Nyan Logcat

Googlers work hard.  A quick look at the sheer number and scope of the products big G offers is testament to that.  But they also like to have fun.  When an Android developer requested that the bugdroid icon in the ADT plugin be changed to a cat because "It would entertain me while developing and debugging," the devs working on the Android project listened.  Behold -- the droidnyanlogcat-thingy!

This is why we love Google, and I can feel the productivity rising.  Bravo, gentlemen. Bravo.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


Reader comments

Android developers demand (and get) their nyan-ish droid cat


It actually hurts my productivity, but increases my happiness.

Meanwhile they don't listen to the bagillion people screaming about the 15 minute return policy. Its why I haven't spent more then $3 on an app since they instituted it.

well, as a user you might want the time to be a bit longer, but as a developer i like the trial time to be short, too many people returned apps after using for a whole day, and that affects the motivation to develop further. probably the best would be that the developer could choose trial time for each application.