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Whoa!  This is something so cool, you knew it had to come eventually -- an Android powered watch that connects to your smartphone (Android, iPhone 4, future BlackBerry devices) via bluetooth.  We've seen similar products, but they were more mundane things, and simply a data pipe back to your phone.  The i'mWatch runs its own custom version of Android, and comes bundled with a set of apps that you can run right on the 1.54" TFT display.  Not only can you make and receive calls and texts, but you have access to Email, weather info, stock prices and market data, Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter -- the list goes on. 

All this is running on a Freescale ARM9 IMX233 CPU, with 64 MB of RAM and 4 GB of storage.  In other words, it should do everything listed really, really well.  Combine that with a 600mAh battery for 2 hours talk time or 48 hours standby time, and you have one of the coolest accessories you're likely to run across.  It's not cheap -- it checks in at €249 (about $360 US), and that price is only good until June 30, but the good things in life never are.  Check out the source link for more details and ordering info.

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Android powered i'mWatch knows what time it is


249 Euro ?? no seriously?!
They can keep it for themselves :D
I'm a guy who loves to waste his money if it's (kinda) worth it... like i actually was stupid enough to buy a Lamborghini Watch though this thing is not even worth half that price... if it was like 200($) i would actually get one...

As long as it comes in black and is water resistant I'm all over this! The price is to high, true but if it really works and I wont have to touch my evo 3d(when I get it) while I'm working construction its so worth it.

So how do you talk on the phone with this? Do you need a separate bluetooth headset? So this is just one expensive remote control? Or does it actually have a speakerphone on the watch itself with a mic???

Kinda cool if you can talk into the watch like those power rangers does when they're in trouble. But it'll still be hard to hear on the speaker phone....

Lol.. I can see it now.

Hey bob what time is it?

I don't know, ran my watch battery down talking to my wife.

Maybe €249 seems like a steep price, but you can consider that peanuts compared to the metal versions of the watch. Are you ready? Alright, take a deep breath... €14,999 for the fanciest one - that's almost $22,000!!! Hurry up and grab this offer before your neighbor...

HEADS UP! not sure how everything works in Europe but on their site it says the price includes VAT which is 20% so that puts it at 200 euro without VAT and that = $289USD.

Not sure if Americans can get it for that price since we don't have a VAT tax though. it might have to be offered in America to get around that tax. just something I caught. :)

I've been looking at those eInk watches that are at the $250 price range so if I could get this for not much more I'm totally down!

Remember to please turn off your watch while in the movie theatre (and during your next flight). :-)

A watch?!!!!??? That is why I have a smartphone. I will wait until the Dick Tracy wristwatch version is available.

I don't know if I want to have to remember to charge my watch, in addition to my phone, every night...

Reading through the website there's some cool stuff about this watch, mainly that it has built-in speakers and a microphone so you can use it as a speaker phone, i.e. phone's in your pocket and it rings, you see on the caller id on your wrist its someone you want to talk to, you touch the face and just start talking to your wrist (and if you wear it with the face on the inside of your wrist you can talk like a secret service agent!).

One think I couldn't tell is if the "standard" color watch is metal or plastic. At first I thought it was plastic because of the "jewel" line, but after going through it I think the color ones are a base metal that's painted. I also have questions in to the company if the price includes all delivery fees (shipping, duty, etc.) and if there's a way to get the VAT refunded.

Note to get the special pricing before 7/1 you have to put 20% down (about 50 euros for the color models) and right now they're saying the watches won't be available until October 2011. Given my track record pre-ordering from European companies I'd say this is closer to Q1 of 2012 ;)

I have a TI MetaWatch pre-ordered for July, but honestly this looks sooo much cooler (it's in color!). If I get all the right answers back I'll be pre-ordering one of these for sure, probably just the Black color model (if its plastic and I can get the VAT back I may pop for the Titanium model, its beautiful).

OK so finally got a response back today. The pre-order price DOES NOT INCLUDING SHIPPING to your destination. I was told it would be an additional 55 euro ($80!!) to ship it to Chicago. They weren't sure on the VAT, they were going to look into it. So you're looking at almost $450 for one of these delivered to the States. That's about $200 too much for my blood.