Aquapac water-resistant case for Android

I love smartphones. And I love water. And, obviously, those two things don't exactly go hand-in-hand. But enter the Aquapac water-resistant case, and I'm no longer afraid to take my phones to the beach, on a boat -- or down a 17-foot water slide.

Check it out, after the break.

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OK, so you probably won't be taking your phone down any water slides. But the Aquapac case handled this one just fine. (In fact, it handled about four other trips you don't see here.) The basic premise is this: The phone goes in the Aquapac, which is sealed tight thanks to a couple of clips, gaskets and a well-sealed bag.

Now here's the really cool part: You can still use the phone while it's in the bag. The touchscreen works just fine, meaning you can come straight from the surf and check your e-mail, or even place a call -- all without worrying about wet and sandy fingers.

The Aquapac case is rated as 100 percent waterproof down to 15 feet, is dust- and sand-proof, floats on water and fits just about every smartphone that's out there. It's available now for $24.95 from the Android Central Store.

Aquapac water-resistant caseAquapac water-resistant case

Aquapac water-resistant caseAquapac water-resistant case

Aquapac water-resistant case


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Android Case Review: Aquapac weather-resistant case


Bought this with my X, use it in the rain with no problem at all. Still makes me kinda worried though, seeing water so close to the phone :oP

One of the reviewers on crackberry's idol did a review on this case and another. Being another smartphone experts site check it out.

Do you think it could browse 3G under water? If so, at what depth?

I would love to use it in the pool as I tread water for exercise.


Until you are out fishing with that EVO in your pocket and you hook a really big one and lean over the side of the boat to land it, and ..... kerplunk ... bye, bye EVO.

I don't think this is really made to put your phone in, then pocket it, and then go water skiing. To me it would be "extra insurance" about having to be so careful around water. If you do accidentally drop your phone, or it gets spashed, etc. you have the benefit of knowing it is taken care of.

I use a bag like this for my phone when I'm out fishing or chilln' on the kayak. Great for streaming music when relaxing on the boat or wanting to GPS track my kayak trips and there's water involved.

Do I want to go scubba or snorkling with it...hell no!
But if your phone is going to be near water, it's a great little accessory.

Sorry, let me clarify.
I stream/play music from Pandora, slacker, etc. thru the onboard speakers.
I don't stream it to a bluetooth headset

Seems like a great idea, not for necessary taking it in water, but to be around water, on a boat, on the beach to protect it from the humidity and sand.

zip lock heavy duty freezer bags. works for me in rain and boats and costs a fraction of the price. plus you leave a little air in the bag and it'll float if you drop in water.

I used that case with my droid x at raging waters. The phone was under water for most of the day. I would really recommend this case. Talking on the phone or recording video while on a water slide is pretty cool lol.

I have tried waterproof cases, but somehow condensation always forms on the inside, and I lost a G1 on the guadlupe river here in texas. It was 100° with 90% humidity and we were in 65° water. Can anyone confirm this wont condensate?

They also sell the little moisture absorbing packets to put in the case with the phone. Never had any condensation in mine.

Looks like a worse design then the dry bags I use for gps, phones etc. And it costs more. So.... not sure I see the point.

Would be very nice on the beach. My new Evo got scratched pretty bad by just a few specks of sand in the bag. If you go anywhere near the beach with your phone, keep it in a zip-lock bag or something like this!!!

I have one of these and I love it! Worth the money for sure. It floats and you can still take good pictures with your phone in the case. WAY safer than a zip lock, those can easily pop open. This thing locks tight.

DO NOT trust zip lock bags with electronics. I double bagged a camera in zip locks; one quick dunk and I was drying out the camera for two days. Fortunately, since I took ALL the batteries (including the tiny dater button battery) out immediately, it was salvageable.