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Hello, I am going to factory reset my phone. However, my question is, since this is a complete reset will it also rollback to the version of Android that the EVO was launched with? For example, I know have version 2.3.5. Will it roll it all the way back to 2.1? I just want my data erased, I want to keep all my system updates including whatever updates Sprint sent. Do I have anything to worry about?


Also, the EVO I'm resetting is deactivated. Once the reset is complete will I be able to fully use my phone without the need of a Sprint connection? I have Wifi so that will do.

We're glad you asked! We get this one a lot, and we can see why the term factory data reset would make one think it was being returned to the factory, out-of-box condition. Thankfully, it's not. A factory reset will erase all user settings (things like home screen customizations, Wifi networks, sound settings and the like) and delete all apps downloaded from the Google Play store. It won't touch anything that's part of the system files, so your worse case scenario (and actually the likely scenario) is that system apps that have been updated from the Google Play store (things like the Gmail app or Maps) will just need updated from the Play store again. You'll still be on the latest 2.3.5 version, but the rest will be clean like a new device.

As for it working without Sprint service, everything but calls and SMS/MMS will work just fine. I've had my EVO 4G unactivated for over a year now and use it to keep little ones occupied when they come for a visit. Using Wifi, all your Google services, including the important one -- the Google Play store -- will still work just fine. Good luck, and have fun with your new EVO PDA!

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Kudos! Good to see that you don't mind helping us little guys out. This is why AC is my favorite site for all things Android!

Never had to factory reset but, curious to know that If you're rooted would a factory reset cause you to lose root access?

no it dont i do it all the time but its always good to have a nandroid backup u have to do a factory reset anytime u change roms...if ur rooted and only rooted thats a waste...go to xda a get a killer rom u think ur phones good now just wait!!

I've actually been wondering about this myself. So thank for a good answer to a good question. The few times I've reseted my phone has been without an upgrade from the "out-of-the-box" edition. :)

I have accuzly have been wodring about themself.thznk for good .
I have reset my phone grade from the out of the box .
Please suport and help me

Quick question on this topic - if you do the following:

- a factory reset
- install a blank SD card that's never been used

Would those actions then be sufficient to clear off sensitive data? I want to make the phone suitable to sell or give to someone else, but not if there's still private data on the device.

A factory reset WILL clear all the private data off the device. If you are selling a SD card with the phone you could swap it out with a blank one or just format the one already in there (after pulling off the files you want to keep, of course.)

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Too bad he didn't post the next step- what if you had rooted the phone and it stopped getting OTA updates and really DO want to wipe it all the way back to factory fresh, including the system partitions...

yes there is only one way in order to get ota updates u have to flash a stock recovery ...the only other way like for the samsung infuse and such samsung kies does it for u

then u have to flash the stock recovery...but there is really no sense in getting ota updates from ur company cusom roms are way ahead of there updates

After rooting Does a factory reset restore the system file too??
I accidentally deleted some fonts, so will a factort reset restore it??