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Authentication makes sure you're the only one managing your Android devices

Android Device Manager — the Android service to help find, track and wipe a missing phone or tablet — had its app updated today, and there's just one small change. You can now set things up so you'll need to supply your Google password when opening the app or switching accounts.

This seems like a minor change, and one that's hardly newsworthy, but it makes a very big difference — no longer can someone pick up your phone and erase another device on your account without knowing your Google credentials. Granted, they can still do some very ugly things with the phone in their hands, but now your tablet or back-up phone is off-limits to friends, lovers or creepy dudes at the office.

Grab the update at the Google Play link above.


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Android Device Manager updated, now has a password prompt


'First" of all, the idea seemed unthought but had a promising concept.
The password protect add on has saved this app and can only improve from here.

Now Google's thinking.

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Is the password protection on by default or does it need to be toggled on? I seem to be able to open ADM with no problem. Does it only prompt for a password when one attempts a remote factory reset?

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Same here, trying to figure how to arm the password cos there's no settings for that in the app.

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Looks like it's a slow rollout and I don't have the new update installed just yet. Once I do I'm sure I'll see the password screen Jerry has in the article photo.

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I got the new changelog showing but it has no update button, just says open and uninstall.

Guess it is a slow roll-out.

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I never even realized this was in the Play Store. When I visit it on my device, it asks me to Install rather than Upgrade.

I downloaded the application via link posted by Jerry. I noticed during opening of the application, I can access all my android devices. "No Bueno!". I thought there was suppose to be a security feature, but it wasn't included. Perhaps it's a slow roll out, but I uninstalled the application. Guess I'll wait for further reviews stating good comments.

Well great, google has ruined my Saturday afternoons. I always go to the mall and do this kinda thing.

WTF am I gonna do now?

It never should have been released without password protection. Bad decision making by Google, and it highlights that privacy is at best an afterthought and at worst an hinderance in their eyes.

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I find this very pointless, since anyone can still log in to ADM through your phone's Chrome browser. It auto-logs in since your password is synced to all Google sites.

All this does is plug one of two gaping holes. Obviously these are niche cases, but you'd think Google would address such a simple issue.

I always wanted to be able to locate/manage my parents' phones but couldn't do it from my phone. Is there any way to do that?

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In our family, we have a "common" Google account that we set up just for this type of thing. Just set up a second Google account on the phone, don't sync anything, install ADM, and open ADM on the phone and then use the second account to track the phone. So now everyone else can track where everyone else is, or at least where their phone is :)

It's come in handy when someone lost their phone; I pulled up ADM on my phone, tracked me right to their phone. My wife can also see where I am on the drive home, and if she needs me to pick something up, she calls me if I am not real close to home. Very convenient.

Kudos to Google for the added security with a well executed app.

Google always surprises me with small touches of humor. Open the Android Device Manager App on your phone and select the device you are currently using. Note where Google tells you your device is below your device name at the bottom of the screen.

I haven't noticed any changes yet, but this is a much needed addition to the app.

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