Nexus 4, 7, and 10

Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 with mobile data to receive update 'soon'

Nexus 7 (2012 and 2013 Wifi models) and Nexus 10 users may want to start checking for the big update right about now, as the OTA to KitKat has been released into the wild according to the official Android Google+ account. To accept the OTA as-is, you'll need to be running the latest stock build from Google, though an unlocked boot loader should pose no problem.

If you didn't go back to stock so you were ready, you've a couple options. The easiest, and recommended, is to sit tight and wait for someone to convert things into a zip file that can be flashed with any recovery, which will follow shortly after the OTA gets into plenty of hands. You could also quickly flash the last factory image, or you could just wait and see if Google releases a new 4.4 factory image.

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Android 4.4 KitKat rolling out to Nexus 7s, Nexus 10


yep. I did a factory reset when I got the 4.3 update and it was much smoother afterwards but now my Nexus 7 has gotten laggy again. the recent apps button is the worst when I have more than 3 or so apps going.

Same, 4.3 with reset was great but it started to get really laggy again once memory was half full

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Truth. I've considered selling mine because it's such a PITA to use. I feel like I'm using a 256MB P4 PC....slow, laggy, jumpy, bleh

Ha! My thoughts exactly. Now that I've had my 2013 for awhile, I'm finally getting around to clearing the 2012 off and it's going off to Mom where it will become a media playing/internet/youtube/boredom fighting machine.

Oh boy! Can't wait to (not be able to) get Android 4.4 on my Galaxy Nexus!

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I flashed it to my old GNex a couple weeks ago and then again on Sunday. It's the Nexus 5 version though, not sure what all is different in the N7 version yet.

The GNex was a good device but it has come to the end of its life cycle. You will be able to ROM it, however I don't think you will ever get the experience you desire. As Texas Instruments no longer supports its chips. So Google's hands are tied when it comes to supporting it.

Dude. Get a new phone. The N4 was only 250 couple months ago? And the N5 is cheap as hell as well. You should be able to find a cheap N4 on craigslist.

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This. Seriously, it's getting old. Like I commented on an earlier article, the GNex saw 07 updates, in its lifetime. That's more than most phones, for sure. Time to move on.

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Maybe I'm showing my age, but at what point in time did it become "ok" to just drop several hundred dollars on a new phone every couple years like it was nothing?

I have a GNex too, and before that I had a Palm Pre, bought a week after they launched. I held onto it for 4 years before bailing when the GNex became available on Sprint.

Prior to the Pre I had a Samsung flip-phone for 6 years, and prior to that I had an even older style Samsung flip-phone (with the flip part just a speaker, and a black and white 10 line screen) for about 7 years.

Maybe I'm just unlucky, but I've never had the budget to just drop a few hundred on a new phone every other year. The entire idea of an expensive phone as a "disposable" item is completely foreign to me. Not to say anyone else is bad or wrong for doing that. If you can afford it, why not I guess. But it just seems so backwards. Is it the phone companies that have promoted this or is there a cultural shift that I missed due to being too old?

You don't HAVE to drop a couple hundred dollars every few years.
But you also don't NEED KitKat.
Smartphones are a luxury, not a necessity, no matter how much you think you need one.

Oh absolutely. It just seems that so many take the attitude that it IS a necessity. It strikes me as odd.

Unfortunately my wife does't agree with you. If she did, she'd want (need? :-) my Nexus 4 for its soon-to-be KitKat goodness, and I'd be forced to buy a Nexus 5...

Google seriously needs to push the kernel source for Nexus 4, it's still missing in the Git, custom kernels can't be built until that happens...

I found myself checking for an update every 3 or 4 minutes before I left for work this morning! Left it on and plugged into a charger...hoping when I go home it'll be ready to install!

Please come to the n4 soon, exchange services has been acting up lately.

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I'm ready for my Verizon contract to end. I sure would like to get some of that sweet nexus 5 lovin.

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Meh. Stick with Verizon and get the Droid Maxx. I've got the Maxx and an N5 with T-Mobile SIM. Maxx beats the N5 in all regards, even without rooting.

And as far as Verizon vs T-Mobile... they're not even in the same class.

I'm with you on the Droid Maxx. I'm at 28% battery after 35 hours with 4 hours of actual in my hands with the screen on usage. The additional features (active notifications, quick capture camera, touchless control) are all nice bonuses as well.

*sorry to brag but I'm just so excited after upgrading from the Bionic.

The droid maxx has a horrible display, I couldn't believe how horrible of a display it was, I thought it was set like that by mistake or something, I have never witnessed such a disgustingly horrible display on a high-end phone, the display on the droid maxx is about the same as the display on those cheap tablets you see behind the counter at CVS... deal breaker for a lot of people.

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Someone needs to put on the correct pair of glasses... and it's not me.

Maxx has a gorgeous display where black is actually black and there's some real contrast. If washed out over bright display with more pictures than you need in a five inch display is your thing, then by all means get the Nexus 5.

I wish they would hurry up and roll it out to the moto x... or at least the new version of hangouts... Starting to feel awfully out of date over here.

But I'm sure the Developer Edition doesn't have all of T-Mobile's bloatware. T-Mobile will still have to test the software with all their stuff.

What are you talking about? New Hangouts pushed out a week and a half ago, along w/ a new camera app, voice controls, Google Now and firmware.

How are you "Awfully out of date over here"?

What about the Nexus 4?!?!? At this rate, the HTC One GP will get the update before us.So much for having a Nexus smartphone...

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Wait, so if you have the WiFi version its not going to be so soon? I'm sitting here pushing the update button for no reason?

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Lol read the post again. Says it's rolling out now to the Nexus 7 and 10 (meaning the wifi versions) and it will be available soon for the mobile versions of the Nexus 7 and the Nexus 4.

Could be worse. I have an N4 AND a N7 LTE (Mobile-Data).... so I get no treats on either device.

Google needs to learn that the best PR is to release to ALL eligible devices at once. You know, like Apple. Staggering releases just creates user frustration.

In the grand scheme of things, a few days or weeks isn't a big deal. But users get frustrated when they're treated like they don't matter. There's no excuse to have the OS ready, but just not "tweaked" for one or two devices. HIRE MORE PROGRAMMERS..... duh... it's not like you got one dude working on this.

You forget, there are many OEM partners for Android, so rolling out new updates is not as easy as you think, "duh". And, the carriers for each country make it worse oftentimes. ^^;

This is exactly why I'm getting a no-contract non-carrier Nexus 5 so that I can jump in on the next versions when I want to, as soon as they are available.

Petty sure the guy is taking about nexus 4 dude, which (same as nexus 5 you're on about) is carrier free and contract free. So no excuse for why we shouldn't have it yet. Pretty sure anyone else doesn't expect it for months.

Devices that aren't "ready" yet have one thing in common — Qualcomm modems.

There's either an issue, or Qualcomm needs a bit more time. Neither would surprise me.


There is none, lol. That rumor is so played out; I don't even know why, people still give it the time of day.

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Yes! Oh wait, my nexus 7 is still waiting for me to find money to replace its shattered screen :(

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I'm still waiting for the frikin hangouts update! So I won't hold much hope for the OS anytime soon....

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You ain't the only one -- my wife's N4 has had Hangouts 2.0 since early last week, and neither my N7 nor N4 have gotten it yet... we're not alone! Yay!

I pushed the apk to my N4 pretty much as soon as it was pulled off the N5, but if I hadn't I'd probably be in the same boat. The past few staged rollouts left me at least a week behind before I got them. I get impatient so I usually install the apk from AP within a day or so of it going online.

The OTA? Doubt it. Plus, I have the GE launcher on my N4, and while I sideloaded it (still on 4.3), it works fine... don't see any reason why other devices wouldn't get it.

Why do you doubt it, go look, he took pics of it, just because you don't have doesn't mean anyone else does, and what you having the GE launcher on your N4 got to do with the n7 kit mat not having it?

You didn't really specify you were talking about the N7... and sorry, I stand corrected. No need to be so angry about it (despite your username) :P

Yeah my bad for that, but the official N4 release won't have it neither, its exclusive to the nexus 5 right now

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If that's true, then what would be significantly different? What are we getting excited about. I highly doubt that this is true. No offense or anything

Edit: I saw the post you are talking a out. Wow google ....

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Pretty ridiculous of Google to keep some KitKat features exclusive to its niche phone. I lost some respect them.

Still waiting for it to hit my nexus 7. Central California

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Quick question then...if you got it...are the rumors true? Is it lacking those features people on this thread are saying it's lacking?

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I'm hearing no Google Experience Launcher for the tablets...

Posted from my Nexus 7 via Android Central App

That's correct.Now all Google need to do to make me jump to iOS is stop support for my tablet after 18months

Posted via Android Central App from Nexus 7 2013

Oh yeah because ios doesn't have fragmentation the 4 does everything the 5s does.

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iOS is the very definition of fragmentation. They just give all their fragmented versions the same build number to fool people who cant tell the difference.

So true Jerry! I wish more IOS users would realize that. They think because it says the same build numbers then it has to be the same... NOT!

No transparent navigation bars while Nexus 5 has it.Thanks Google for showcasing Android fragmentation at its finest among your Nexus line

Posted via Android Central App from Nexus 7 2013

All Android 4.4 devices will have transparent navigation and status bars, as long as the app is designed to use it. Nova Launcher is already doing it in their latest beta.

Posted from the awesome new Nexus 7

Nope Nexus 5 has the transparent navigation bar on the home screen but Nexus 7 doesn't

Posted via Android Central App from Nexus 7 2013

You should still be able to get another launcher that uses it though, like the other person said, the new beta of nova launcher

Then they are forcing customers to find third party alternatives to issues that should never have existed in the first place.

Some of you so called android/nexus fans are embarrassing, one minute you love Google the next is "zomg where's my update I hate you".

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Also widgets still in the app drawer and swiping to left does not bring up Google now

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So then WTH is actually different about this version, at least on the surface, if none of those features are there?

Is ART going to be any other platforms version of KitKat or only on the N5? I have an N4, N5, and N10. I'll check the N4 and N10 when I get home and see if I have the update. Just wondering if anyone else has found ART anywhere else yet?

Year, I' using ART on my Nexus 7 (2013) official ROM and on an AOSP ROM on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus.

My 2012 Nexus 7 has never been able to install 4.3--errors out halfway through install every time. Google's troubleshooting failed and they punted me to Asus because my warranty period had expired.

Does this mean I'm not going to get 4.4 pushed to my device because I'm not running 4.3?

And what do you suppose happens if I contact Asus? Never bothered yet.

Posted via Android Central App on Nexus 4

Asus, most likely would have replaced it as defective out of the box, and would have charged you shipping only... You will still get the update prompt, can't guarantee it will work though

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Just sold my N4 today. Dunno what to upgrade to.
Tried the N5 for a few days. Now trying the moto X.
Might try the HTC One next

How is the battery life on the Moto X? (Real question here) I can stay two full days without charging my One. I think it's not bad (and yes I actually use it).

Not trying to be a d*ck here but... you don't own the device and you've heard the 'X done 2 no problem and more for light use' and you assume that it has a 'far better' battery life than both? :p

I guess I'll have to give it a try to see it by myself ;)

AC has mentioned in their podcasts that the MotoX is getting better battery than the N5 and One. I trust them because we know they have all the devices.

And I was shocked that my new Nexus 5, even though the battery isn't much bigger than on my N4, I made it all the way through the work day and when I got home still had 88% of my battery charge left. That's pretty sweet. I did install the Snapdragon Battery Guru which is also helping. (I had it on my n4 as well but didn't get anywhere near as good battery life as I'm getting on my new N5). My battery life seems to be actually going up if that's even possible?

I actually own all three of these devices. I love the htc one, it's a fantastic media consumption device... Best on the market, IMO. The moto x is my favorite for daily carry. The form factor combined with the active display / notifications and some serious software optimization and you have one of the best phones on the market today. Great experience.

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I'm gonna be a baby here and cross my arms and pout my lips until I get it. I'm usually last in my circle to get the latest and greatest from Google anyway. Why is this not being pushed to the nexii 4's of the world first?!

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And I just had to get capped a few days ago lol
This update is going to test my patience

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I am so mad. A brand new device like the new nexus 7 isn't getting the new launcher? That is BS.

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I'm crossing my fingers that it looks good side loaded, it is crunchy and weird on 4.3 and the keyboard pops up every time you go home

Still not seeing it here on either of my N7(2012) units.

Question though: the 4.4 framework has all of the foundations and stuff for the new launcher, right? So shouldn't we just be able to install the .apk from any of the threads that have it posted?

So how long does it take Google to get an update out to all its devices once it starts? I'm waiting patiently for my update to my nexus 4. I like to remain stock

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a couple of weeks from the announcement. Since the announcement hasn't even been made yet regarding the Nexus 4 (just a very vague reference to "soon" from Google) makes me think it's likely to be December before the Nexus 4 is updated, and my be close to Christmas before everyone sees the update pushed to their Nexus 4.

I will update when HBO updates HBOGo to work with 4.4. Nothing in Kitkat I am dying to have, and it is certainly not worthwhile if it makes some of my favorite apps stop working.

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Google says no Google Experience Launcher, but who cares, its every where, the leaked launcher is being used by almost everyone who knows about it. So no nned to worry on that because you can use that on your nexus devices.


Honest question because I don't know: can't you just use the same one from the N5 that's everywhere?

Don't think so as its optimized for phones and would look stretched out on tablets.I have a feeling nexus 4 is gonna get the new launcher that's why 4.4 for it has been delayed while tablets won't get it

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I put it on my Nexus 10 and it actually looks pretty good. Nothing is really stretched out or clustered together as it may seem it would end up.

I'm getting pissed off, first I'm still waiting for this friggin update, and while I'm reading about it, I'm starting to want to tell Google to shove it up their a$$! Because it looks like the nexus 5 is the only true version of kit Kat and this new nexus 7 tablet I just bought is getting table scraps! What kind of crap is that? Huh? I downloaded the apk to eclipse and held off side loading it for a reason, and now that reason seems to be for NO REASON, the pushed version lacks the features for the n7 set architecture anyways, so side load time

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Exactly.Google is f*cking up the nexus line.First they don't update the gnex saying its out of 18 month update window and now my nexus 7 which is 3 months old is getting leftovers of kitkat from nexus 5.Fragmentation at its finest.If Google leaves my device after 18 months then jumping ship to iPad

Posted via Android Central App from Nexus 7 2013

Don't let the door hit yeah where there good lord split yeah. Your apple device that's over 18 months old will continue to get updates until it's so slow it's more useless than it was brand new.

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At least it will still be supported. There's no denying that Google really screwed this update up.

I know but atleast I get SOMETHING.iPhone 4 got updated to iOS 6 at its 24th month and it ran beautifully.I admit that ios 7 screwed it but at least it GOT 24 months support.Kitkat has lower requirements than Jellybean and if theres one phone that needs it the most its the GNex coz it ran 4.3 with lags in many places and kitkat woulda been a blessing.

BTW Many people have already gone the "unofficial" way on Gnex and 4.4 is running pretty good on Gnex so theres no excuse for Google for something a bunch of hackers on XDA could do in their free time

I think, you should just jump ship. Seriously, all of the whining is unnecessary. To say that Google is f*cking up the Nexus line is a serious stretch. A two-year old device, that stopped being sold last year, that saw 18 months of updates, doesn't need to be perpetually supported. It's bad business sense. Period.

iOS isn't perfect, either. As devices get older, they stop receiving updates. The same can be said, for any OS.

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I seriously am appalled that you don't see the obvious similarities here - this is the definition of a Kool-Aid drinker, dude.

To my knowledge, every single time Apple gives an update to iOS, only the newest released model (read: the one that was announced at the same time as the new iOS) and possibly the only immediately before it get all of the features. They have **never** given all features of a new iOS to older models. How do you not see this? Do you remember Siri not coming to the iPhone 4 even when people proved it could handle it fine on jailbroken iPhones?

Come on. I agree that you should jump ship to some place where your lack of objectivity is ignored.

Damn, I just flashed CM10.2 on my 2012 nexus 7 using the installer as I was fed up with waiting. On a better note, the new installer is brilliantly simple.

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Will be interesting to see how this runs on the N10. For me its the smoothest device ive ever used. Maybe not the fastest, but certainly the smoothest.

Even compared to my N5 it scrolls widgets more smoothly.

Nothing as of yet on my N7 2013 Wi-Fi in the UK, tried clearing the Google Services Framework data as well (same trick that worked for 4.3 on other devices). Now I have to go to work :(

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It's funny that the head of the Android Community posts this.... (as we all repetitively continue to tap "update")..... yet no one anywhere has actually gotten said update...... hmmmm..... Might the OP of the Android post be a troll?????? Yes.... A cruel sadistic troll.... not the kind that lives under a bridge or anything.... that's just silly.

Sideloaded update for my Nexus 7 (2013) and it works great. Now waiting for the Nexus 10 update to be posted or roll to my device. The GE Launcher still causes the annoying keyboard popup if you install it.

So by default 4.4 does not have Experience launcher for Nexus 7?
It runs on same launcher as earlier??

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Well I have cleared Services Frameworks a couple of times....Still seeing the most dreaded words an Android user can read...

YOUR SYSTEM IS UP TO DATE!! Uggg I hate when my system is up to date!!

I didn't see an OTA but I did grab CM 11, dual boot against 4.3, it does seem to be running a lot better, less lag in ui, it's a keeper to me as long as my xbmc will work

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I think the glass on the screen where it says check for system updates is about to go out!!!

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Nope not for me. I have the nexus 7 (2012) Wi-Fi version no mobile data

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Now to the point of extreme aggravation. No torture is a better word, all these articles on kit Kat and the updates rolling out and people talking about how they got theirs, and I'm still hitting this f#ckin update button on my nexus 7 2013 WiFi the supposed FIRST ONE TO GET THIS UPDATE and those blue letters lie!!!!! My system is indeed NOT up to date!!! What kind of bs is this? I want to sideload so badly, but I'm holding off because I hear the ota is worth the wait... I am about to factory reset this thing due to thoughts that I must have some type of setting or app or anything custom that may be blocking the update

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I read DO NOT DELETE GOOGLE SERVICES FRAMEWORK. People are telling each other to delete the services framework data and I'm hearing that could be a fatal mistake, can completely cause your entire account with Google to go out of whack. I did it due to impatience and haven't noticed anything crazy like others were reporting, but I didn't notice I had to change some of my settings back and re-boot twice until everything loaded normally, and some of my accounts are no longer synced or signed in, I had to re sync and sign in again, and everything seems alright, but now that I read this I have this horrible feeling that my ota update may be screwed up... This whole situation of waiting for Google and this be kit Kat update is really pissing me off, I'm stuck in limbo, I'm rip shit at Google right now

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I don't see where you can be mad at Google for, its your fault for deleting it, blame yourself.

Google Services Framework is a core Google programs to have other google apps to work and to log into your google account.

I am assuming that you have root in order to delete it, since you have root, all you have to do is copy the original googleservicesframework.apk file back to its original location. Depending on how you root your device you might not receive OTA updates as well.

But you can always manually flash the official KitKat OTA update package to your device when it become available. So there isn't anything to worry.

Is there anyone in the new england region preferably mass. That has or has not received the update on their 2013 WiFi version? I'm trying to get an idea if anyone in my region has the update

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Is there anyone in the new england region preferably mass. That has or has not received the update on their 2013 WiFi version? I'm trying to get an idea if anyone in my region has the update

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Dude, they just haven't released it yet, u WILL get it in the next couple of days., my guess tomorrow.. I haven't gotten it either . but this is how they always do it

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I haven't gotten it either Nexus 7. 2013 WiFi .…yea bro just wait it out don't force the update ....

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When I woke up this morning I found that my 2013 WiFi update had arrived. USA (Alabama).....Installed then did a wipe and a clean install. So far 4.4 has been perfect.

Sweet that's good to hear... Got a few 2013 models in northern Cali.
Still no ota's on any of them 1:14 pacific.…. Damnit!

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Never thought I would be saying shit like this but...
Google could take a serious lesson from ios...
It would have been pretty nice just to get up two days ago and goto google website and get updated to deliciousness.
Its worth the wait though!

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Still haven't got it Nexus 7 2013 WiFi.... Here from central California... Still waiting I'm craving Kit Kat 4.4 already... Android rules

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My 2012 Nexus 7 (WiFi) still say's there are no updates available. I even did a factory reset and nothing. What gives, seriously? I don't want to manually flash it. Google has enough servers to push an update across all their nexus devices, so why can't I update my stock nexus 7 OTA?

Has anyone ever received it ? it's been days and noone seems to have received anyting anywhere on the web ...

Nothing from anywhere has yet to be reported. I assume this was a hoax or a bad joke. Nonetheless, I've continued to click on "check for updates" on my 2012 Nexus7. I'm trying really hard not to let this become an annoyance.

NADA in the ATL, how many godamn times do I have to hit check now. Every time, it burns a little more. Why can't it be like Apple (gasp), release at 3pm on one day for ALL! #staggeredrolloutssuckass

I don't think we can call this a "roll out." If only a small percentage of people have it, that can't really be considered a roll out.

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I'm thinking about doing the update b manually... Has anyone else done it here yet?

Posted via my brand new Nexus 7! :-)

I downloaded everything I needed to include SDK manager, but when I got to the command prompt, I stumbled. I'm just not that computer savvy.

Anywho...I decided to wait on the OTA, but that doesn't look like is coming anytime soon. :/

We've been trolled....nothing here in India.... I remember I got 4.3 within a day of the announcement... no such luck with KitKat:(..Nexus 7 2012 WiFi

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I own the 2013 edition of the Nexus 7. It's not rooted or changed in any way but I STILL dont have the Android 4.4 Kit Kat update! I see post from everybody saying that they got it already, even some from the same day that it got released and I dont have it!..... Is there something I can do to see why I dont have it? I've even manually checked for the update but it always says that " Your system is up to date". PLEASE SOMEONE GIVE ME SOMETHING TO STOP ME FROM GOING CRAZY!!! I live in the U.S. if that makes any difference...

I think I'm gonna mix a little pearl into my kit Kat paint job ! Make it sparkle like really nice car... Ya know?

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I have the nexus 7 2013 WiFi version and I still gotten the update either so u ain't the only one....

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Wtf man why I still up to date on my Nexus 7 2013 wifi ... Still no kitkat 4.4 yet ! This is ridiculous since last Tuesday when they released it and still nothing I never had to wait this long for a software update ..and no I don't want to force the update manually that messes up ur tablet ...common ..

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