Verizon Galaxy Nexus
Confused? That'd be the Galaxy Nexus with AndroidCentral loaded up

Verizon still doesn't have the Galaxy Nexus for sale yet, but that didn't stop Best Buy from selling a couple to two lucky AC forum members this morning.  Members sfbates and dubya.t both got their Nexus on, and are in the forums talking it up.  The Best Buy folks went to great lengths to sell these, as the normal procedures didn't work out, and we imagine very few people got this lucky this afternoon, as others reporting their Best Buy experience are all coming up empty handed

Congrats, fellas, and thanks for sharing with everyone in the forums.  Enjoy those rare animals and feed our addiction with pics and details until Verizon decides to take our money.  If you want to join in the fun and talk to who may just be the luckiest Android geeks in America, hit the forums and give them a shout!

Source: Android Central Forums

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Visual360 says:

Funny how I read this first at Engadget rather than here. LOL.

stormed says:

Too bad this won't speed up the release ... instead, there will be a few BB employees fired over this

Premium1 says:

Now if only verizon would actually allow the device to be sold.

sfbates says:


gsampl4 says:

Are phones launched on other carriers this bizarre or is just something that normally happens on VZ?

jayefef says:

This doesn't happen to DROIDs. Only when Nexus is involved.

Driven says:

What are you talking about? This same EXACT thing happened with the HTC Thunderbolt....

Driven says:

This same EXACT thing happened with the HTC Thunderbolt... I guess Verizon likes to flub their releases now....Funny thing is, everyone is getting pissed and hopefully there's a big exodus to Sprint(since they still have unlimited) and it forces them to get their sh*t together....

RaiderWill says:

Thank You.
Well Said.
And You All should do just that.. What can you really do with this phone without an Unlimited Plan?

Blazing ( Limitless ) on my Droid Charge.. Awaiting KAL-EL...

Wicell says:

Can we get a vote to block all your comments talking about quad-core phones? (basically all of them)...

RaiderWill says:

Shut Up Boy...

EWakely09 says:

Just called my locan bestbuy in portsmouth, ct and they said it is available for sale. Making a trip there tomorrow. Ty AC

Channan says:

Lucky SOBs. I hate you both. >_>

mhmmdy123 says:

Guys just wait until January 6 to see what the CES has to offer! Don`t sign a two year contract when better phones coming out in 4 months from now,than you`ll feel sorry for what you have done.

vannagan says:

And by that time you should wait 4 more months and then another 4 and another.

radgatt says:

maybe if a nexus was going to be shown at CES then I could see waiting but since that is more than likely not happening I don't blame them...

reidoreilly says:

and then in 4 months you will say the exact same thing, so whats your point? You have to take the plunge eventually.

tayswg20 says:

They'll always be a "better" phone coming out next week, next month, at CES etc etc. If people went by that, no one would ever enjoy whats out now.

CyanLite says:

And you could say the same thing 4 months from now. It's technology. If anything I could buy a new phone now, and then sell it on eBay a few months for now and pickup the latest and greatest without a contract.

kinster02 says:

You might not be around in 4 months, so live for today and not for tomorrow.

RaiderWill says:

Forget it mhmmdy123.. I have been trying to tell them that for a month now.. And the Majority of them are not even Grandfathered in with Unlimited Access.. $800.00 bucks for something that you can barely use.. Un-Fricken-Real...

Blazing ( Limitless ) on my Droid Charge.. Awaiting KAL-EL..

rew001 says:

You are a broken record. A very annoying one.

RaiderWill says:

The Truth Hurts Huh Boy?

The Phone is GARBAGE... Out of the Box..

Software issues? HA! I Love It!!



Keynote says:

I went to Radio Shack on Friday to buy the phone because they told me it was available, but they could not sell it to me when I got there. They let me hold it for a few minutes though. They called me this morning because they thought that they could sell it to me and when I got there they again could not sell it. They let me look at the Nexus again though. So frustrating Verizon.

infg3570 says:

Has the Razr gone on sale yet? I ask because I doubt the Gnex will go on before it.

Mr.Miagi says:

Did you hit your head on the rock your living under? Yes it has been on sale for a while now.

Verizon will probably push the release back a week yo see how this happened. Lol.

Breedingh8 says:

Congrats to lucky AC members!

Kmcferrin says:

I have no love for Apple or the iPhone, but I do have a fantasy about them. Sometimes I dream that the iPhone 5 will be released simultaneously on all major US carriers, and that Verizon (yet again) isn't ready on launch day, and lose a few million subscribers to the competition because of it. And then the person responsible for all of these damn launch delays loses their job over it.

It probably would never happen because Apple would never let one of their launches get this screwed up by a carrier. They probably have a couple hundred million dollars in penalties in their contracts in case something like this did happen.

RaiderWill says:

Dude.. It's not by Verizon's choice.. Nexus is not playing nice with the 4G.. Just like the Bionic Back in May... Launch is on hold til early 2012...