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Gartner has released their research numbers for the third quarter of 2012, and they've found that Android accounted for 72.4% of mobile sales worldwide, which is up from 52.5% at the same time last year. That figure roughly lines up with what we've seen from IDC

By comparison, iOS is down to 13.9% from 15%, RIM is down 5.3% from 11%, and Microsoft is up a smidge to 2.4% from 1.5%, though Bada is hilariously beating it with a 3% share. The overall mobile market declined 3.1%, but smartphone growth increased 46.9% year over year. The manufacturer breakdown puts Samsung in the lead with 22.9% of sales in Q3, followed by Nokia with 19.2%, Apple with 5.5%, then ZTE, LG, Huawei, TCL, RIM, Motorola, and HTC after that. Be sure to check out some of these graphs from Asymco for some additional color on just how well Samsung is doing compared to everybody else. 

Android has been top of the smartphone heap for awhile now, but to see it leading the way in the overall mobile market sales is a pretty big deal. Now it's only a matter of the installed base of dumbphones to die out, though that might take awhile. What's the platform mix like in your neighborhood? Is Android as ubiquitous as the study would suggest, or is there a more even mix? How often do you see someone still using a feature phone? 

Source: Gartner


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Android claims 72% of mobile market sales in Q3 2012


This is sweet, but remember competition is what got us here. I don't want android just being the default go to. Windows 8 actually looks awesome and if Samsung hadn't released the Note 2, I might have been tempted to switch...

Competition is a good thing and will drive all manufacturers to produce better products at more attractive prices. I hope that Windows 8 does develop into a viable alternative OS. I hope that BB10 rescues RIM and brings them back from the brink.

I love Android, but we need to have as many alternatives as possible to help drive innovation, or we will end up with a stagnant market.

My workplace is about 50/50. Android is awesome, but I'm actually surprised by these numbers. Doesn't seem quite right.

I would like to see the numbers for the US only, because still see a ton of iclones carrying their iPhones! Of the 10 people in my office only 3 of us have Androids.

I'd be interested in that too, but I think what may be throwing that observation is the type of user you (or I) see vs what the populace is really comprised of. ie, there was once a telephone poll in the 1920s showing that one presidential candidate was going to win by a landslide - and he lost. The poll was flawed because most people did not have phones.

Working in an office, you only see a certain type of user - and arguably, a user that is in the minority.

In my Barbershop I see iPhone Android ratio of about 3/10. IPhone use to dominate in past years but everyone seems to be migrating to Android. Only hardcore eco dependent Apple fans are sticking with apple even though they are disappointed with iPhone 5. I remember when they when they were waiting on the announcement of iPhone5 they were expecting the hologram keyboard and didn't believe me when I told them that was YouTube wishes. Sad puppies the next time we talked.

RIM has totally fallen off the cliff. Microsoft could actually catch them before the launch BB10. Wouldn't expect RIM sales to be that strong in advance of BB10 launch.

Suspect iOS will rebound next quarter with launch of iPhone 5.

Everyone I know is using an iPhone or a Nokia.

65% OF THE 72% smartphone share that android has is cheap cheap phones that are being given away for free.

Android cannot compete with the iPhone in the high price segment.

There is about 30 manufacturers making android phone and there is only one apple, so come to your senses and see who is actually leading the market.

..."Android cannot compete with the iPhone in the high price segment"... How do you explain that the S3 (One model in the high Price segment) outsold the bestselling iPhone 4S (One model in the high Price segment)? More or less 18 million to 16 million. If you think it was because of the launch of iPhone 5, adding all of Apple's smartphones they sold 22 million against 55 million of all Samsung's samrtphones. 18 million, the bestselling phone is the S3 (high Price model)...

"There is about 30 manufacturers making android phone and there is only one apple, so come to your senses and see who is actually leading the market."

That would be Samsung... not to mention they give away iPhone 4 now for free on contract.

PLEASE BE REAL. Android is kicking apples ass and you are sore about it. the GS3 from Samsung outsells the iphone by itself!!!! so you come to your senses.

The Author missed something BIG in the Asymco graph he linked to.

What the heck is going on with "Other"???!!!

That 'Other' category is growing way faster than Apple or Samsung if this chart is to be believed. Eyeballing the chart, it looks like the 'Other' sales have gone up by about 30% in 3 quarters! Growth from Samsung and Apple is a pittance compared to that.

I'm surprised by the people who think this number is odd... I remember going to a baseball game a few months ago; all I saw was android smartphones. Not being pretentious..... I honestly didn't see one i-phone.

This is just of the people I'm aware of (so numbers could technically scale either way), but to my knowledge I'm hitting 68% android, 32% Iphone, and 1% RIM (rounded figures) in my circle of people..

Myself - HTC Amaze (about to get the note 2)
My Fiance - HTC Sensation (about to get the note 2)
Friend 1 - HTC Rezond
Friend 2 - HTC EVO (about to get the note 2)
Friend 3 - S3
My Brother - EVO
My Brother in law - S2
My Sister in law - S2
My nephew 1 - EVO
My nephew 2 - No idea, but an andriod

Friend 1 (about to convert to android for the note 2)
Friend 2 (only got iphone because of his itunes)
Friend 3 (almost positive we're going to convert her to Android)
Friend 4 (seems to like Iphone, but likes her kindle fire over her Ipad)
Sister in law 1
Sister in law 2

Coworkers (I'm aware of):
1 - s3
2 - s3
3 - blackberry

Used to see more iPhones around work and school but now it's mostly Androids. Mainly the S3, One X and, Razr Maxx. Most of my friends that hasn't upgraded their iPhones is because they can't jailbreak the 5.

It's more There's a ridiculous amount of iPhones in Copenhagen. Everywhere you go, you see them, Android as well, but not as much. Windows Phones are popping up, but nothing.. "real" yet. But I bet that's going to change with the new line of WP8.

I'd much rather AC not link to the iCircleJerkers (Gruber, Dediu, MG, Marco etc.). The reason? Asymco only had following conclusions, from reading the article -

1) Apple is out of all this, their own market and their own numbers - it is Google vs. Samsung.

2) "If nothing else" Android has created a situation where Samsung's continued success is doubtful

3) Other Android vendors have failed totally - they did not vanish earlier on because of Android and they are still selling - but Android made them fail bad - if they had instead sold iPhone accessories they'd have done better.

4) Google's profits are hurting by mobile and Google's continued existence is at stake in the wake of Samsung's success.

I am not kidding, go read the article - he managed to make this up out of nothing but news of Samsung's and Android's continued dominance!

"Gartner has released their research numbers for the third quarter of 2012... Android accounted for 72.4% of mobile sales worldwide, ... By comparison, iOS is down to 13.9%"

"The manufacturer breakdown puts Samsung in the lead with 22.9% of sales in Q3, followed by Nokia with 19.2%, Apple with 5.5%"

How can iOS be 13.9%, but Apple is only 5.5%? Is somebody besides Apple selling iOS devices?

If the 5.5% figure is for smartphone sales (versus "mobile sales", which is the first number, and includes dumbphones), then, how can that figure be less than 13.9%. Their percent of smartphone sales has to be higher than their percent of mobile sales, since they don't sell any phones except for smartphones.

Of all mobile devices sold in Q3 2012, Apple sold 5.5% of them. Apple only sells smartphones. Samsung sells both smartphones and dumbphones, that is why their percentage was 22.9% of the market.

When it comes to smartphone operating systems, Apple's iOS was on 13.9% of smartphones. Googles's Android OS was on 72.4% of smartphones sold during Q3 2012.

Hopefully this clears things up.

Samsung just keeps breaking records and are the raining king in 2012. Apple has lost all inovations and Sammy even ups the price on there parts witch they supply for apple. Apple can keep on suing at the end of the day Samsung still wins lol.

Of people I know, there is a SLIGHT edge to iOS, although between work, friends, and other people I run into on a semi-regular basis, there is iOS, Android, Blackberry (mostly due to work, but a few love the QWERTY and simple-and-efficient OS)and an assortment of feature phones (some flips, some T9 bar phones, some qwerty dumbphones)

Its cool to see #TeamAndroid leading the charge though :)