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A recent smartphone platform study of China shows that Android is absolutely dominating the landscape with 90.1% market share. Over the last quarter, iOS dropped from 6% to 4.2%, though keep in mind that they still didn't have the iPhone 5. Apparently the survey skipped knock-off devices, which means the Android share might actually be higher, though there also may be plenty of iPhones getting smuggled into China that aren't accounted for. The average selling price of Android handsets is down from $251 to $223 this quarter.

Even if Google's participation in the Android device market in China is limited, there are plenty of manufacturers in the area that are fleshing out their own Android variants to address local needs. Sure, that doesn't always work out, but otherwise, it seems like most manufacturers are doing what's to be expected of any open source project: hack away at it and make it their own. 

Any Chinese readers in the house? Is Android adoption as prevalent as this study suggests, or is the iPhone smuggling market big enough that the research doesn't do iOS justice? Is there room for a significantly competing platform in China? 

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Android dominates China with 90% market share


Im here on exchange studies for the term and Id say its quite right. Im in Hangzhou which is a quite wealthy city for being in China, and overall yes, it is Android Android and Android. Sure, most of them are really cheap models, but they're running Android. Id say some people "want" an iphone mainly because they have a hard time affording them which makes it "attractive" and gives you a little status.

I agree with your comment. iPhone is a status thing over in Asia. You have an iPhone, you are automatically appear cooler or wealthier than your peer.

P.S. How is that Beggar's Chicken & Drunken Shrimp treating you over there.

Not a surprise here. Android is a well known OS in all places around the world. IOS is losing in all major countries. Why the answer is simple outdated after 5 whole years. People want new stuff not old,boring, no new innovation from anymore. Android winner IOS losers.

Here in Hong Kong on a trip -- saw about 20 Galaxy Notes last evening. They seem to be the most popular phone. During the same time I saw about 5 iphones, about another 10 Samsungs (S3, S2, S, etc.) and a few others that I couldn't recognize.

Android is popular in China, but please be noticed that in the title of the chart it says smuggled phones and copycat phones are not counted. AND here is an important fact: smuggled phones in China take up 40 to 60 percent of the smartphone market, according to a report in 2011(source:, in Chinese), so the actual market share of android might not be that high, considering that many iphones are from the smuggled phones market.

As to somebody who says iphone is a status thing in China, i would say it was true one or two years ago, but as better android and wp phones coming out owning an iphone is not that worth showing off. For example, as Galaxy S3 frequently appearing in Korean TV series, many Chinese fans of Korean stars are switching to Samsung.

I would say one of the important reason here for Android rocks! in China is that Android users have numerous sources for apps, besides from Play Store. You can easily check this out in the website. Interesting apps could be found and somemore, it's tailored for local use!, if you get what I meant. However for Apple users, due to its product nature, they have not much options, do they?

Here in China the trend is heading towards Android where as iOS is on the decline, i believe the main reason is that there is no major changes in iOS and the phones and people here in China are very picky when it comes to the latest and greatest phone technology. If the hardware and the software is not modern or does not meet the high requirements and standards then it will not thrive in the China market. Another contributing factor is the open source aspect of Android which allows those inventive people here in China to create hardware to match the software where apple in its wisdom has made it difficult to allow 3rd parties to develop further.

If you were to examine a large number of the hardware available, phones, TVs, and TV boxes, here in China you would find it runs 2.3.x versions of Android. As this software has been around for some time now and with people wanting the latest and greatest the manufacturers are now heading towards using later versions of Android in order to attract more customers both here and overseas.

As Teng How Lai talks about more markets available, yes that is true but there are also a lot of Developers in China that are entering into the English Android Market.