stains from both? You just can't beat that. [Presser via Gizmodo]


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Android in your kitchen? Why not!


so you could sync all of your appliances together with your phone. and as you go from room to room in your house, apps like Pandora would begin to play though local appliances based upon your cell phone proximity.

android toilet?

This would be great. You could have an app to monitor your appliances and start stuff on the way home. I could start the laundry and dishwasher on my way home - :P

I think that's all rather pointless, if you could link this stuff to your phone and start it up from outside the house it's pointless if the device you're trying to control isn't loaded with dishes/dinner/whatever. While it is cool to think that you can remotely control your home from your phone, if you're not home actually putting stuff where it needs to be, then your just turning on stuff and wasting power/water/time and running up your bills because you didn't have anything in the appliance.