Photo contest -- colors

Photo taken with a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, watermelon and beer consumed by a neckbeard.

We're back with another Android Central weekly photo contest, and this time we're all about the colors. Look around while you're doing the normal things you do in a day (like grocery shopping for example) and notice how color plays an important role in what catches our eye. Whether they are bright and gaudy, or sublime and relaxing, colors are everywhere.

Think of this one as a free-form contest, one where we're not looking for any particular subject. Just one that captures color in a way you like. Get creative with the color settings, or just shoot what the lens sees -- it's your call. We just wanna enjoy looking at them while you do all the thinking.

There will be prizes! This week we'll pick the best five, and each winner will get a blind-box Android series 3 mini-collectible! These puppies are already sold out, so this is a great way to get your hands on one.

Entering is easy, just get your picture and head into the Android contest forums and post it for the world to see. We'll have a look next Monday and pick the winners. Good luck!

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Android Central weekly photo contest: Colors


sorry to kinda, sorta, be off topic, but was last weeks winner chosen? if so I must have missed it. always like seeing what the winners bring to the table each week.

I cannot post a picture in the official android central app. Says I do not have permission to post a picture...anyone know why? Or is this happening to anyone else?

Having the same problem. I had some b&W's all ready to go for last weeks, but couldn't upload them due to this same error.