If you wanted to see some more market confidence in Android, how's this? According to an analyst from Strategy Analytics, sales of Android devices are expected to grow 900% to reach 8 million Android devices sold in 2009.

Hmm. Those are some pretty bold numbers but it may be possible. Android seems to be gaining more and more devices and to have a whole portfolio of devices would seem to be pretty beneficial to growth. It seems that after a lonely first year, Android is going to get really popular, really fast.

[strategy analytics]


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Android To Sell 8 Million Units in 2009, Show 900% Growth


I believe it. I work at a Walmart in Texas, we've been selling the G1 for about 3 months now, and just about every associate in the store (those who would know how to use it anyway) has followed my lead in picking one up. (Got mine Christmas eve!) In fact, just this morning I caught another co-worker finally getting off the fence and upgrading to the G1 after about three weeks of indecision.

Lets get this clear, my store is selling these like crazy in a small town, we don't even have EDGE network coverage yet, never mind 3G!!! Yet people are still buying the G1 like crazy!

I'd be surprised if they didn't adjust that figure even higher later in the year.