Mobile World Congress 2011

Mobile World Congress is all wrapped up, and while it was a lot of work, it was a lot of fun, too.  And there was a hardware announcement or two in there as well!  We saw tablets, fire-breathing CPUs, Facebook phones (yes, I'm hanging on to that no matter what Zuck says!) and even 3D.  It was a lot to cover, and a lot to digest.  I'll admit, I was a bit intimidated at first, but we've got one hell of a great crew here at Android Central, and we weren't about to let little things like sleep stand in our way.  Hat's off to all my friends and co-workers here, as well as our trio of traveling editors who worked so hard to bring it to all of us.

But when it's all said and done, the most important part of Android Central is you guys.  Without you, there would be no reason to go halfway across the globe and get packed into conference halls filled with mediocre techno-music, just to catch a glimpse of whats coming from manufacturers.  While Phil, Dieter, and Daniel recover, we're going to ask you guys to share your favorite news from Barcelona this year.  So have a look at what all went down at MWC11, then head into the forums to let us and your fellow members know what you think is the best of Mobile World Congress 2011.  

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kevlars9 says:

Phil going down the slide. For sure

brodieduncan says:


tecknical says:

I think that wins by default

AeroCmdr says:


XCypserX says:

Ice Cream!

I didn't like HTC's stuff. The flyer doesn't compete with the other tablets, yet... It will be better with HC. But the way HTC implemented sense onto the tablet is nice.

Bashing the Flyer because it doesn't have HC isn't thinking things through. HC isn't even completely finished. That's why all of the tablets with Honeycomb look all the same. I like the fact that HTC stuck with the older but more stable OS, and in so doing, made unique OS UI changes on their tablet compared to others. HTC is good at updating their products; they would put HC on their tablet when it's ready, not before.

Smokexz says:

Gingerbread... STABLE?! You must be on drugs, besides it's a tablet, I don't want a phone OS on a tablet...

Also, it's true what this guy is talking about, in a place where Honeycomb tablets were THE show, you cannot waltz in with 2.3 and claim that is perfect because you can use a stylus... Sure it's cool, but I doubt this is a gigantic selling point for someone who is looking for a tablet. I would have assumed they would have had dual core or something, but the device brought almost nothing new to the table.

Every tablet we saw here was already demoed at CES, so we really shouldn't say that any Android tablet stole the show.

It has to be the processor that can go show me 140% HD.

galfert says:

Android Domination!

FL00DY says:

Android tablets. Looking at either the Xoom or Galaxy Tab, just hope they dont take all year to get to Australia.

currentweb says:

Galaxy Tab 10.1, definitely. The XOOM and it's locked bootloader is a complete turn off. Tab 10.1 is my only real option, since the G-Slate is too small for me and I want a stock google experience.

_Zguy__ says:

Galaxy S 2

HTCSense says:

It may not be tied to MWC, but the announcement of a wifi Xoom.

Smokexz says:

I so agree, that thing gave me hope that the Optimus Pad might be cheap!

If it ain't cheap, I'm getting myself a wifi Xoom... or a GSM Xoom... depends... lol.

cashxx says:

My favorite and the most funniest announcement at MWC11 was when the iPhone 4 was awarded "Best Mobile Device" when Apple wasn't even there among the copied iPhones, iPads and iOS's like the Droid Incredible, Motorola Xoom and Android!!

markespo55 says:

the entire htc conference!! lovin the htc flyer!

As a U.S. consumer...honestly nothing. Still waiting for the unlocked high-spec'ed phone of my dreams (with a keyboard!).

Ciroc740 says:

NOTHING again from sprint sad smfh

Caleb Morris says:

Nothing at all really, except for the LG announcements. HTC was a disappointment even with the Tablet. It is behind the times with no dual core phones. Sadness.

goblueboy says:

Quad core for sure

DNicolasL says:

Phil's awesome slide landing

android236 says:

The HTC Flyer. I am glad to see that they're getting in the tablet game. I don't think the Flyer is for me, but I am glad to see HTC doing something different. In this field, you have to do something to set yourself apart. If you look at all the rest of the major tablets and there is only minimal difference between them.

samsung galaxy s ii by far- just bummed out its not coming to at&t anytime soon.

gyroslice says:

The htc flyer for sure. looking forward to trying that scribe technology out.

Milad6923 says:

Dont care about haters but the best device out there is optimus 3d right now!!!

gyroslice is right in my opinion. I am also worried about sprints future offerings as well.

frozencloud says:

Galaxy s ii IMO

fareal says:

Official Froyo on the Epic because that's the phone I have now and for the next year or so :p I know I know, just saying

SteveIowa says:

I have been holding my breath for the HTC(Scribe) Flyer. I was starting to turn Blue! Thank God it was anounced. Or I might have ..... Oh well. Yea, Im sticking with HTC on this... for now. The Boarder is a little big, for what I was thinking, but I'm on Board. It's good to see it finally. -- And on another note, I still want a cdma 'Infuse' like phone, to run for a while. I want a 4.5" screen, (and 1.2Ghz is ok) on my phone, and a 7 - 8" Tablet. Then I'm golden. With an 'Infuse' like spec'd devise, I can relax for a year or so. -- P.S. - Only 750mb + of RAM, will do for me on a phone anymore. Phil, keep those RAM spec's coming. Thanks Andriod Central, for running up your Data bill for us! : - )

ranblv says:

Definitely the HTC flyer, only tablet with real added value over the google OS, can't wait to see how they will improve upon honeycomb.

Appelflap says:

7" HTC Flyer.. But definitely going to compare it with the 8.9" LG Optimus Pad (which is also going to be available in Europe for 120 euro ~ 160 dollar less than then price of the flyer)

verks says:

I'd have to say Sprint's monster announcement. At least this one was better than the Echo announcement.

IceDree says:

The Xperia Neo

Kal-El, it took everyone by surprise.