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The Motorola Droid X2 just got its official Gingerbread update, and updates don't always go as planned. For whatever odd reason user experience seems to vary by device, so we are left wondering how is the update treating you? In the forums some users are noting worse battery life, some additional lag, along with some other issues. Are you noticing the same, or has the upgrade treated you perfectly, and brought nothing but happiness to you? Be sure to hop into the forums and let us know how it has been for you, and any issues you may have noticed.


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Android Central Asks: How's the Gingerbread update on the Droid X2 treating you


Battery life and memory management are much better but several new bugs got introduced in this update and some that existed before did not get fixed. There are now issues with the status light, dock, charging...

Personally I love it. I haven't found anything major at all that is wrong with it. Battery life as well as overall speed seems to be a lot better. Like the new power/connection widget that came with it too.

Heres my 2 cents:
the philblur looks better but still lacks the 3D animations that i've seen on the D3. scrolling is a little different, not as much fling. Memory management and battery life have improved, but i havent performed any 'tests.'

One thing i've noticed. ghosting is still pretty bad but it doesnt induce as many headaches. its like a different type of ghosting. its still annoying nonetheless.

The update fixed all the issues I was experiencing (lag, audio pop, text message problems) Battery life seems better, I have Twitdroid and Tweetcaster PRO both running and updating often (seeing which one I like) and still running better than before.

Ran speed tests before and after update. About 10% slower as per tests. But overall all performance is actually much better. No lag.

i have used the thunderROM 1.8.3 and it works fine.

then to use the newest ROM for my phone.. the LS670,
the RebormROM v2.1. was installed.

after installing and using i have found the battery life is more than doubled for average use. after 14hours i am at 80%, this is the main reason i have installed this ROM.

all programs i have installed work flawlessly. and the firewall helps to limit network activity to further increase battery life.

of course when i can get setup to donate, for sure i will. thanks for all the work... everyone involved.

This is great work, and should receive the nobel prize for helping society roll more smoothly..... yeah i know.... but there should be one.

Remember.... without donations this work may not be... so if you use these... please donate!!!!

One more thing, the phone runs at 600Mhz normally...
with the rebornROM installed it runs at 748Mhz...

a noticeable improvement.

the phone is small, light, and fast enough.

My only complaint is that it has made the connection icons in my notification bar very dim (WiFi/bars/etc.) so it's difficult to see how strong my signal is. That may be a setting I can/have changed, but I've been unable to find it if it is.

As far as memory and battery and smoothness, it feels much quicker, battery seems about like it was before the update, and same for memory. I'm using Go Launcher EX, so I don't know what it's like with (not)Blur. I am quite satisfied with the update, overall.

Having just got the X2 from Verizon after a bad update for the Fascinate, I was positive it wouldn't equate to a big difference. I'm happy to say I was wrong. I updated right out of the box & had very little time with the phone running Froyo so I can't compare. But I can tell the difference in scrolling from screen to screen & transitions.

I did have one little quirk... My data had to be reset on the phone at the tower access (lvl 2 tech support had me do a battery pull so they could reset me). I'm not sure if the update caused the problem but my phone hums along very nicely now.

Can I do that now with my Fascinate? I got a new update and its still having the same missed called issues and new bugs and I want a different phone. I'm looking into exchanging my phone to the Charge if Verizon will let me

Yesterday, after I installed the P3Droid rooted GB ROM, my battery usage was awful. Today it's been great. I'm not sure what the difference is. I restarted the phone again this morning, after the green status light stayed on after I removed it from the charging dock. Right now battery circle shows it to be at 74%, and I unplugged it at 6:00 this morning.

I commented way to early in an old post that I saw no real changes, but my opinion has totally shifted after a few days. My phone runs soooo much better. Before the update I was really underwhelmed by the speed and had random restart issues amount other annoyances. Post update my X2 is much smoother and much less buggy. No random restarts yet.

I'm a huge android fan but was really not so happy with my X2 when it first replaced my old DROID. Post update I have been extremely satisfied and would totally recommend the phone.

I got tired of waiting for the update and upgraded with P3s instructions and have no issues. Currently on the eclipse ROM with CRT ani and LPP running way better than stock Blur. I tried stock but the lag on screen switching was too much. Wish we had OC ... jrummy.. please sir!

Having same problems that my drodx had I replaced my droidx two times and they replaced it with droidx2 and 3g. Battery meter and clock disappear I also get random
Rebouts and some applications do not open right wtay when I click on mthem very gustrating :(

I was seeing big time lag after my Gingerbread install, I tried using LauncherPro, Go Launcher EX, and ADWLauncher EX. All of these launchers seemed slow to me and then I tried my SPB Shell 3D for the first time in a long time. I was pleasantly surprised that this launcher works amazing on this phone with Gingerbread. I had paid for this launcher when I had my old Droid X and didn't really use it that much but now I am totally happy with this launcher on my new x2.

i recieved the ota gingerbread sucks update on the second my x2 worked perfect before even had bluetooth caller id working now the phone is junk it reboots all the time widgets are missing programs are either gone or dont work this was a stock phone no mods just a few programs installed verizon is sending another phone probably wont help need froyo back!

I've been looking forward to the Gingerbread update but I have not notice any significant improvement. I have, however, noticed a few bugs and the occasional random reboot. I didn't care for the Motoblur and I've been using Launcher Pro.

One day, for no reason, the phone was getting uncomfortably hot and the battery was draining rapidly. Fortunately that hasn't recur since.

My X2 is still amazingly fast especially on WIFI. The GPS is still spot on and the satellite layer for Google map renders very quickly. The LED notification indicator is acting weird and stays lit even once the e-mail, or text was answered. Overall, the Gingerbread update was so-so.