While there are quite a few torrent clients and torrent remote control apps in the Android Market, Bittorrent has never directly released an application to interface with your µTorrent installation. That is, until now. The official µTorrent remote app has just been released to the Android Market and is available for download. Keeping in mind, it's not a full blown client but rather a remote for your already existing installed client on your computer it does have some nice features built into it.

  • Check the status of a download directly from your Android smartphone
  • Add, pause or remove µTorrent downloads on your computer
  • µTorrent remote registers as a .torrent handler so you can browse and add torrents just as if you were on your PC at home.
  • Start, pause or remove µTorrent downloads in progress on your computer
  • Update and add torrents from RSS subscriptions
  • Transfer, save and play any completed file from your PC right to your device.

Bittorrent does have a full blown client in the works but for now they are asking users to report any feedback they may have regarding just the remote application. You can find the download link right after the break. [Bittorrent]


Reader comments

Android Remote for µTorrent 3.0 Alpha now available


it says transfer, save and play any completed file from your PC right to your device....

does this mean remotely as well?

Same here,and it does the job. I like the feature of downloading from RSS feeds. That is what I've been wanting for a while.

Swarm works pretty well for me. Nice to download torrents while on a trip and not have to take my laptop.

I am not a conspiracy nut. But, for those who likely download illegally - most of you - how is it a good idea to associate your name, phone number, GPS location, etc to your uTorrent client activities?