Photo Contest

It's time for another weekly photo contest, and this week the theme is animals.  It's a broad category, and we can't wait to see how some of you guys and gals dazzle us with your great pictures.  Whether it's a picture of your pet, something from the park or zoo, or something exotic, we wanna see those pics.  This week the winner gets a headset of his or her choice from to keep the noise down while shooting those elusive wildlife shots.  

Rules are easy -- you'll need to use an Android device to take the picture, and be sure to let us know which one in case your photo is selected as a finalist.  Also tell us who you are so we can give proper credit.  Only submit one picture per person, and e-mail your entry to by Friday Feb 17.  We'll pick the best of the bunch, and announce the winners on the blog Sunday, Feb 19.  Good luck all, and we can't wait to see this weeks pictures!

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Thig says:

Nice Maximillian Pionus, also known as "scaley headed parrot." I have one appropriately named Max.

Do you guys have any idea how many cat photos you gonna get?!

thedan862 says:

Not from me....well, unless its a big cat eating a parrot...lmao!!

outrun says:

I think that is a Green Cheek Conure. That is what I have.

tucker973 says:

+1. Mine gives me that same look when he wants a neck scratching...

galafael5814 says:

Gorgeous bird!

zooguy1087 says:

the cat pics are going to be alot lol. but mine is one of a kind

Sent. A picture of my cat Fuzzy taken with my HTC Wildfire S.

dcreed says:

I need to read these more carefully. Particularly the deadlines.

RetiredJedi says:

Was there a winner anounced yet?

gemini67 says:

I sent mine in, is there anywhere we can see whats been sent in?