You read that right. Today, during Google's second-quarter earnings call, CEO Larry Page announced that some 550,000 devices are being activated every day.

That's about 382 devices being activated every minute, or 3.85 million every week.

That's a lot of devices.

Put it into perspective: On June 28, Android's Andy Rubin tweeted that a half-million devices were being activated daily. At Google IO in May, it was 400,000 devices a day.


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Android now seeing 550,000 activations every day, Larry Page says


Wow! So last week, Android activated more devices than WP7 has since launch...and the fanboys over at other blogs seem to think "Mango" is going to change this! LOL

Doesn't work that way. Every Android device has a unique ID number. This number only gets activated only once. If you sell or load a new OS on it, it's not a new activation.

I thought that too, but after putting CM7 on my Fascinate, I received an e-mail from Google thanking me for activating a Nexus S. The test build of CM7 used a tweaked build.prop that reported the phone as a Nexus S as a workaround for market apps that I gather are blocked for the Fascinate.

I've used the same trick to get the Netflix app on my Nook Color (again, with CM7) by identifying it as an HTC Vision, and now my google lists 3 activated devices - a Fascinate, an HTC Vision and a Nexus S.

But even if some errant activations are counted, I'm sure the number of people doing things like editing their build.prop is sufficiently small enough to be irrelevant in the overall activation numbers.

Both IOS devices and Android devices are still growing.

What is rapidly dying off is Feature Phones (Razr era), and regular old cell phones. In addition lap tops are taking a beating.

It will level out when there are virtually no regular cell phones or feature phones left.

Two thirds of the mobile phones in the world are still old cell phones and feature phones.

While that old-tech segment is getting gobbled up fast, there is lots of areas and people which just can't afford smartphones. So I suspect dumb phones will always 10 to 20 % of the world market.

That still leaves WAY MORE smartphone sales still pending than have already been sold by Google and Apple and Rim and Nokia.

This will NEVER happen. There will ALWAYS be people who just want a simple phone to call with a prepaid card. Not everyone can afford the ever-increasing bills that accompany smartphones, especially when they aren't gonna use half of what they are paying for.